What Really Happened To 'The Movie Pootie Tang'?


comedyhype.com/ - 'Pootie Tang' for some can be considered one of the worst films of all-time. For this CH News report we dive into the making of the film and it's back story. Instagram: @ComedyHype & Twitter: @ComedyHype_ Beat by Yondo Written by @Mr.DominicSmith.


  • Alton Pettijohn
    Alton Pettijohn16 ditë më parë

    I never saw it

  • jason jones
    jason jones24 ditë më parë

    So basically Chris is a white man puppet.

  • meme819
    meme81924 ditë më parë

    some of those old white rich film critics just don't understand black or (white now that we know) comedy! we love pootie tang and i hope the writer now knows that.

  • Keyce Andreas
    Keyce AndreasMuaj më parë

    "You can't beat a hoe wit a belt, they like that shit" Pootie Tang was a funny as parody bro.

  • sean kessel
    sean kesselMuaj më parë

    The movie wasn't very good, but this review was fuckin terrible

  • Gunther McCullough
    Gunther McCulloughMuaj më parë

    Bruh, this juwanna man slander needs to stop.

  • Limited Infinity
    Limited InfinityMuaj më parë

    Is it Just me or is Comedy as a genre pretty much dead these days? I always find myself going back to classic stuff like In Living Color and Eddy Murphy's Raw Standup

  • Solomon Essix
    Solomon EssixMuaj më parë

    Loved Pootie Tang!

  • frshtrds
    frshtrdsMuaj më parë

    Great movie

  • African Girl
    African GirlMuaj më parë

    I never seen this movie lol hopefully it's on Netflix or other streaming services

  • Gary W-l-o-t
    Gary W-l-o-tMuaj më parë

    Pootie Tang marijuana should be 100% Indica

  • 明けの明星サタン666
    明けの明星サタン666Muaj më parë

    Dana Carvey was simply just not that funny... and if I were to be fully honest, neither was Pootie Tang. Though I would definitely choose the latter if forced to pick one. lol

    MGBILLIONAIREMuaj më parë

    Directed by Louie CK ... yikes.

  • Yvette K
    Yvette KMuaj më parë

    Pootie tang was so fine 🤩 💜💜💜💜

  • Tucker's DJ Mixtape Podcast
    Tucker's DJ Mixtape PodcastMuaj më parë

    This movie had so much potential but it should have been dirty like Dolemite.

  • MrHardy946
    MrHardy946Muaj më parë

    I don’t think that type of sense of humor/comedy was “fashionable” back then. Shit was funny to me.

  • Jamar McGordon
    Jamar McGordonMuaj më parë

    Man Pootie Tang was the💩. I love that movie!!!!!!F'em

  • Derrick McDowell
    Derrick McDowellMuaj më parë

    Baby imma sign your pity on the runny kine

  • AdolphSaxOfficial
    AdolphSaxOfficialMuaj më parë

    I respect a cult classic, and the all star cast. But for me it's one of the worst films I've ever seen. Very 'high school project video' vibe to me. Just my opinion of course.

  • Nate Puppets
    Nate PuppetsMuaj më parë

    I... baked you... this pie 🥧

  • Stefan The Cannon
    Stefan The CannonMuaj më parë

    I love this movie

  • MarquisVonMonster
    MarquisVonMonsterMuaj më parë

    I met one of my best friend’s on my first day working in a movie theater back when I was in high school. I had to clean a theater that had just finished playing PootieTang with this other black kid with long hair who was real talkative and watched pro-wrestling too. Twenty years seems like a short time man. Met my best friend over Pootie Tang 😂

  • Team Express
    Team ExpressMuaj më parë

    Pootie Tang don't need no fkn lyrics, Pootie Tang don't need no fkn music!

  • marclaaq
    marclaaqMuaj më parë

    I watched that movie so many times because it was so out there. Stiffer's mom and that cart...lol

  • Kill Clair
    Kill ClairMuaj më parë

    I have never laugh so hard. Me and my dad had to pause the movie for some jokes.

  • Moose0311
    Moose0311Muaj më parë

    Man I don’t know any nigga who’s admitted to watching Pooty Tang. Never heard his lingo used by anyone.

    RONDOM WORLDMuaj më parë

    Best comedian on the world- wrong Best comedian in America- right

  • GeorgyMusic
    GeorgyMusicMuaj më parë

    Ya'll know what's crazy? The real huge Mexican comedian (LCK) doesn't even mention he's Mexican, and these other Mexican-American guys (George, Mencilla, Fluffy) scream it out to get attention of a very specific market...

  • 505 Booker 2049384
    505 Booker 2049384Muaj më parë

    This one went by me....I couldn't get into it... it's not whole....

  • Hyacinth Niemann
    Hyacinth NiemannMuaj më parë

    What do you mean what happened to it? It's a classic.

