BABY YODA IDENTITY & ORIGIN Revealed! The Mandalorian 2x05 (SPOILERS)


The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 reveals MAJOR DETAILS about "The Child" aka Baby Yoda! SPOILER WARNING -- DO NOT WATCH UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE MANDALORIAN CHAPTER 13! Video Sponsored by Ridge Wallet:
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Spoilers ahead! The Mandalorian 2x05, Chapter 13, "The Jedi" reveals Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, a live-action version of the fan favorite character from the Star Wars animated series, now living on the planet Corvus. And in the biggest reveal on The Mandalorian since the series began, she explains the true name of the child, Baby Yoda, is Grogu, and that he spent his early years in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant before fleeing with a mystery Jedi after Order 66. Erik Voss explains what this tells us about Star Wars history, and how it connects to other Easter Eggs that we missed from past episodes of The Mandalorian to explain the child's full backstory and timeline. How could the child / Grogu's past be fully revealed by characters like Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi? Was it the female of the Yoda species YADDLE who saved the child from Order 66?
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Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
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Pony Stark
Rick Denmon
Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Editor: Devin Cleary


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    Fun fact! The planet Corvus is a reference to a ship named Corvus from star wars battlefront 2 campaign

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    so yoda banged Yaddle ?

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    I think Anakin took him knowing his potential, reckon Ezra will train him

  • Princess Snape
    Princess SnapeDitë më parë

    I believe that I believe that's Kenobi saved grogu

  • Princess Snape

    Princess Snape

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    And took him away to train and saved him he might have been evil or turned to the dark side again one point that that's why grogu his powers trained by Yoda

  • Saifan Ali
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    I thout he was yoda

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    Jason Vorhees.... You Mean Leatherface?

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    Who put Grogu on Arvala-7 and why wasn't that person there with the mercs to help protect him?

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    Grogu is wearing garb like ObiWan's .... maybe one of ObiWan's baby frocks ! LMAO !!!

  • Bikes cars and everything in between
    Bikes cars and everything in between15 ditë më parë

    Yoda was a completely different character.

  • Bikes cars and everything in between
    Bikes cars and everything in between15 ditë më parë

    His name is grogu

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    Delia Adyani Utomo20 ditë më parë

    There will be a novel of boba fett in 2021 december

  • Trevian Fleming
    Trevian Fleming21 ditë më parë

    I feel like there are two paths Grogu’s life can take from here, seeing as he has only used the force out of fear and love for himself and Mando, similar to Anakin. He is likely using the dark side in some way, or is inching towards the dark side. The path he is on I feel will either lead to a Yoda version of Mace Windu, or Sith Yoda. Just my ideas

  • Northernvirus0
    Northernvirus022 ditë më parë

    Maybe groggy is the kid of yoda and yaddle wouldn't be the first time children were hidden

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    jar jar saved grogu

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    Good job this video is exactly 10 minutes long 👏

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    Wookieepedia search

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    Master yadle died 3 years before the clone wars saving millions of people from a toxix bomb

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    2 mi of the vid was about a wallet

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    This is my first time seeing the channel, but this guy's sarcasm really brightened my day.

    SPLITTZ :P29 ditë më parë

    so did yaddle and yoda make grogu

  • prolifepinay
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    No Disney+ here in Manila so yeah...

  • That_Za_Typo
    That_Za_TypoMuaj më parë

    I think maybe a few of the temple gaurds saved him. Perhaps the grand inquisitor.

  • Primordial Fowl
    Primordial FowlMuaj më parë

    My theory: Anakin/Vader saved him from the temple and meant to take him as an apprentice, but then when Obi Wan ( somehow ) defeated him, Kenobi took the child, and then the football fumbling happened

  • LuckyTime 77
    LuckyTime 77Muaj më parë

    The mandolorian should be renamed the child

  • Felix LFT
    Felix LFTMuaj më parë

    When is the mandalorian in the star wars timeline? Is this before the 1st order?

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2Muaj më parë

    Its possible Grogu is more aware of things than he lets on - Can it be possible he influenced Ahsoka to not train him?

  • Ben Z
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    Am I the only one that thinks Grogu and Gizmo from gremlins are so similarl

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    Me encanta ☺️😍☺️

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    People if you read the EU you know that Jedi's rigid philosophy cause a crusade against the Sith or aka Dark Lords. Think of Catholics call the crusade on the French Cathars and call them heretics. They Jedi did kind cause this mess against themselves.

