I bought a General Lee to Continue the Dukes of Hazzard Legacy

I didn't get a chance to say in the video but i think this entire channel has been leading up to this and I can't say how excited I am to do something like this. I grew up watching Dukes of Hazzard and to have a platform to continue this is amazing. Watch my dad and grandpa take it for a spin in the next video. #DUKESOFHAZZARD


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    Holy crap I'm actually gonna do it. I'm gonna ask you.... to SUBSCRIBE😳 Were about to blow a lot of money folks

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    @Oskar Coronado ghghhpu I o I hu u iu r Rd r f qqqc, M , da L0HU LU

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    Truck in the ocean, now this...had to wonder how I wasn't subscribed...but, since you asked...DONE!!!

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    @jared perrino go away

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    So 🗑 🗑 🗑

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    I was waiting for this

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    You must feel bad ass in that thing

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    The "offensive" jokes are probably the best part of this video 🤣

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    Just a good ole boys they don’t mean no harm

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    "You destroy this and I will kill you" Tell em Clayton tell em

  • Drew MacDonald
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    I wonder what this guy would be doing if youtube didn't pay him....

  • Michael Free
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    Do a duramax engine swap in the lee make it roll coal!! Or even a cummins

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    I laugh so hard about the woke slop AND THE General Lee Wiselin is awesome ONE OF YOUR BEST YET

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    I love the new vid Westin can you try and jump the general lee over monster max?

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    When he says “ what the hell is even that” I fuckin had it man I spit out my water 😂

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    Put the monster max wheels on it

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    Where did you find that car wish I had that money

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    Dont paint over the top

  • Barbara Waters
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    You are a dumb ass

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    They went through like 300 cars while making that movie

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    Please don’t tell me you destroy it! (Just started the video)

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    Boy u can't drive

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    Wen you said that you were going to pant over the flag and ripping the seats I was like Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    The intro of this looks like it could be a video game trailer

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    Perfect car to run over protesters with

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    Facts evening the monsternax

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    Screw offending liberals

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    Man your camera guy is funnier than you 🤣

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    Let her fly over the Tippy River. Just watch out for Cletus & Rosco P. Coltrane!

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    Don't worry about people's feelings it's the general Lee, you bastard

  • Abraham Garcia
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    3:04 My dad still has one of those in the garage and runs perfectly fine (I'm talking about to black chevy). My dad has a 96 impala and it still has the original paint and the car has never been modified.

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    I’ll bet $100 at 7:23 the cameraman called him a god damn n*****

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    Guys why is there a confederacy surrender flag on the car?

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    I don't like the confederate flag on anything.... except the General Lee!!!!

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    Someone please tell me what dealership this is that he got this from

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    honestly really different from ur old content but im digging it!!

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    The whole car is racist at this point

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    Who gives a fuck if it’s offensive. Fuck them pussies.

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    A sissy like you can't handle that car

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    You should race it! Not destroy it!

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    i will come down there if you change that

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    WhistlinDiesel as (sometimes always): We're gonna keep it nice everyone: Here we go again boys

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    dont u freaking dare to touch anything on the car

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    Don’t jump this car. Please

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    Goddam dude, I'm diggin these vids but the General Lee is sacred! Smashing up the Lee would be like pissing on the bible

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    Piss on the bible before he fucks the general Lee bruh

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    Looks like everyone in the comments are offended because you’re gonna destroy it.. Sensitive people 2020 😂😂

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    So rad dude keep it up we love u in Cali no Homo 🤷🏽🌲💯

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    The camera man is mad annoying

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    Fuck you put your BLM sticker in the window pussy👍

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    Wheres the yee haw horn at? Come on beau

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    Showing movie footage from the 2000's when the original concept and show is way older, "continuing the legacy" please...

