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  • Supervillain725
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    My grandpa was a full-blooded Filipino, and island time is a real thing.

  • Bagja Kosasih
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    what is punani meaning guys

  • Bill Perron
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    Fishing in Hawaii...... althe.info/number/vaGmln9_mX5rY74/video

  • The Sun Is A Planet The Earth Is Flat
    The Sun Is A Planet The Earth Is Flat12 ditë më parë

    I live in Oregon

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    Fluffy I love you❤

    REX LIM14 ditë më parë

    love your jokes and love your dogs... love you too brother! keep it up!

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    'Hawaiian time' sounds a LOT like 'Indian time'.

  • Midnyte Vega
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    I'd really like to know what a mahu is

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  • color phone
    color phone27 ditë më parë

    everyone clapping at him saying where he's going and who the bus driver is just makes me laugh every time

  • Abhijith CR
    Abhijith CR28 ditë më parë

    I think this joke is in imperial - only Americans get it

  • Harkriti Gangwani
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    Hello Mr. Iglesias, I love all your shows when are you going to come to India again Last time I couldn't attend your show because I had my exams these shot clips are as hilarious as the entire special I hope you are in good health Hope to see you soon in India

  • Aj __xx
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    What does punani mean?

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    Well this was educational 👍🏻

  • Joshua's tic tok shorts
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    Anyone who dislikes is jealous that he is wealthier than you by telling the best jokes I have ever heard

  • Mark Haseley
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    Who else looked up all these words? lol

  • A_Green_Snake
    A_Green_SnakeMuaj më parë

    "King Kamehameha experience..." I see someone was looking through Franky's anime collection...

  • Angel Boy07
    Angel Boy07Muaj më parë

    I'm so confused, some people told me ages ago that Gaberial died of a heart attack years ago... All this time I thought he was dead until now I guess

  • Cody Glisczinski
    Cody GlisczinskiMuaj më parë

    super excited to see him in STL this October!!!

  • Aakash Pawar
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    Well now I can confirm I was at an authentic Luau

  • TheLonelySpaceman
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    Punani - Pussy Mahu - third gender natives

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  • Bounty Hunter Master
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    Second one, no question

  • Theodore Garman
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    Thank you for your style of humor 😂😂👍

  • Karly Crooks
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    First luau: good one 👍🏻 Second luau: bad one 👎🏿

  • Gator Productions
    Gator ProductionsMuaj më parë

    1:32 whst does that mean?

  • Himalay Sabharwal
    Himalay SabharwalMuaj më parë

    I think I've seen this before! 🙄

  • Goku.R6
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    What's a punani

  • Vetsskkii
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    Fluffy made a anime reference

  • 2neilas
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    😆😆😆! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

  • Eric Hartford
    Eric HartfordMuaj më parë

    At least you said Oregon right. Too funny!

  • Digitalhunny
    DigitalhunnyMuaj më parë

    Crazy how the EXACT same thing can be said about Mexico! spring of 2012 people are freaking out about the "END" of the Mayan calendar... but not _our_ tour guide. Nah, _he_ informed us ALL that _"Our_ calendar is a circle & a circle NEVER ENDS! duh!" He was obviously telling the truth cause we're ALL STILL HERE! Locals know fam!

  • Mao


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    Damn 10 years ago how time flies and how little things change. Fortunately you got the good kind of locals lol

  • Mr Loki
    Mr LokiMuaj më parë

    Will you ever have anything Gabriel Iglesias has done that's closer to this century?

  • Gale Paulson
    Gale PaulsonMuaj më parë

    Knock ?Knock? , who dere? ME MA...., ME MAHU.....every buddy laughs!!!

