Exclusive Look at Miles' New Feline Friend in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (4K)

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Ever wonder what the purrfect companion to your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler would look like? Join us for the exclusive look at our titular hero's new feline friend in Spider-Man: Miles Morales and how our new feline friend makes for more than just a fun side quest.
If you're wanting more coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out the playlist below featuring our cover trailer, a look at the game's first boss fight, and more: althe.info/desk/PLoAFmgzYW18I1UFTzFYXceJFZy_7EnJb1.html


  • flamingos are dumb
    flamingos are dumb2 orë më parë

    Spider-Cat Spider-Cat does whatever a Spider-Cat does

  • VT gaming
    VT gaming5 orë më parë

    1:01 that's animal cruelty Press F to pay respect for the cat

  • For Real
    For Real9 orë më parë

    Lol wtf

    THE MAIN CHARACTER11 orë më parë

    They better add an option for you to pet the cat I swear

  • akira
    akira13 orë më parë

    How is that cat okay in the backpack

    EMTEE13 orë më parë

    as soon as I'm done the story, I'm swinging around with spider-cat for ages

  • Jake McManus
    Jake McManus13 orë më parë

    Spider-Cat? Seriously?

  • walnut yuh
    walnut yuh15 orë më parë


  • Ferdi
    Ferdi17 orë më parë

    el gato hizo que el juego valiera más la pena

  • Liton Prodhan
    Liton Prodhan20 orë më parë


  • KindaFunny IGuess
    KindaFunny IGuess21 orë më parë

    This is the best game ever made since monster hunter world. You want to know why? Cat.

  • Shronk The Gay
    Shronk The Gay21 orë më parë

    wait, didn't cat get super ultra hurt by the shock?

  • serious pain
    serious pain22 orë më parë


  • Yamin Ali
    Yamin Ali23 orë më parë

    Thats how u get alot of views spider cat

  • Carter Hughes
    Carter HughesDitë më parë

    I want this game so bad, but I can’t afford a PS5

  • alonzo -
    alonzo -Ditë më parë


  • TrueLojic
    TrueLojicDitë më parë

    0:50 PS5 SSD flexing normally after a hideout the game would have a loading screen

  • Aj the trex
    Aj the trexDitë më parë

    I love how genuinely happy the man sound to have his cat back

  • Aj the trex

    Aj the trex

    Ditë më parë

    Also the sweat shirt is dope

  • Lost Soul
    Lost SoulDitë më parë

    So there are 3 spidermen on this game?

  • 6 9
    6 9Ditë më parë

    The cat did a double 360

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin CampbellDitë më parë

    I want this game to hurry up

  • Sandaru
    SandaruDitë më parë

    don’t kill the cat pls

  • Gaming_Creator
    Gaming_CreatorDitë më parë


  • Mario Sarmiento
    Mario SarmientoDitë më parë

    soy yo o se parece ala mochila que llevabas con el animal que querias en fornite

  • Mario Sarmiento
    Mario SarmientoDitë më parë

    que hace un gato ahi

  • Samittimamitti
    SamittimamittiDitë më parë

    Yes a combo helper

  • Gaming_Creator
    Gaming_CreatorDitë më parë

    althe.info/number/356YnYaHqnKDmdA/video Insomniac is anti Black. They’re are erasing his Black side & Black family

  • Gaming_Creator


    Ditë më parë

    @idk it hated you too. Thanks for watching & be sure to tell a friend 💪🏽🤣 maybe tag Insomniac in it

  • idk


    Ditë më parë

    I watched it I hated it and the music

  • Escortz Plays
    Escortz Plays2 ditë më parë

    How did he get this gameplay

  • King Miltonius
    King Miltonius2 ditë më parë

    Spider-cat spider-cat does whatever a spider-cat does spins a web no he can't that's because he's a cat look ooouuuttt here comes spider-cat!

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson2 ditë më parë

    OMG Ganke is in this. I wonder if Katie Bishop is to

  • Emerald Power
    Emerald Power2 ditë më parë

    Miles: Time to deliver this cat. Miles: *ROLLS* Cat: *S Q U I S H*

  • Ishan The Jaguar

    Ishan The Jaguar

    Ditë më parë

    I thought the same when he rolled I was like: AHH thaat hurts

  • Siddhartha Rajan

    Siddhartha Rajan

    Ditë më parë

    that's all I could think until he opened up the bag in the shop.

  • Beast On
    Beast On2 ditë më parë

    Omg they added most cute finisher lol

  • Creamer Memer
    Creamer Memer2 ditë më parë

    I hope there is a skill tree for the cat

  • basil azeem
    basil azeem2 ditë më parë

    how you get it man

  • Singularity
    Singularity2 ditë më parë

    aghhh "black protagonist" and other SJW bull**** ...we want Peter Parker's spiderman, not some 3rd party wanna be spiderman

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    19 orë më parë

    "I'm gonna put some dirt in your eye." Also Peter has like so many games and movies/TV shows. Let Miles have a turn.

