Why Trees Are Out to Get You

Want to help plant 20M trees by 2020? Go to teamtrees.org #teamtrees
Huge thanks to all the ALthers who organized this. My apologies for the repost.
These videos are from 2012 so my interest in trees goes back a long ways. I think these videos discuss two of the most interesting and amazing facts about our leafy friends: they are made mostly of CO2 (which comes from us breathing out amongst other sources) and they can transport water up a tube higher than any we can currently manufacture. So trees are out to get you. But we do much worse to them so we owe it to them to plant some more. 20 mil is a good start.


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    in the tree, part of the tree.

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    Transmechanism, to atheists/agnostics, is due to god/deities

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    I was reading "the secret life of trees" and there is a whole chapter basically saying science doesn't yet know how trees channel water to the top, and I remembered that I had watched this video almost a decade ago. Veritasium is cutting edge scientific knowledge, explained in ways the masses can understand. Superb.

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    wow, i just watched vlog brothers and didn't expect hank here too!!!

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    I don't get it. The soil in the pot decreased by 60kg and the tree was 72kg..... so wouldn't that mean most of the mass DID come from the soil and like 20-ish % came from the air? Or maybe the tree somehow uses elements in the soil but looses them (like leaves falling off the tree, etc?)

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    Why did you repeat the first video in this one? And if you recruited Hank and these other people to talk to, why did you end up just talking to your own video clone? (I wish it could do that in real time. I can never find anyone as good to talk to as myself, for someone to nobody else seems to know anything, which is strange, because they went to school, but it really didn't. So like trees, I really don't know where the stuff I'm made of really came from. Could it be CO²? Some people think I'm kind of a wind bag anyway.

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    This means that your chair and your desk and cupboards and houses pretty much is just air.

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    So my takeaway from this is that planting trees is a good way to lose weight.

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    I LOVE BIBLE READERS13 ditë më parë

    Soil, air, water, and sun 👈has lots of stuff in just those combinations. Lots of stuff in all that for it to grow.

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    Rain and air is important.. see the modern agricultural full of chemical. We r eating poison.. Science is useless. Human knowledge is useless . It will grow automatically . without any human help. Birds and animals never do agricultural and technology.

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    The trees are a deadly laser.

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    Trees hardly contribute to the oxygen production in the world. That's science.

  • Dmitriy Sergeyev
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    it almost true. the tree consist from celulosa: C6 H10 O5. So need CO2 - x6 and H2O x5. this is not 95% CO2... And I think about this if I look in table Mendeleyev, and calculate molecular mass, and find if we Weigh the dried wood and mult on 1.3 coeficient we have all oxigen mass producted this tree throw all life... And this is not all... The tree is not help in correction weather... The solution in ocean, in in artificial shallow water... It will better And yes this will drive out plankton and whales - but we no longer have a choice. Unfortunately, today's scientists are impostors. I hope humanity will be able to return the level of moral values without war and resolve this issue correctly and humanely ... people in science are not scientists, but simply bearers of these titles to a greater extent ... And this is one of the reasons why no one listens to them ... Ilona Mask is a real specialist and he hardly speaks nonsense. And that why people listens him, but he see this problem, and that why he wants fly avay on Mars. ) unfortunately - war, and only war, reminds people about morality... And he understand this too, so wants take best of the best -- for try create best world. And this good dream too... it's like the story with the Lomehuza and the anthill, the anthill can be saved if you take healthy ants and put them in a new place ... But personally, I believe and know that everything will be okay with the world and with people for some time, too, and with the climate too, people will reach everything, but sooner or later people are fucked up on Earth and on Mars @ George Carlin - he is also right in this regard)) Then when the artificial intelligence learns to create flora and fauna ideally adapted to the habitat in any planet in any biologic base... People will see this wonderful world, plunge into a much greater depression and give way ...

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    You want some ideas for shows or you still have thousands? Check this out since you're talking about trees. On a absolutely quiet night with no breeze or wind or loud sounds are happening take a look at a tree with leaves. From a distance the tree is absolutely still. Now move closer. Now really close. Now REALLY close. You'll find every leaf is moving. That tree is busy! All of it! Id love to see you try it. I really love your shows!