  • Seth Krummencher
    Seth KrummencherMuaj më parë

    My theory about yoda’s species is that the species is the embodiment of the Jedi, like the Jedi race sort of like the sith race and mandalorian race which became creeds rather than a people

  • rastaewabeach
    rastaewabeachMuaj më parë

    I thought this was the origin story of Yoda. 😑

  • Randyman Maximus
    Randyman MaximusMuaj më parë

    1:27 unique way to put it!

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos GomezMuaj më parë

    Hang on, I thought Grogu was born 50 years after Yoda died. Now they're saying he was training and he was 22 when Anakin killed the younglings? Something's not adding up

  • Ruz Danielle Garcia
    Ruz Danielle GarciaMuaj më parë

    My fav part is ahsoka's theme playing

  • Waylon Lewis
    Waylon LewisMuaj më parë

    Grogu was not rescued, he was stolen and experimented on for years on the death Star, this is why he's so drawn to the knob on the mandalorians ship. Which looks exactly like the death Star.. a place he considers home in a way. With a touch of Stockholm Syndrome, experiments that probably lead the creation of Snoke.

  • Carter Smith
    Carter SmithMuaj më parë

    When chapter 13 came out I hear all the star wars nerds correcting people calling grogu baby yoda

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    Grogu wants that little gear know the one that looks like a baby Deathstar?...not because he wants to play with it.he was unscrewing it again because it is the tracker that the Moff planted..where's my free t-shirt?👍

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    It would be cool if mando is a force user himself

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    The raspy result concretely report because dahlia literally fear excluding a humdrum step-grandfather. scientific, white celeste

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    All hail Dark Lord Grogu.

    EXALE APE LABSMuaj më parë


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    I thought it was Grgnak..... the destroyer

  • Adamantium Pizza
    Adamantium PizzaMuaj më parë

    What if it was Bobba Fett that took Grogu? That's why Grogu trusts Din(Mando)

  • Jonathan Alexander
    Jonathan AlexanderMuaj më parë

    Kuiil took Grogu him for a Jedi (Yaddle) like Obi-wan took Luke and watched him... his parents are Yaddle and Palpatine. 😂😂😂🤣😐😑

  • keith mccall
    keith mccallMuaj më parë

    Does Ahsoka know Anakin came back to the light side?

  • Critter Keeper
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    Everyone keeps throwing around the term "strand casts" - could you please do a video explaining this term?

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    And now you guys can stop calling him baby Yoda... Please

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    Sounds weird le but I think Anakin might have been one of the Masters who trained Grogu. Palpatine did not know about him and Anakin sparred him on the night of the Temple massacre. After killing the joungglins, Anakin went where Grogu was hiding but could not go through with killing him. He took him and possibly put him into hiding. Would be great to see a flashback of Anakin taking him and sparing his life.

  • Grace Mila
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    Rest in peace Diego. 1960-2020 ❤️

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    "Find the connection with the sphere and you will find Grogu's savor."

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    Yaddle died long before this

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  • Chris Larsen
    Chris LarsenMuaj më parë

    Disappointed that at 8:33 you said, "the Empire bounce back" rather than the obvious option to slide in a punny "the Empire Strike Back".

  • Kyle Halpren
    Kyle HalprenMuaj më parë

    Isn’t yaddle dead though

  • Dane Stewart
    Dane StewartMuaj më parë

    ... what if anakin took grogu for palpatine?... he did have a thing for young force-sensitives... and that would connect to kamino and his experience with the empire...

  • shadowjetcat Walters
    shadowjetcat WaltersMuaj më parë

    I think vader saved him maybe anakins light side took control got him out of there and erased his own memory of it accidentally erasing grokus memory as well

  • relint12
    relint12Muaj më parë

    So Gideon wants Grogu alive, does the hyper analytical and ‘pragmatic’ Thrawn want him dead? Maybe Gideon was so quick to kill The Client because he figured out that he was double dealing on him with Thrawn.

  • Red dragon
    Red dragonMuaj më parë

    It’s not Yoda it’s not Yoda it’s not Yoda from day one I been telling everyone it’s not Yoda he was around when Yoda was alive

  • Eric Cable
    Eric CableMuaj më parë

    1) the meeting of Ashoka and Grogu is the most important first meeting of characters since Gui Gon met Anakin on Tatooine. 2) I am further convinced that Grogu is the son of Yaddle and Yoda. 3) I think Disney is playing the long game. I think they are setting Grogu up to be the main character of Star Wars for DECADES to come. He could end-up being some sort of hybrid of the Way of the Mandalore and the Jedi, he will live another eight or nine centuries, and since he's a puppet/CGI they don't have to worry about all the associated problems with a human actor like having to pay Harrison Ford fifty million to be in The Force Awakens.