  • micahel schmidt
    micahel schmidtMuaj më parë

    Can someone explain to me why they didn't like the movie I mean I saw when I was a kid so I can't remember anything really

  • micahel schmidt

    micahel schmidt

    Muaj më parë

    @OldManClutch ohh OK now that makes more sense

  • OldManClutch


    Muaj më parë

    I didn’t like it but I remember not being able to turn away when I saw it on HBO .. 🤷🏾‍♂️.. I always thought the movie was so shockingly corny and “what the f@ckish” that it became somewhat funny ... to some people ... but it was cringeworthy to say the absolute least .. my opinion .. especially after about the first 45 mins .. classic trash 🗑

  • Michael Stetson
    Michael StetsonMuaj më parë

    Sorry, saTIErical?

  • thinkimpulsive
    thinkimpulsiveMuaj më parë

    Pootie Tang is a classic

  • LaSweetable
    LaSweetableMuaj më parë

    Pootie Tang and Ali LeRoi went to school with me...

  • chris james
    chris jamesMuaj më parë

    "Sign yo pitty on da runny kine" ima have to say danayno...

  • Chedda 313
    Chedda 313Muaj më parë

    Louis ck made pootie tang bruh

    ANGRY COLLECTOR701Muaj më parë

    So good

  • Shorlocks Holmes
    Shorlocks HolmesMuaj më parë

    How's everyone doing 2day? Best 🎥 ever. Laughing through the whole 🎥. My opinion, aboriginal talk.

  • The Adventurous Daydreamer
    The Adventurous DaydreamerMuaj më parë

    This was my Napoleon Dynamite.

  • YoungTeeza1990
    YoungTeeza1990Muaj më parë

    One of the most quoted moves ever?? THATS A BIG REACH ... cut it out 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Malik Kelly
    Malik KellyMuaj më parë

    Everybody*** Hates Chris not Everyone

  • Marlon Nonya
    Marlon NonyaMuaj më parë

    What happened to the movie Pootie Tang??????? We all watched it, loved it, and moved on what are you talkin about. I seen another video like this talking about the downfall of Nelly. Never had a downfall made a shitload of money selling records got old and moved on.

  • Cuishi10
    Cuishi10Muaj më parë

    @1:46...Friend, Huh? Life comes at you fast @ 2:30...I've seen Louis CK outright disrespect Chris in front of other white comics. Fuck Louie and fuck the other comics, too

  • chidub26
    chidub26Muaj më parë

    louis ck is undercover racist and this scetch he came up with feeds into alot of sterotypes

  • terell davis
    terell davisMuaj më parë

    Worse movie ever

  • I’m Without child
    I’m Without childMuaj më parë

    Holy shit...boomhaur

  • NappyWayz
    NappyWayzMuaj më parë

    It is crazy that I think C.K. is funny. If you want to laugh, check out C.K. On SNL. However, in light of what he did...it changes how his jokes sound.

  • 29Dj
    29DjMuaj më parë

    Mad respect to CK, didn't know he created it and sad he was kicked off his own production but thats what hollywood does. I love pootie tang though.

  • Thabang Girruite
    Thabang GirruiteMuaj më parë


  • Incredible Wash
    Incredible WashMuaj më parë

    Man that shit was funny as hell!!

  • E Doe
    E DoeMuaj më parë

    Sine your pity on the running kind

  • D-AKi Beats
    D-AKi BeatsMuaj më parë

    We gone tippy tow on the pantie side Sah-Dah_Tah

  • Kaori Lockhart
    Kaori LockhartMuaj më parë

    Rip Louis ck

  • Tevita Nanai
    Tevita NanaiMuaj më parë

    Sign your pitty on a runna kane

  • Mark Mitchell
    Mark MitchellMuaj më parë

    Wah dah tay!

  • asadadon
    asadadonMuaj më parë

    See, my damie, Pootie Tang don't wa-da-tah to the shama cow... 'cause thats a cama cama leepa-chaiii, dig?

  • Toby Fairchild
    Toby FairchildMuaj më parë

    Narrator, it’s Wa-da-TAH........not wa-da-TAY

  • Rook Bridges
    Rook BridgesMuaj më parë

    I wouldn’t of gave that writer a job adter he turned me down for dana carvey

  • etriggsjr31
    etriggsjr31Muaj më parë

    Sa-da-tay to all my main damies out there!

  • NachoMan Randy Sanchez
    NachoMan Randy SanchezMuaj më parë

    Daddy still has a Flattop would've been just as good

  • Court Ben
    Court BenMuaj më parë

    I didn't have cable back in the day so I never once seen the Chris Rock Show. I rented Pootie Tang having no idea what it was going to be about and my head almost exploded from laughter. I had to rewatch the movie from all the laughter the first time around.

  • danzoEX
    danzoEXMuaj më parë

    To the movie or the person?...

  • 4.19 Models
    4.19 ModelsMuaj më parë

    Great Movie. Period!

