Live Action Clifford Movie (2021) First Look.. WTF?!


Clifford Movie (2021) First Look at the paramount pictures Clifford the big red dog live action movie. The Live action Clifford movie was delayed out of 2020 now with a release date of 2021. Previous set photos and first look images lift us scared at Clifford the big red dog now it's at least a little cute. Remember same studio that made the sonic movie. Clifford Movie trailer soon
Sonic Movie 2 Update:
Tom & Jerry Movie Trailer:
Sharkboy & Lavagirl 2 Teaser:


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    3C FilmsMuaj më parë

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  • Kevin Perlet

    Kevin Perlet

    Muaj më parë

    @Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster np

  • Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Muaj më parë

    @Kevin Perlet Thanks

  • Kevin Perlet

    Kevin Perlet

    Muaj më parë

    @Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster yup I agree with you so much

  • Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Muaj më parë

    @Kevin Perlet We will still give this film a chance.

  • Kevin Perlet

    Kevin Perlet

    Muaj më parë

    It doesn’t look bad.....

  • Kai5 The Explorer
    Kai5 The Explorer2 ditë më parë

    If you have a dog, compared to live action Clifford and tell if they’re the same or they’re different.

  • Jordan Leslie
    Jordan Leslie15 ditë më parë

    You fucking kidding me what next the god damn tubby tubbies

  • Anthox Zero
    Anthox Zero16 ditë më parë

    I’m scared

  • Dovestar Productions
    Dovestar Productions19 ditë më parë

    It can’t be the puppy form of Clifford because in the books and in the show Clifford was stated to be small and tiny as a puppy and then Emily’s love made them grow

  • Lacey PowerPuff Girl
    Lacey PowerPuff Girl22 ditë më parë


  • CleverHunter
    CleverHunter25 ditë më parë

    They always wanna ruin our childhood..

  • Redd Love
    Redd Love28 ditë më parë

    I'm expecting it to be like the Dora movie, which was actually pretty good, and I think I will watch it

  • Tausha Emmerth
    Tausha EmmerthMuaj më parë

    Clifford why your reboot 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • the creator
    the creatorMuaj më parë

    Yeah like in his puppy years like in the show he had a bunny for a sister

  • the creator
    the creatorMuaj më parë

    I may be 11 but I loved that dog and still do since 4

  • Brandon Gesiakowski
    Brandon GesiakowskiMuaj më parë

    Will he talk to his dog friends in human?

  • Brandon Gesiakowski

    Brandon Gesiakowski

    Muaj më parë

    Oops spoke too soon.

  • BTB Media
    BTB MediaMuaj më parë

    The trailer just dropped.

  • BTB Media
    BTB MediaMuaj më parë

    "It's paramount making this" Yeah... they have a history of screwing up kids films... But he looks like a puppy!

  • Coolguy0611zee
    Coolguy0611zeeMuaj më parë

    4:48 Is it just me or is this the exact same script of Pete’s dragon but in a city?

  • xroce
    xroceMuaj më parë

    I'm interested in seeing Bananas in Pajamas now

  • Hom Tolland from the past
    Hom Tolland from the pastMuaj më parë

    I loved Clifford the Big Red Dog but the 2020 reboot sucks so f****** much

  • Hom Tolland from the past

    Hom Tolland from the past

    Muaj më parë

    PS, I am actually pretty excited for this Clifford movie after hearing the plot I really want to see this and it feels like something that I would have made up in about 10 seconds so if I will probably make this up I think it would be pretty good

  • Joshua Tewolde
    Joshua TewoldeMuaj më parë


  • Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe1954
    Ultra_Poke_Zilla Universe1954Muaj më parë

    if they are going to do this movie at least they should go the sonic route where it still looks like the cartoon

  • Red fury 45
    Red fury 45Muaj më parë

    What’s next BARBIE live action movie

  • Laney Ramsey
    Laney RamseyMuaj më parë

    HE OS SO CUTE!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻❤❤❤

  • Kylan Hubbard
    Kylan HubbardMuaj më parë

    I'm imagine PJ Masks from Disney Junior are going to the movies to see Clifford The Big Red Dog.