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    Okay got it. Trees eat people.......

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    ok so I get the whole team trees thing, but unfortunately the study which everyone is citing to say that trees are some of the most efficient producers of oxygen is completely false. Low to the ground plants like grass and moss are many times more efficient. In conclusion, what we should be doing is having 1 dollar = 1 square meter of moss. Bazinga

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    Guys like u and mark rober are a blessing to youtube and mankind.

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    Can someone get a bit deeper and explain how exactly a tree grows? Water, the soil, the sun etc everything contributes to it growing but JUST HOW . See it like this. You are a young adult and you eat, get water, sun and excercise and... You grow two more legs under your feet so you get taller. You grow two more arms so you can reach and grab further. You get my point? How do trees do thaat?

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    should he dare interviewing an Asian kid, he will get the perfect answer of where the tree-matter comes from, and smothered his interest in making this video

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    At the end he is wrong,the tree would give off the oxygen that the Derek would breathe,so you could stay the same if not grow and the tree would grow as well

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    Bruh How are this many people soo dumb to not be able to think that trees take carbon from carbon dioxide and think that they take oxygen WHAT???

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    I plant tree's for a living.. if I got paid a dollar per tree I'd be so rich

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    Johan's dad is definitely Joku!

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    Today we have a tree of life 🌳mentioned in Gen.2:9,3:22,24 Rev.22:1,2, this tree first to be cut down first 🪵and then mulched into paper.prosiest into a Bible 📖 where now we have the written word of GOD !,,,,, It’s leafs are for healing the Nations 🙏, and if you eat of its fruit,🥰you will live forever! ✨🌈🥀🌹

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    Hi Hank!

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    My brain hurts

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    5.55 true

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    was pretty disappointed in everyone for not knowing where a plants mass comes from.

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    the girl eating jaja

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    you guys will plant 20 million trees, but you wont give up the cause of the problem. Animal agriculture.

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    We are groot

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    We are groot

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    I am breathing wood.

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    Ha ha that woman gulping down her lunch looking guilty in the background

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    If u get a deal for 25% you can pocket 15 million 🤔

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    So are we saying that we can grow trees faster it we plant them in a carbondioxide enriched environment? Say for example a warehouse with the right light spectrum, nutrient enriched water and the ware house allows for the oxygen to escape but allows for more carbondioxide to stay in the warehouse?

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    Forests stabilize micro and macro climates by: • Photosynthesizing sunlight through green leaves • Absorbing carbon dioxide from the air • Accumulating carbon in standing biomass - roots, stems, branches, and leaves - growing tall canopies for more efficient photosynthesis • Providing energy for respiration, pumping out heat waste and disorder • Evaporating water through leaves, dissipating heat to improve photosynthetic efficiency and cool forest areas • Recycling water vapour across valleys and mountains, increasing precipitation in marginal areas • Minimizing soil erosion with layers of leaf litter and growing interlocking root systems that help stabilize seasonally unstable hills and mountains • Adding nutrient-rich fallen leaves to the soil which becomes humus enabling forest soils to store more water and carbon than most other soils • Increasing the capacity of a site to support life, building on itself, stabilizing the site and the biota. Mineral nutrients are conserved and re-circulated, offering opportunities for more life • Building climax communities that are stable, self-regulating, self-healing, and resilient • Assisting in the essential global recycling of water, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen - without expending fossil fuels. • Influencing the wind, temperature, humidity, precipitation, soil, and water and energy flow in ways often discovered only after the forests are cut, and these functions are reduced or lost • Maintaining high efficiency, low entropy processes: matter and energy are moved around as little as possible to minimize entropy (waste and disorder), information is moved around as much as possible to maximize synergy (efficiency and cooperation), to reduce entropy (waste and discord) • Providing energy for biosphere system maintenance and stability.

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    trees kinda suck... water up at -15 atmospheres.

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    im starting to see the bullshjt ur channel is made of after that gates vid

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    And now we see why all these idiots think carbon dioxide in the air is destroying our planet. They don't even know that trees are made of carbon. Unbelievable. You can't make this stuff up folks.