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    They had a padded roll bar in the show

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    I think you should get at 4:54 Ford

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    I get it sliding over the hood of a 68 or 69 charger once is cool but jumping on it to slide across it is uncalled for bro

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    Fucking no don’t paint over it

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    @Ducksquad SKATER BOY Gaming video because he was making fun of people that got offended by it

  • Ducksquad SKATER BOY Gaming video

    Ducksquad SKATER BOY Gaming video

    12 orë më parë

    @Arturo V ok

  • Arturo V

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    You can build a replica general lee out of a Crown Vic for a fraction of the price. Why the fuck would you destroy a real 1969 Charger general lee? You are a perfect example of an entitled millennial puke who’s never had to earn anything in your life.

  • 7S6L
    7S6L3 ditë më parë

    Just gotta remember everytime they came out of a field or jumped thru a barn the tires were always slick from tire wet/ armor all the very next shot of the car. To be authentic you gotta keeps those tires wet...

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    Don’t destroy this one bud.

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    OK don't actually destroy this

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    Please destroy tghis , dont listen to commenters telling you not to destroy it

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    I kinda like this guy just because of his dgaf attitude... never watched till he did the lemullets race... but I have to say one thing. IAM SCARED FOR THAT CHARGER!! LOL

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    Please for the love of everything sacred dont destroy the General

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    I am glad I am not your daddy I would carry you around the barn and beat your ass down for destroying these vehicles. You peace of shit

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    You know its actually good to see a car like that driven hard.

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    Just a normal day in Hazzerd county

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    its my favorite car as you can probably see

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    Duuuude I was thinking 30mins ago what if he gets himself a real classic like a 69 charger or something. And then I go on your channel and see this. Dude wtf. Your driving one of my dream cars there man. It’s your stuff and all but please don’t mash it beyond any point of Restauration I beg you. But jump it 🤙🏼 greetings from Germany, your channel is awesome.

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    I’m unsubscribing from this racist fuck

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    First In a row

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    I wanna see this guy collab with danny duncan

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    When you let Luke duke drive

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    a pistol goiing steel belted cavalry

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    I hope you jump it!! But the nose of those car like to bend straight up.be bad ass seeing you ramp it!

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    This cameraman is autistic

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    You are such an idiot.

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    Relax. It's a replica.

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    Your camera man is not suspose to talk 😂

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    How much did that cost???????????????

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    Is that the legendary helmet that some crackhead stole?

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    Psycho Dad clip lmao

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    They were at Cracker Barrel lol

    AUSTIN STEIN-SCHMITZ5 ditë më parë

    f**k that that irritates me that your paint a general lee the regional

  • Eli M
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    I'm a charger That charges through the night, Like an orange bolt of lightning Passing everything in sight

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    Hahaha I got to see my work and my house in the video.

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    Shoutout uncle Rico

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    XL 🤣

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    I was one years old

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    Don’t paint over the fuckn flag! People are so god damn sensitive these days. It sucks

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    deisel swap it

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    Sell me a truck

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    Them ol duke boys are at it again! Guess we'll have to wait and see what kind of mishaps they get into next time...

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    The front license plate

  • Daniel Creasey
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    My dad and his friend built the General Grant back in late 70s. A 65 olds 442. Way more powerful and beautiful than the gen lee!

  • Beatz By Animal
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    I love this car so much unfortunately my gf doesn’t like the rebel flag but I have a couple so I try to move around that lol but this has been my dream car since i saw the movie when I was younger

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    “Racist” 😂

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    Look you guys need to shut the fuck up beacaus you go and watch mad max then see behind the scenes and there destroying muscle cars you GUYS SHOULD STOP BEING SO TOXIC

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    So cool to see this sliding around in the dirt

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    Jealous of your stinking ass.

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    Nice that you have one BUT for the love of (God) Ooh! don’t get offended, Please don’t jump it!.

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    Can you stop assuming anything that is racist

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    That poor charger isn’t going to live to see 2021 because of him 😭😭 oh well I couldn’t afford to save it anyway 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

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    I wonder if black people like this channel Seems racist

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