  • Lindón Moneda
    Lindón MonedaMuaj më parë

    Louis ck has written for some of the best comedians but he doesn't make me laugh

  • OGS IV
    OGS IVMuaj më parë

    Sad to think that one of my favorite movies of all time didnt do so well.

  • Machine Learner
    Machine LearnerMuaj më parë


  • Op1 zilla
    Op1 zillaMuaj më parë

    On the runny kine,

  • Built By G
    Built By GMuaj më parë

    Imma sine that pitty on tha runny kine. 🤣🤣🤣 wtf do that mean!!!

  • Brad Mason
    Brad MasonMuaj më parë

    Baby Powder

  • J Black411
    J Black411Muaj më parë

    Me personally after he called asking for a job I would have told his ass no! You didn't believe in me then and my show is already successful without you no thanks! I mean really to be honest the best thing you could come up with is a black exploitation character after your show got cancelled LOL once again no thanks!

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin ThomasMuaj më parë

    “You don’t come one, Dirt D. You come many.”

  • SRJ Properties LLC
    SRJ Properties LLCMuaj më parë

    I hated the pootie tang movie, I literally walked out of the movie theater 5 minutes into the movie.

  • Jordan's Journey
    Jordan's JourneyMuaj më parë

    I didn't know that movie flopped 😳 it's a fricken classic

  • B_side 86
    B_side 86Muaj më parë

    If he wants to make a second movie put it on Netflix

  • Gaming*Star
    Gaming*StarMuaj më parë

    Uhh yea...it's candy...that you smoke out of a PIPE... LMAO

  • Jon Brown
    Jon BrownMuaj më parë

    That pootie tang better be smoking

  • Jay Siow
    Jay SiowMuaj më parë

    I gave it a thumbs down because of the constant ads it’s irritating

  • MopedMike
    MopedMikeMuaj më parë

    This was one of my favorite movies of my childhood

  • Slv D
    Slv DMuaj më parë

    Eddie Murphy's Pootie Tang is the best.

  • iambounceback
    iambouncebackMuaj më parë

    I know some people think a pootie 2 wouldn’t work but on a Netflix it could work. It’s the equivalent of a small budget film making it to blockbuster back in its hey day. We felt like if it at least made it here it’s worth watching. Netflix already has so many niche sections it can make anything popular. The marketing can be minimal and the film just has to be good.

  • NewGodFlow89
    NewGodFlow89Muaj më parë

    Pootie tang for Mk

  • SorceLord
    SorceLordMuaj më parë

    Huuuuh that’s not how you say wa-da-tah... have you even seen the movie? Lol

  • Schuyler Myvette
    Schuyler MyvetteMuaj më parë

    gags at c.k showing up .He sure loves telling racist jokes so idk how Chris gave him a job.

  • Patrick Gibson
    Patrick GibsonMuaj më parë

    Come on now! Who didn’t like Pootie Tang! And the movie was the best.

  • Maurice Buckley
    Maurice BuckleyMuaj më parë


  • Shae Carpenter
    Shae CarpenterMuaj më parë

    I'm sorry but that movie was horrible... The idea was not good to begin with.

  • Roman Oropeza
    Roman OropezaMuaj më parë


  • Ethan Love
    Ethan LoveMuaj më parë

    Finally someone is asking the serious questions

  • Trina-Ramona Jackson
    Trina-Ramona JacksonMuaj më parë

    I've watched this movie dozens of times. My dad had a truck that we called Dirty Dee. LOL

  • A H
    A HMuaj më parë

    Imma sine that piddy on the running kine!

    TKZ FAMMuaj më parë

    Every time I go wash my hands I say I gotta watahtize my dammies

  • John Smith
    John SmithMuaj më parë

    I didn't know anything about the pu tang clan and now I see I don't want to!!!!!

  • That's Eunice
    That's EuniceMuaj më parë

    I thought the movie was racist...I now understand why. A closet racist wrote it. Notice he rejected Chris his so call friend for an all White show, when it sucked, he came crawling back. The comments he made about the Black audience members, is classic White micro aggression. They see us as simple, we will fall for anything etc. The wording is very important.

    4SHOBROMuaj më parë

    Pootie tang look like lil baby

  • eucVibes
    eucVibesMuaj më parë

    It's weird you didn't speak of Lance Crouther once but you did a whole video on his character lol

  • Lenny negron
    Lenny negronMuaj më parë

    Let's take a look at trailer from the movie pootie-tang. 1hr 21min later...That has to be the longest trailer ever.

  • Jeremy Levie
    Jeremy LevieMuaj më parë

    Its pronounced wah-dih-tah, sada-tay... and the word is satirical, not satArical...

  • Alana ADHD Makeup
    Alana ADHD MakeupMuaj më parë

    i need to watch this movie now because back in the day i loved this corny ass movie lol

  • Dee Lee
    Dee LeeMuaj më parë

    What happen to pootie tang

  • Fletch Keilman
    Fletch KeilmanMuaj më parë

    One of the most controversial comedians working today? Wait a minute. Louis CK is still working?

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