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    how are people so dumb i know that damn and iam 12

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    Xylem sucks

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    great video

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    It has water until you cut it, and if you dip it water fast enough in water, the bond is yet not broke! And you gasp clone a tree

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    Capillary action

  • Robert Hollon
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    Tube is more wide than the size of a straw

  • Robert Hollon
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    The tube is wider that you thought...

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    water % of fruits?

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    Are u saying if i plant more trees in my backyard i will become thin and lose weight?

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    I am the egg man They are the egg men I am the walrus Goo goo g'joob

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    8:47 --> "The energy is not matter." So what about E = m c^2 ? This is the famous mass - energy equivalence (-> special relativity)

  • Degenerate Deuterium

    Degenerate Deuterium

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    @Christof Bodendorf I understand that Energy and Mass are the same. Energy mass equivalence. I was just answering the question and energy-mass equivalence didn't seem to be relevant. This spacetime vortex idea seems interesting. But is dismissible for now. Quantum field theory and Quantum mechanics do better on a scientific basis, at describing particles. I just really wanted to specify, when answering, That matter is not energy. Or at the least, science indicates that matter is not energy. Of course, no one definitively knows what matter is beyond the scope of QFT or QM. So I chose to answer by saying that matter is a temporary state of the quantum fields. When he said the energy was not matter. He literally meant that the energy was not from matter. But from the Change* in chemical energy (eV/c² mass) of CO2 and also from the nuclear binding energy (MeV/c² mass) of the nuclei. And I guess from the net momentum and intrinsic mass of the individual electrons. But what is important to note, is the Change! Of these factors. All of these factors contribute to the mass of CO2. CO2 formation releases a lot of energy, as CO2 is thermodynamically favourable. CO2 with other reactants then receive light energy and go through a complex chemical procedure, to form glucose. Glucose is high energy because it stores energy in its covalent bonds which have many possibilities of forming different bonds. Glucose polymers like cellulose, like lignin, hold high energies because of these covalent bonds. And of course. Energy is mass.

  • Christof Bodendorf

    Christof Bodendorf

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    @Degenerate Deuterium Well, I guess you are talking about a qumantim-electromecanical point of view. From the view point of the general relativity, some people think of an elementary particle as vortex of the Spacetime. Actually it is a quite intuitive imagination and I like it, but it is not a finished physical theory. However, my point is that Energy and Mass are *one and the same* property of matter. They are simply linked by the universal constant c^2. We could remove one of them from physics and theoretical physicists sometimes do this by setting c=1. Now, coming back to the topic of the video: Where does the mass of trees come from? In the Vertasium video we learn, it is basically the CO2 from air. And I agree that this is the mayor part. But the tree contains energy. You can burn it. And this is energy from the sun and it is certainly associated with mass. So a (probably quite small) part of the mass-increase of the tree origins from sun energy. The same is true for all fossil energy like petroleum. This is - from a physical point of view - a fundamental contribution. That's why I wanted to point it out, especially because the video denies it. However, it is probably a quite small part. But: some sun energy ends up on the earth - and increases its mass :-). (I am aware that there are other effects which are larger.)

  • Degenerate Deuterium

    Degenerate Deuterium

    3 muaj më parë

    Energy and Mass are a property of their matter. None of those two former are matter. Matter is just multiple perturbations (particles) in a range of quantum fields, that bond together for metastability, that eventually decay (On the scale of trillions of centuries to dozens of miliseconds, it really depends). Matter is just a temporary symptom of the universes quantum fields seeking stability. Energy and mass are examples of fundamental properties of matter.

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    I'm predicting 1:50 that, its a non problem, because the tree stores water in itself in increments so its really dozens of straws not a single straw. Like, the straw sucks into a 1 way bowl, which another straw sucks out of that bowl instead of from the ground.

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    Damn, I was in suspense the whole video wondering how the title was at all relevant to the content, but I mean... THEY’RE STEALING OUR MASS

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    Sometimes bubbles do form, and trees get embolisms! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xylem#Main_function_%E2%80%93_upwards_water_transport

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    tree donation still a thing? i’m down

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    I didn't realize Veritasium was a Whitecaps supporter.

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    trees don't need planting. they need people not cutting.