  • Ralph Padilla
    Ralph PadillaMuaj më parë

    45 people like coconuts…

  • Junta Momonari
    Junta MomonariMuaj më parë

    When it rains, you're getting wet. But as they say in Hawaii: No rain - no rainbow

  • Junta Momonari

    Junta Momonari

    Muaj më parë

    Or you take it with a Bob Marley mindset: "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"

  • BileyN Arts
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  • Mubbasilkhan Pathan
    Mubbasilkhan PathanMuaj më parë

    4:38 why do I see japanese people everytime when someone is taking about hawaii

  • Mubbasilkhan Pathan

    Mubbasilkhan Pathan

    29 ditë më parë

    @Pseudocatz wait how do you differentiate between japanese and fillipinos (can you teach me)

  • Pseudocatz


    Muaj më parë

    One, none of the people you in the frame you time tagged looked Japanese. Had you said Filipinos, I'd agree with you. Two, there are already generations of Japanese immigrants living in Hawaii. They were there since the 19th century. Edit: I'd wager this is what they are.

    EVIL TETREXMuaj më parë

    many many congratulations for 5 million subscribers

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    Loco vato 🤣💯 Fluffy Fluffy 🔥

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    Gabriel help me

  • 73_Jewels_73
    73_Jewels_73Muaj më parë

    So true! I’m surprised he said Oregon correct. Most out of state folk pronounce it Oreygone. So accurate with the ABC stores too. Huge tourist trap in Kona anyway.



    26 ditë më parë

    He's from california

  • Christopher Rogers

    Christopher Rogers

    Muaj më parë

    I live across the country, and I've never heard anybody pronounce Oregon as Oreygone.

  • t k
    t kMuaj më parë

    " he calls me his little punani" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Erica Chishti

    Erica Chishti

    10 ditë më parë

    @irwinpks I thought so but wasn't sure you answered my question too lol thank you

  • irwinpks


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    @soul man another word for "pussy"

  • bruce halleran

    bruce halleran

    Muaj më parë

    Don't know, but the Hawaiian's thought it was appropriate.

  • soul man

    soul man

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    What does punani mean?

  • mabos555
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    Haha what is the panoni?

  • Guy Unknown
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  • ShocKer27
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    Can I ask what Punani means?

  • Larsen Jones
    Larsen JonesMuaj më parë

    Cant wait till he comes again mahalo nui Fluffy🤙

  • Brill Jones
    Brill JonesMuaj më parë

    Let me tell ya, rain and a luau is a great combination 👍

  • Truxton Tayloe
    Truxton TayloeMuaj më parë

    His impressions are so good I forget that it’s him

  • Cal Naughton Jr.

    Cal Naughton Jr.

    29 ditë më parë

    Dude same, I swear for a bit I was so into the other character I forgot 😂

  • Oma McKaskle
    Oma McKaskleMuaj më parë

    I had no idea what a punani was... or a mako, so I asked my Hawaiian husband. He told me in Japanese. I laughed because the female guide s clueless. Do you know?

  • Yvonne Burns

    Yvonne Burns

    Muaj më parë

    A person of negotiated affection?

  • Ambipie
    AmbipieMuaj më parë

    What's so bad about the first luau? Is it full of those women?

  • Ambipie


    Muaj më parë

    @Larsen Jones like getting rained on, at a beach, little fish swimming in your feet in the tropical summer? The kind everyone wants

  • Larsen Jones

    Larsen Jones

    Muaj më parë

    It's like the "watered down" reality of Hawai‘i. The first lū‘au is like an example of grass skirts, coconut bras, and any other fluff. It's hard to explain but the second lū‘au is reality. It's genuine.

  • Karen Camp
    Karen CampMuaj më parë

    I've been living here for 4 years now and it took me forever to get used to Hawaiian time. But I love it now.

  • animewatcha
    animewatchaMuaj më parë

    Punani equals what? Google Translate is crap on this. Mahu??

  • SavageGreywolf


    Muaj më parë

    It's a pun in Hawaiian. "Puanani" means "beautiful flower", "punani" is American slang for the vagina. The joke is that she's a clueless white girl. "māhū" literally means something like 'gentle' and is a term that is sometimes used to refer to homosexual men. It's not quite a slur but it can sometimes be used like it. Polynesian attitudes towards lgbt issues are complex, this is a bit of an oversimplification but basically there wasn't really any lgbt hate until European culture began to assert itself in these cultures.