  • Blue Bee
    Blue BeeMuaj më parë

    I find it adorable idk why people found it scary?

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph RodriguezMuaj më parë

    Everyone should make a movement like sonic and make Clifford look like the cartoon. This dog looks horrendous.

  • Spider
    SpiderMuaj më parë

    I remember watching Clifford episodes on cd when I was still like four or five or so. This movie brings back some memories, man...

  • Jeffrey Levita
    Jeffrey LevitaMuaj më parë

    I like Clipper the big red dog pupy years

  • Alexis Scott
    Alexis ScottMuaj më parë

    I think Clifford is cute in this movie, his smile and eyes ❤❤

  • Jayden Blamire
    Jayden BlamireMuaj më parë


  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro KujoMuaj më parë

    Me lookin at the food prices than focusing on the dog

  • DBWhale
    DBWhaleMuaj më parë

    Looks amazing

  • Wizard.Casper
    Wizard.CasperMuaj më parë

    They literally just got a picture of a dog made it red and then made it bigger.

  • David Oceanak
    David OceanakMuaj më parë

    I heard a Rumer that there will be two Black panthers within the new black Panther movie . what do you think of this.

  • Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer
    Jacktheripper2000 pro gamerMuaj më parë

    Clifford the bearer of 2021 ancient god cthulu serves no being can match his bloodlust

  • demon king
    demon kingMuaj më parë

    I liked the cartoon but the live action the way it looked looks terrified as hell I rather be animated like the tom and jerry movie

  • Ace Decade28
    Ace Decade28Muaj më parë

    What’s next. Dragon tails

  • LivingLegend
    LivingLegendMuaj më parë

    Oh snap I had sent the Carl’s Jr. and Clifford promo sign to somebody on the 24 of November while I was at work I thought it was revealed already oops 😅

  • Cinamatic playz
    Cinamatic playzMuaj më parë

    The teaser is out

  • WorkBxxch
    WorkBxxchMuaj më parë

    He’s so cute tho

  • NonsenzeIsDorkGeniuz
    NonsenzeIsDorkGeniuzMuaj më parë

    Did you comment on the teaser

  • Golden Heart2612
    Golden Heart2612Muaj më parë

    Probably all the kids who watch the move will ask there mom or dad if they can have a big red dog

  • JamesJams
    JamesJamsMuaj më parë

    Just gonna' say it, I much prefer stylized animation than 'live action' movies. Especially for stuff like this...

  • Aussie Furby/Mogwai Fan
    Aussie Furby/Mogwai FanMuaj më parë

    The storyline seems like something from movies like Marley and me, A Dog's Purpose etc (mature sorta), but obviously he won't die in the end...

  • Dire WolfDan
    Dire WolfDanMuaj më parë

    My thoughts on the trailer is that he is a few months old due to how Clifford looks like he is a puppy. And this is also sounding like a fan-made story I read before but Emily's parents were helping test a super-soldier serum on Clifford's mother but she had no reactions and she had Clifford and his siblings and they took Clifford home and he showed signs of change and began to grow and the genetic lab people are after them. for anyone interested in reading this the link is here

  • jENS
    jENSMuaj më parë

    this is the future, no more original movies. just reboots, sequels, prequels

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian ThomasMuaj më parë

    Red labs do exist though. Just not this shade of red.

  • Tuesday 2 Thursday
    Tuesday 2 ThursdayMuaj më parë

    I actually like the dog he looks really cool

  • Xavier Garza
    Xavier GarzaMuaj më parë

    Can you react to The first trailer for Clifford the big red dog. In motion😄

  • Ken Paterson
    Ken PatersonMuaj më parë

    Love the original but won't watch this this ain't Clifford that's just a big red golden retiver

  • Marcus Eleazer
    Marcus EleazerMuaj më parë

    At one big red d- and cut

  • holybananapeel
    holybananapeelMuaj më parë

    i don't understand why people is weirded out by looking at Clifford, it's literally just a CGI model dog, painted red, and resized.

