CRAZY Girls Problems on the Beach - Alone VS With DAD|DAD Hates My CRUSH and Ruins All by La La Life

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You want to go out with your CRUSH! But your dad hates him! And you go on vacation with your dad😣 How to escape to a party? How to have fun with your new friends? And how can you spend at least a minute without your dad, who does not leave you a single step?😡 You will be surprised when you find out that Dad can be FUN too! How exactly? Find out in our new video!

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00:00 Dad
00:22 Date
01:26 Surprise
02:19 Vacation
04:15 FOOD
05:43 Prank
06:42 Escape from Home
07:28 Party
08:33 Wonderful Trip
19:57 TV Vs Phone
10:55 Very cool
11:49 Mom
13:05 New Boyfriend

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