  • Paul Burns

    Paul Burns

    Ditë më parë

    Gonna cry

  • MadFish
    MadFish2 ditë më parë

    I’m so hyped for the new dlc!!

  • Mr. Universe 2.0

    Mr. Universe 2.0

    23 orë më parë

    You uncultured swine it's not dlc.

  • idk


    Ditë më parë

    It's not a dlc smh

  • Swapnamoy's Videos
    Swapnamoy's Videos2 ditë më parë

    01:23 The Guy - "Did you have an adventure?" Spider-Cat - "Meow" (Which translates to : "Yeah..I threw up a lot while I was on swinging!")

  • Dahaka461989
    Dahaka4619892 ditë më parë

    Wait... This game is out already????

  • idk


    Ditë më parë


  • Brivo
    Brivo2 ditë më parë

    Will it be a spider-man lutfattige with spider cat?

  • Irfaan Faki
    Irfaan Faki2 ditë më parë

    Ok. This is stupid

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    18 orë më parë

    @Sven Tempest IKR

  • Sven Tempest

    Sven Tempest

    18 orë më parë

    Person bitten by radioactive spider and gains magical abilities is just fine. But that same person has a cat buddy as an optional suit? That's where you draw the line?

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    19 orë më parë

    Just cause it's shorter doesn't mean it's not a game. And how is this stupid anyway?(I'm replying to both of you at the same time)

  • Mr Jimmy

    Mr Jimmy

    2 ditë më parë

    indeed, we want a real spiderman, not this "dlc game"

  • Francesco Reda
    Francesco Reda2 ditë më parë

    I would complete the entire game with that cat on my back

    SGT. DEADPOOL2 ditë më parë

    When Spiderman littrily a cat on begining

  • DIO
    DIO2 ditë më parë

    Imma use this costume to beat the leaving s* out of the bosses THEY CANT HANDLE SPIDER CAT

  • Spikinius Spijker
    Spikinius Spijker2 ditë më parë

    1:01 R.I.P. cat 2020-2020

  • Angel Racer
    Angel Racer2 ditë më parë


  • Juan Daroy
    Juan Daroy3 ditë më parë

    Im so hyped

  • Àppleeœe
    Àppleeœe3 ditë më parë

    yes yes yes and yes

  • Jensi
    Jensi3 ditë më parë

    Forget this game, I want a spider cat game

  • Senile Kappa
    Senile Kappa3 ditë më parë


  • てすおチャンネル
    てすおチャンネル3 ditë më parë


  • Joseph Liso
    Joseph Liso3 ditë më parë

    X had so many unreleased verses that were 🔥

  • Ligitpiggy 46
    Ligitpiggy 463 ditë më parë

    1:02 I think he killed the cat in the backpack

  • Isaiah Hibberd
    Isaiah Hibberd3 ditë më parë

    1:01 RIP spiderman the cat :(

  • TopHatDroid
    TopHatDroid3 ditë më parë

    Did he just do a roll with a cat on his back?

  • King Slayer
    King Slayer3 ditë më parë

    0:18 u can kinda see miles isn’t as good as Peter while doing that

  • Mr Jimmy

    Mr Jimmy

    2 ditë më parë

    never will be..

  • THE-CROW Z06
    THE-CROW Z063 ditë më parë

    One of my cats name is RAMBO. My other cat is THOR. They are intrepid cats.

  • Tito Mendez
    Tito Mendez3 ditë më parë

    First impression when i saw that cat come out of his backpack for the finisher : GTFOH!! 🐱

  • KlemensYT S
    KlemensYT S3 ditë më parë

    I want the game so hard

  • Street villian
    Street villian3 ditë më parë

    1:02 the cat died

  • jc Playz
    jc Playz3 ditë më parë

    Is the game gonna be able to play on ps4

  • idk


    Ditë më parë


  • Alyson Pike
    Alyson Pike3 ditë më parë

    If the cat dies we riot

  • George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 2017
    George Giannopoulos ZL1 2015 20173 ditë më parë

    Graphics of the PS5? I don't think so

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James3 ditë më parë

    Sold. As soon as I saw the spider hoodie and cat backpack combo attack it was over. My money left my pocket

  • Chicken Sandwich
    Chicken Sandwich3 ditë më parë

    This video was awsome...until the very end. Seriously, what the heck Why would you add the cat as a fighting mechanic AND WHO WOULD NAME THEIR CAT SPIDER-MAN

  • SpideySucc
    SpideySucc3 ditë më parë

    I think it’s funny that miles still does a roll when he lands with the cat still in his backpack, when in reality the cat would be fucking crushed 😂

  • YFA - Yziツ
    YFA - Yziツ4 ditë më parë

    1:01 uhhhh...😬

  • you owe me
    you owe me4 ditë më parë

    I hope this is a outfit I can wear ever second

  • NaniTheFouck
    NaniTheFouck4 ditë më parë

    Why does Miles sound like he's from kingdom hearts?