  • Felicia Maynard
    Felicia MaynardMuaj më parë

    he looks so cute

  • Kevin Yusuf
    Kevin YusufMuaj më parë


  • ShizaAnimations
    ShizaAnimationsMuaj më parë

    What’s the problem? He’s big, he’s red, and he’s definitely a dog.

  • michael champion
    michael championMuaj më parë

    They actually filmed it across the street from where I live for a certain scene, looks pretty weird to see it love lol probably won’t watch

  • King of Gamers
    King of GamersMuaj më parë

    I’ve never seen the show but he actually doesn’t look that bad

  • headass steph
    headass stephMuaj më parë

    I don’t get the people who are so enraged about it alike the Sonic design. It’s just a big red can it go wrong?? haha I personally like it, it’s very cute. and the plot’s really good, I didn’t know about it either but it automatically seems interesting!!

  • Alright1111
    Alright1111Muaj më parë

    This is either going to ruin my childhood, or it might actually be decent

  • Rainbow Connection 340
    Rainbow Connection 340Muaj më parë

    It looks kind of cool but honestly just reminds me of the old movie design for Sonic it would be a little better if they more cartoonish

  • maxim millions2002
    maxim millions2002Muaj më parë

    I think my guy needs to be bigger doe 😤

  • GrizzlyFish Reverso
    GrizzlyFish ReversoMuaj më parë

    'This isn't Cliffords final form' 😂

  • Caleb Oliver
    Caleb OliverMuaj më parë

    Brought to you by Carl's Jr... sounds oddly familiar

  • Dankulous
    DankulousMuaj më parë

    If you see a red dog irl it would be weird, but cartoon clifford looks super normal.

  • Mike Henry
    Mike HenryMuaj më parë

    Military use of Giant Dogs... A pack of giant Pit Bulls running across the battlefield. That's like Attack on Titan scary.

  • iBenjamin1000
    iBenjamin1000Muaj më parë

    I have zero attachment to clifford. I feel like this movie doesn't even have to try that hard to be acceptable, or even enjoyable. Cute dog and owner. Genetic science shit for his backstory or maybe as a villain is a predictable but simple concept. Fill it with people reacting to or freaking out about a giant dog, make him get into a bunch of hiighjinks cause he's so big.

  • Jeremy Wyse
    Jeremy WyseMuaj më parë

    Why they did they did the design

  • Slapstick Genius
    Slapstick GeniusMuaj më parë

    I used to watch the Clifford show when I was young!

  • Koopa Eliminator
    Koopa EliminatorMuaj më parë

    I honestly don't see the problem with the design here, he actually looks like the animal he is supposed to be. Much unlike the original Movie Sonic design.

  • mojosodope45
    mojosodope45Muaj më parë


  • First Uranus
    First UranusMuaj më parë

    Lion King Aladin Dora Clifford

    MJY5 THE RACING GAMERMuaj më parë

    I'll be surprised if I don't have nightmares

  • Jatko Useinoski
    Jatko UseinoskiMuaj më parë

    Wow they really ran out of things to pull out their ass. "Avengers makes money, let's just make everything that might be nostolgic to people into a movie" next up a blue's clues movie set around the murder of a big time drug Lord.

  • dave yognaut
    dave yognautMuaj më parë

    He looks too much like a puppy

  • Jack Mario
    Jack MarioMuaj më parë


  • Elena Vazquez
    Elena VazquezMuaj më parë


  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron JohnsonMuaj më parë

    by looking at the first look clip of clifford, he looks like a real dog, it looks quite amazing to be honest, it would be interesting how this one is pulled off

  • Marion Lopez
    Marion LopezMuaj më parë

    Clifford as a puppy in the cartoon version was actually super super tiny and could fit in shoes. It wasn’t till he grew up that he became a giant. Which I liked, that something so tiny and small was able to grow up super large

  • MultiSmash1234
    MultiSmash1234Muaj më parë

    Sonic all over again🙄

  • Aerick
    AerickMuaj më parë

    They should have went with animation not live action with CGI, I’m sorry..