  • Alyssa Griffin
    Alyssa GriffinMuaj më parë

    Example Tour Guide : "You only need a few days and you're basically a native" Me: That's not how it works..........."

  • :P


    Muaj më parë

    It was- that was a joke.

  • Tyrone Frye
    Tyrone FryeMuaj më parë

    Fluffy is dat dude been killin it since da Apollo respect his comedic genius gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP AJ Johnson Michael K Williams n Norm MacDonald BLM God bless stop all dis hate checkout The Main Squeeze 🙏

  • oculos prudentium
    oculos prudentiumMuaj më parë

    That PUNANY reference at 1:30 is a Jamaican one btw. But it spread rapidly through the Black/Jamaican community and eventually the party crowd caught on to it. And FYI, its the nickname for the female genitals.

  • oculos prudentium

    oculos prudentium

    Muaj më parë

    @Larsen Jones Actually itt first originated from India as what is written in the Kama Sutra and then the indians who lived in Jamaica introduced it to them. The spread of the Dance Halls reggae music spread it more esp in the American culture.

  • Larsen Jones

    Larsen Jones

    Muaj më parë

    It's "puanani" and is Hawaiian. The word "puanani" literally means, "beautiful flower", referring to female genitalia. Maybe it was derived from Jamaican or Jamaicans derived it from the Hawaiian language, not too sure. Nonetheless, "puanani" is a Hawaiian word.

  • ester santos
    ester santosMuaj më parë

    Fluffy please put the translation into Portuguese , Brazilians love your videos

  • sandra sausville
    sandra sausvilleMuaj më parë

    I now use punani as my new cuss word

  • Isaias Silva
    Isaias SilvaMuaj më parë

    Cant wait to see you in souix city, IA!

  • IM_ agine
    IM_ agineMuaj më parë

    Hey sit down Mahu!!!!!!

  • S for Samuel Plays
    S for Samuel PlaysMuaj më parë

    Btw punani in French translates to vagina But in Hawaiian it translates to beautiful flower. But this is fluffy, so he probably meant the first one

  • Naui


    Muaj më parë

    Puanani is Hawaiian for Beautiful flower. Punani is not a word in Hawaiian, but Hawaiian Pidgin adopted Punani from Jamaican pidgin, so locals do use the word punani in our pidgin the same way.

  • Imperial Guard #28
    Imperial Guard #28Muaj më parë

    "Hawaiian Time" is like "Indian Time"

  • Jan Tschierschky
    Jan TschierschkyMuaj më parë

    Film ????

  • john finn
    john finnMuaj më parë

    again more reposts.

  • rmt mller
    rmt mllerMuaj më parë

    Never, almost, book a 'tour' with a cruise ship too! Do it on your own. With research.

  • San-Uchiha- Uzimaki-Hygua
    San-Uchiha- Uzimaki-HyguaMuaj më parë

    i thought he ment kamehameha from dbz

  • Aaron Townsley
    Aaron TownsleyMuaj më parë

    Surprised he said get film. We haven't need that stuff in ages. Since before this special was recorded.

  • Karri Kemppainen
    Karri KemppainenMuaj më parë

    That kamehameha luau is such a new kind of cultural wave😲 What a blast!

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    Keshav Ken

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    Bruh come on come on

  • Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

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    Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

  • K.sensei K.sensei
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    2:14 sounds like cam from modern family 😂

  • Linda Wahl
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    I just love fluffy, he can always make me laugh no matter how I'm feeling

  • Yuri Puri

    Yuri Puri

    29 ditë më parë

    Okay...what happened? - tell us more about how you're feeling.

  • Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

    Muaj më parë

    Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

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    This is so accurate there needs to be a double thumbs up to click on.