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    1:59 capillary action. (i left school in 1972). oh well. :( 9:15 oh well, here we go again. nitrogen. huh, i'm done with agriculture. :))

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    I like how in the thumbnail, he just smiles. As if he was secretly working for the trees to rule the world.

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    'you're becoming the tree' I prefer to look at it the other way around. THE TREE IS MADE OF PEOPLE!!

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    wait how are trees out to get me again tho

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    I'm always astonished how dumb people are. I told my great smart friend look at at that giant tree growing big from thin air and I meant it. He looked at me as I was crazy.

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    yeah like do they not know photosynthesis

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    Just awesome content, your enthusiasm, and the way you present it. You are the best !!

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    wish I wouldve known about you doing this.... I'm a nursery specialist I was waiting for you to talk about air bubbles!!! Keep in mind, if you buy a live (fresh cut) xmas tree, and it prematurely dies, i would say it 99% has air in the zylem tubes.... and you will see it more during periods of drought :) that is why it is very important to get them in water asap. Are you from florida??? my favorite trees in the whole world are banyan trees!!! I live in Pa :)

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    Start of the video: How do trees get water? End of the video: You are the tree

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    Not the worst fate to feed trees while alive/dead. xo

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    How many trees would it take in an enclosed environment to keep a human alive? Assuming of course food/water are a non-issue.

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    Our planet needs more trees plz do it once again Get it to 50 million trees Or even more

  • Paul Byrne
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    That's a really STUPID idea. When a tree grows it absorbs the carbon from CO2 and releases the O2 from CO2, we all know this. The problem is that people do not follow the carbon cycle, they just stop there. When the tree eventually dies (as they all do) it falls over and rots. Both bacteria and other life forms like Termites, consume the dead tree and all the CO2 goes back into the atmosphere. The termites also produce Methane which is 25x more or a Green House Gas as the original CO2. The result...the trees do absolutely nothing to mitigate CO2...got it now, good. STOP Planting Trees, unless you want to make furniture. If you want to know the real solution, look here >> althe.info/number/1muUm4Kla6KBo5k/video

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    You eat tree, and Tree eats you.

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    I am unsatisfied. So I know trees emit oxygen, so are they breaking the co2 bond, emitting the oxygen and using the carbon?

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    6:38 this bad boy can hold so much carbon in it

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    nope.. they take from u right.. but they also give you clean oxygen so... u are not getting smaller qz u give and trees are not getting taller qz they give..

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    It seems, since the tree gives off oxygen, we are “borrowed life.” Borrowing from trees then giving it back. No matter whether we are the tree or the animal, our most basic purpose is the physical growth of the earth. All the rest is fun and games! It’s ALL just blowing bubbles.

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    Dam people are stupid lol

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    For this scam?

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    Why they did not choose a project to plant let say 20,000,000 veggies instead and feed the world with it? are they not somehow like trees where they also need co2 to grow? Furthermore the rate of cycle form one seeds to a full mature organism would be faster. Maybe it is just another extreme, but something in between such as a much deeper algorithm which would take into account more than just trees would be maybe somehow much better.

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    I KNEW IT!!!

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    *Vietnam flashbacks intensify*

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    What's bit at the end about us getting smaller from losing C02?? He was kidding right? That is completely untrue lol

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    god how stupid all the people wre he asked where the trees mass comes from

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    so actually trees are breathing from dirt and backing the food in the sun all day long. Sweet.

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    So we are trees for trees?

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    trees are genius

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    American Republicans already think more CO2 and less O2 and trees is a good thing which is how they justify destroying everything they can for their limitless greed (fear). It's a disease.

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    How did natural selection create such a complex system like the tree?

    ATVER5 muaj më parë

    Dont worry, corona reduced all pollution so we have to plant 10 million trees

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    Wow that Video let me thinking new ;-) thank you

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    How large of a tree would you need to provide enough oxygen for a single person if they're in a closed system together? Edit: also, would the person put out enough co2 for the tree to survive, or would the growth of the tree consume the carbon and eventually suffocate it?

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    Wow, only at the very end it was revealed why trees are out to get us. Brilliantly done.

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    "i will never look at trees the same way again" looks at tree in the same way he did before

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