  • Mitch Smokes
    Mitch SmokesMuaj më parë

    He better grow

  • Antonio Shepard
    Antonio ShepardMuaj më parë

    "woah !!! that's a big bi_____" 🤣🤣

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick HaggardMuaj më parë

    He looks cute. And we're already getting the jokes about how this would be the most wholesome family friendly kaiju movie.

  • Slapstick Genius

    Slapstick Genius

    Muaj më parë

    Awww. That is real fun! Dora the explorer’s live action movie has already made some money for paramount last year. That was before the studio’s sonic movie with Marza got released to big time commercial success!

  • Peter Jones
    Peter JonesMuaj më parë

    He just looks like a giant Labrador retriever who got dosed in blood.

  • Silverwolf Lee
    Silverwolf LeeMuaj më parë

    If anyone wish it was the original TV show's voice actor John Ritter for Clifford, he passed away in 2003 before Clifford Really Big Movie came out. The only other option we would have is Clifford's current voice actor or his first voice actor Brent Titcomb who voiced him in the 1998 direct-to-video series

  • Snooper Snooping
    Snooper SnoopingMuaj më parë

    Freesoilers by child with pride at the sculptures But when I 1st saw the person whatever that I have 10 nightmares how I on II used to be afraid of one

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986
    Cyberbrickmaster1986Muaj më parë

    But wasn't Clifford supposed to be tiny as a puppy according to a spin-off? I don't know, it's not really something worth thinking too hard about. But it's also not something worth a live action reboot either! But considering this is Paramount pictures we're talking about (the same people that surprised us with the live action Sonic movie), who knows what it may turn out like?

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose GonzalezMuaj më parë

    I wished it was traditional animation

  • Angel Dust
    Angel DustMuaj më parë

    I would love ta own clifford thank ya he's so damn adorable I wanna hug him so fuckin bad look at that face that beautiful face

  • Charles Triplett
    Charles TriplettMuaj më parë

    I read the books back in the day so I’m wondering how they are gonna pull this off.

  • Kaea Edwin
    Kaea EdwinMuaj më parë

    That’s a big Bi....

  • Andrew Ashford
    Andrew AshfordMuaj më parë

    I like it. 100%

  • Mason P
    Mason PMuaj më parë

    I remember watching the cartoon as a kid. This did not need a live action remake.

  • ht gamer
    ht gamerMuaj më parë

    Nope, I'm not feeling it. The plot already has me disinterested in it. I'm getting tired of these live action movies that r being made from classic cartoons etc. Hollywood needs to cut the crap. I'm not trying to ruin my childhood (more than it already has been ruined lately) so I'm not gonna watch it when it comes out.

  • King Nyz
    King NyzMuaj më parë

    This came outta nowhere for me lol

  • C MacGoogle
    C MacGoogleMuaj më parë

    Clifford's design is not bad. At least it's better than Sonic the Hedgehog's original movie design.

  • Lively Stone93
    Lively Stone93Muaj më parë

    Pffff. If you watched in Living Color and many other popular 90s movies and such thats predominantly African descent... You are familiar with David Alan Grier

  • PennyWichu
    PennyWichuMuaj më parë

    Curious George 2025

  • G Force
    G ForceMuaj më parë

    I think thaey should make figures

  • Cynthia Amy
    Cynthia AmyMuaj më parë

    She introduce me to a platform that automatically trades for me, I earn a lot from doing absolutely nothing. Much love from USA.

  • theMisfits503
    theMisfits503Muaj më parë

    That shit cursed


    It’s just a red realistic dog right? Nothing scary about that.

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