Try Not To Laugh 2022 Edition (Hilarious)

The Funniest Tik Toks of 2022!
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  • Didi Kamenick
    Didi Kamenick

    Ian: is this hot?

  • emangamingaz

    I love how he's like "is this hot" to a bell pepper.

  • Fix_it_nuke

    I think Ian's wife is honestly the smartest person i know of. She bys the man vegetables and he does challenges (which earn money) to see wether he gonna eat em or not and yes he always does .

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    I love how he has a same sense of humor as a 10 year old

  • Raquel Mercedes
    Raquel Mercedes

    can we just appreciate ian’s wife maddie for buying random vegetables for ian to eat lol

  • Benjamin Chew
    Benjamin Chew

    I like how after the iguana he says "We're good!" and on the next one he laughs and fails lol

  • justin

    Can we all acknowledge that SSundee's laugh make's us laugh

  • Tyrran Heide
    Tyrran Heide

    love how he scared of legit what some people would call a "sweet" pepper

  • KohenTheKrusher

    I literally cried at the different reload animations with the appliances. Absolutely hysterical, Ian!

  • Owen Sellner
    Owen Sellner4 orë më parë


  • J3 Sparten117
    J3 Sparten117

    I love how the bald teacher was like "hey pull me in the chair!"

  • Arielle Borrero
    Arielle Borrero

    Can I point out that Ian lost by laughing at every single animal vine 😂

  • Sawyer Kees
    Sawyer Kees

    I personally wanna say ssundee has changed my life. I am not payed to say this. I used to not talk because I was shy. But ssundee has told me that being with friends is great. Thank you ssundee.

  • Henry Gregory
    Henry Gregory

    It's awesome how he uploads every day and his videos always put a smile on my face keep it up!!! :)

  • Rubae master
    Rubae master

    I was thinking the entire time, “ he’s worried a bell pepper is going to be hot, seriously. Your wife probably just purposely made you worry.” Keep in mind though, if you’re every given a pepper that looks like that that one, but is maybe an inch in size, it’s a habanero which is when peppers start to get Really hot. I’m mentioning it because you can get them at the supermarket.

  • CronoVerse
    CronoVerseDitë më parë

    SSudee: Don't mess with "us" bald people.

  • Taki and Hypno
    Taki and Hypno

    This is how we know that sundee has never cooked a meal in his life 🤣

  • Jake

    I laughed 10 times lol 😂

  • Shuayb Khan
    Shuayb Khan

    This series could be called: "Eating Unknown Veggies With SSundee"

  • PokeJohn

    Whenever im sad I come and watch your try not to laugh!Russel and Nico find the funniest stuff ever!