  • L-t-F-t
    L-t-F-t4 ditë më parë

    This is so sweet mannnn i want to play ittt

  • The ultimate gamer
    The ultimate gamer4 ditë më parë

    I don’t usually go AWWWWWWW but something about this

  • Marcos Chiacchiera
    Marcos Chiacchiera4 ditë më parë

    I love how because miles is Black they made the suit black too. Like there HAS to be something that says: this guy is black you know?

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    3 ditë më parë

    With your logic/mindset then Peters suit should've been white just to show that he's "white"

  • Farès
    Farès4 ditë më parë

    Theory : maybe the cat burglar is in the game

  • Fionn Monstyr
    Fionn Monstyr4 ditë më parë

    The real spider-man

  • Tavisthaman Fan
    Tavisthaman Fan4 ditë më parë

    When he put the cat in his bag and I seen him roll I got scared I thought he killed it🤣

  • Leon Peja
    Leon Peja4 ditë më parë


  • Jackie Silverr
    Jackie Silverr4 ditë më parë

    cat spiderman LOL xDDD

  • Ronald P.
    Ronald P.4 ditë më parë

    Game looks great but is it just me or does Miles voice sound weird/off/child like?

  • Chris Addo
    Chris Addo4 ditë më parë

    Did Miles just direct roll on the ground with the Cat behind in his back pack,,,,are you kidding me

  • Greg Kiss
    Greg Kiss4 ditë më parë

    *S P I D E R - C A T*

  • MrReeckRul
    MrReeckRul4 ditë më parë

    If Spider-Cat dies I swear on Uncle Ben's dead body Im deleting it

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf4 ditë më parë

    I really want them to bring this game and the previous one to Xbox

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    4 ditë më parë

    Sorry buddy I don't know if they will bring it on Xbox.

  • 444haluk
    444haluk4 ditë më parë

    Okay, this was the most idiotic gameplay idea ever.

  • idk


    Ditë më parë

    You're idiotic Gottem

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    4 ditë më parë

    How is this idiotic?

  • double strombi

    double strombi

    4 ditë më parë


    TOMEN_ AWA4 ditë më parë


  • Bubbly Jubbly
    Bubbly Jubbly4 ditë më parë

    The more videos I watch for this game, the more hyped I get for it.

  • saeid1989 Kazemi
    saeid1989 Kazemi4 ditë më parë

    Hello everyone, I do not have money to play PS4. Give me $ 10 or $ 20. Thanks،😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓👍

  • idk


    Ditë më parë


  • Israel Shellman
    Israel Shellman4 ditë më parë


  • Rex King
    Rex King5 ditë më parë

    If the cat dies, we riot

  • C740 guy
    C740 guy5 ditë më parë

    Im literally going to buy the PS5 just for Spider-Cat

  • NEVLEK•7
    NEVLEK•75 ditë më parë

    eu queria jogar esse jogo😔

  • shAWN sWINT
    shAWN sWINT5 ditë më parë

    With Peter Parker. When he's Spider Man, He Always Fight's Solo, But for Miles Morales, He Gets a Sidekick in the Form of a Bodega Cat. Nice!!!

  • Johnny H.
    Johnny H.5 ditë më parë

    As if I needed another reason to get Miles Morales on day one. Unless the physical disc gets sold out everywhere.

  • Tom. cz
    Tom. cz5 ditë më parë

    Spider cat finisher wow👌❤️ mege najs❤️

  • boogieman54 7
    boogieman54 75 ditë më parë

    They really thought of everything

  • Ma Dic
    Ma Dic5 ditë më parë


  • Thomas O'Connor
    Thomas O'Connor5 ditë më parë

    i wish spider-cat was a suit upgrade instead of that one skin. still great tho

  • Straightcherry D.
    Straightcherry D.5 ditë më parë

    Love cats, a great idea!

    RETRO PLAYNX5 ditë më parë


  • Mike Kobain
    Mike Kobain5 ditë më parë

    sooooooi i know i didn’t just see a cat lay the paws on a criminal ... yep im sold i gotta get this game asap 😭

  • Ricky


    5 ditë më parë

    Lmao I'm SOLD

  • Rodrigo Lima
    Rodrigo Lima5 ditë më parë

    Antes vocês tinham minha curiosidade, agora vocês tem minha atenção

  • Javon Brooks
    Javon Brooks5 ditë më parë

    Am I trippin or does this game looked rushed graphics wise🤔

  • Ricky


    5 ditë më parë


  • Javon Brooks

    Javon Brooks

    5 ditë më parë

    I looked at it again ok im trippin fr lol

  • Ricky


    5 ditë më parë

    Ur trippin

  • Internet surfer

    Internet surfer

    5 ditë më parë

    I think your trippin LOL.

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