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    YodaMuaj më parë

    Told you not my child he is

  • Fernando Carbajal
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    i ain't call the child baby yoda im always going to call the child Grogu

  • benmcdonald1980
    benmcdonald1980Muaj më parë

    As he has no memory, is it possible he was in carbonite?

  • WrathingLock✔️
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    So Baby Yoda is not Yoda?

  • Inkwadnito
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    Isn’t ‘Grogu’ that stuff you spread on a Chia Pet?

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    So is Grogu Yaddle's baby or what? 🤷

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    He will always be affectionately known as Baby Yoda. :)

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    So.... it’s Grogu, why not Yogu?

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    thank goodness bc im so tired of people calling him someone else's name smh

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    Was this episode shot in Las Vegas, Nevada because at 1:11 it looks like the Stratosphere in the background

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    I simply can't imagine him turning to the darksider, I'd cry

  • Mister Doctor
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    I can't believe Grogu and Anakin Skywalker were born at roughly the same time. Maybe Grogu was the chosen one all along.

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    Almost sounds like Goku.

  • Cumulonimbus Boi
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    I know this is prob not true but what if Kanin jarius or cal kestis got grogu saved from the Jedi temple

  • Eleanor Garrett
    Eleanor GarrettMuaj më parë

    Who else teared up when Mando said, "Time to say goodbye"?

  • Jaytee The best
    Jaytee The bestMuaj më parë

    The casting of this episode was epic .. Dan inasanto’s daughter was awesome! Dan inasanto was Bruce Lee’s protege !

  • Winged BluJ
    Winged BluJMuaj më parë

    Ahsoka is 45 years old.

  • Jon Bonda
    Jon BondaMuaj më parë

    Grogu probably had a nightmare and too much gas. Ends up crawling into a Carbonite freezing chamber and was frozen for decades.

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    The real question is where does Eric get his ludes

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    This can’t be true. There’s no such character as baby yoda

  • captvictor
    captvictorMuaj më parë

    theres no mention of his true origin tho

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G.Muaj më parë

    No matter what ill forever call him the wee baby yods. :)

  • Lalo
    LaloMuaj më parë

    GeORGe lUcas

  • Outerhalo
    OuterhaloMuaj më parë

    Eric we know it will be a hard transition but it is Grogu. Not baby yoda.

  • TheBig RedWave
    TheBig RedWaveMuaj më parë

    U think mof works for thrawn?

  • Kyle Hahn
    Kyle HahnMuaj më parë

    Mace Windu the next Jedi in the Mandalorian? From the sounds of it he's the only one that could really train him because of the dark side in him

  • King Brommer704
    King Brommer704Muaj më parë

    Grogu never would of guessed that? They should just name him after Yoda. Call him yoda jr. So we can continue saying baby Yoda. But one of my favorite shows definitely. I watch then come straight here. Nerd gang call me hood nerd or sir hood nerd 🤣 currently playing the jedi game

  • jrbd oebd
    jrbd oebdMuaj më parë

    Star Wars nerds call him Grogu Star Wars casuals call him the child You mom calls him Baby Yoda

  • bobby mariani
    bobby marianiMuaj më parë

    They had to keep Grogu away from Yoda and Yaddle to prevent any attachment.

  • Lucas Medon
    Lucas MedonMuaj më parë

    mark hammell said he is done...Sebastian Stan is making a HUGE push to be Luke, and even did a in costume picture set. Considering his relationship with Favreau, it will more likely go that direction

  • Tim T
    Tim TMuaj më parë

    This is the hetero teddy bear that I didn’t know that I need in my life from time to time via ALthe video updates

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    ngl i'm just now learning about yattle and i wanna burn it with fire

    NOXISUMMuaj më parë

    6:48 😂 racist

  • over zero
    over zeroMuaj më parë

    Eric just to correct you jason vorhees uses a machete its leather face who uses the chainsaw

  • L Ron Cupboard
    L Ron CupboardMuaj më parë

    Just heard David Prowse died :(

  • James Stange
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    Can someone ma jh e a timeline of Stars Wars?

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