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    Absolutely! We’ve got two anyway. 👍🏻👍🏽

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    @Jairo Esteban vargas there is one need for that tho

  • Jairo Esteban vargas

    Jairo Esteban vargas

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    There is no need for that.

  • Uszkai Eszter
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    The titeles always convinces me that it is a new video that I didn't see before but it is always a reapload.😭 (I watch them regardless, of course...)

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    Josh Writes

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    Same here, I still watch tho

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    Happy 5M Gabriel!

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    Man Im really worried about your health as a fat man as myself

  • Jeff


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    This is from years ago when he was huge and then lost a lot of weight after having a talk with his doctor, which he explains in more recent shows from the last couple years👍

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    Congrats for 5M family ❤️ love from INDIA !

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    man this footage is so old... he should come up with new jokes

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    Short vague title, short video. Let me just click this one last time, just to check if it's just a reupload of a clip from something that has already been shown... Yup, it was, bye.

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    Dude, you don't want free stuff from old shows? Buy tickets for this year's show.

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    How can you not love Fluffy?

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    😆😆😆!!! Yeah, you’re in a tropical-type of climate!

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    Flashback Friday Throwback Thursday Fluffy bit Mondays Geez

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    Should I be worried that I was thinking about this bit yesterday then pow....... Top of subscription

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    Happens to all the time

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    Fluffy is the absolute best comedian

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    5-0 Fluffy. Otherwise you're saying FIFTY. 😂

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    @Jeff Fishing in Hawaii...... althe.info/number/vaGmln9_mX5rY74/video

  • Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

    12 ditë më parë

    Fishing in Hawaii...... althe.info/number/vaGmln9_mX5rY74/video

  • Jeff


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    There used to be a police show called "Hawall 5-0" and it's a play on words as police as known as the "5-0" and not fifty👍

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    I just listened to Fluffy on Spotify😎 I can't watch you tube at work🤙🤙

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    What's that little punani 🙄?

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    Female genitalia.

  • Ranajit Behera
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    Know about heart attack symptoms-althe.info/home/xMSV3h0nHSwQfl4_v1NO9g.html

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    Fluffy you're the best! Thanks for my morning laughs and kiss your chihuahuas for me. 💖😂

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    I just had an epiphany just now I realize I was fluffy's clone back in the day. Because when I was a kid I used to love wearing the Hawaiian shirts in fact those were the only ones I'd wear and no it wasn't because they were the only ones that would eventhough i was fluffy too. The only thing I was missing was the goatee but unfortunately a for me I couldn't grow a goatee at 11 years old but I swear if I could've I would've been Fluffy Jr 😂😂😂

  • Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

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    @Superman1 althe.info/number/uGaTdIyzYGeofdg/video

  • Bill Perron

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    @Adrian Angelo Esteban Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

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    @Markimations Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

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    @Jimmy Burch MTB Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

  • Bill Perron

    Bill Perron

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    Leche! for Fluffy! So funny althe.info/number/3YnNiX2jrIh4hcw/video

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    What is mean by punani

  • TreShad Webb
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    Gabriel Gabriel what's your opinion on the thesis I sent you?

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    Jermaines luau is awsome! I love hawaii

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    One of the many favorites of yours. I saw you live in Portland Oregon and I can't wait to see you again Fluffy.

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    Sir whenever I am depressed about studies and life brings me to knees I watch your clips everyday they make me feel better and forget the depression love you sir I'm a Pakistani person love you sir 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  • hamid niaz
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    Sir whenever I am depressed about studies and life brings me to knees I watch your clips everyday they make me feel better and forget the depression love you sir I'm a Pakistani person love you 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰



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    @hamid niaz 😭👍

  • hamid niaz

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    @Mahesa Ardhi bro I meant to say that whenever I watch him the depression ends and my find feel light and then I could study peacefully it's like mind diverting

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    But dont forget to finish whatever your study is brother.. LOL

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    540's 👍up fluffy thanks for sharing

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