Bugha - Stories from the Battle Bus

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Follow the journey of the first ever Solo Fortnite World Cup Winner, Bugha, as he relives the moments leading up to his most important Victory Royale.
Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.
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    CoriinnOrë më parë

    7:55 he wearing a mask in july 2019....

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    Śhaunak ChasiaOrë më parë

    If my parents lets me play that much i would really pop off ngl

  • Sunnybois Stuff
    Sunnybois Stuff2 orë më parë

    You forgot 1 thing he is a clout chaser

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    The real piece control Kyle

  • Poseidon
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  • Johnpaul Imperial
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    bugha before: i never ride a train ever bugha after: i can now ride any train

  • Lioneerz
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    Watching this just makes me better.

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    I play on switch😆

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    يرجال نوب

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    Fortnite imy epic is Asteroidaur

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    Tax were just like tell them to bring my money 😉😂

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    Bugha is the best

  • Ruhid Hakimk
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    7:46 Megga: this is sick its like a tennis thingy lol

  • M.O.M.O
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    can you spell your first name ? yes of course MOTHAZ

  • Luke Sharp
    Luke Sharp16 orë më parë

    Parents: who’s the one who pays for this family! Bugha: who’s the one who won 3 million dollars, not u

  • Joshua Delosreyes
    Joshua Delosreyes16 orë më parë

    a game called Fortnite changed a boy's life

  • Fadel GHRIB
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    gg bugha

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    The start feels like a movie trailer

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    make him a skin already

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    Oh my he confonet

  • crystal n1ko
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    Mongraal - Stories from the controlla playa

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  • The Puma!!!
    The Puma!!!22 orë më parë

    bugha goes outside in the video me: bugha hasn't been outside for 2 years

  • Chunkee
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    6:14 FaZe mongraal - stories from the earthquakes

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  • Bhavish Y(Student)
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    How good is the stadium’s WiFi, oh gosh

  • Saucy Ketchup

    Saucy Ketchup

    13 orë më parë

    They all probably had ether but still a lot of routers like geez it probly cost epic 3 mil to setup that

  • Max Bethell
    Max BethellDitë më parë

    15:11 The guy in the backround When they ask you if you're fine and you have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine

  • Max Bethell
    Max BethellDitë më parë

    YOu CaNT maKe MoNey FRoM VidEo GaMEs Bugha: hold my red bull

  • OR-3O
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    Let's just say R.I.P electricity in 2019 ._.

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    Already over 1 year ago😔🥺

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    Bug has is so belseed

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    bugha is the legend 🙃🙂

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    Coment if you want a mother world cup

  • MXlO Nitro
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    this is amazing from now on i am going to try to be pro maybe even in the world cup i just have to keep grinding ur my favorite fortnite player bugha

  • Cloudyy YT
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    Guess life is just epic when your a winner

  • Looty
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    ahhh thats the life

  • TheBigidiot13
    TheBigidiot13Ditë më parë

    That line From CourageJD "There is no way anyone beats him!" is probably one of the most memorable quotes in Fortnite History.

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  • Gen tecci
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    Bucquoy its te Nets in te Wolter aj woont skin

    ADITYA BHANDARIDitë më parë


  • Millo brics
    Millo bricsDitë më parë

    is mi vigest dream

  • Millo brics
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    helo i want a 1v1 with bugha can you help me to do it im of mexico mi id is berminglio plese help me to do it thanks

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    the simpsons springfield??

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  • bugha. yt
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    How did Buddha win is it because he's the best player in the world

  • bugha. yt

    bugha. yt

    Ditë më parë

    You're the best player

  • antonio perez falcon
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    the video is like

  • GKid Vids
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    21:23 How I feel winning a solo arena game

  • Djordje Stefanovic
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    bugha fortnite king

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    Who is watching this before they go to sleep or hop on the game.

  • Sam Garbo
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    Just goes to show what you can achieve when you work hard for something

  • HypeN1ke
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    Anyone here 2021?

  • Jack Fuller
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    Fortnite bring back pumps and stop what your doing with makeing people not have there own maps stop it now

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    want to be like him one day

  • dum huve
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    what a legend

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    One of the best documentary in the world!

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    I feel bad for the person next to mongraal 6:14

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    My feet are planted in PA right now. I WANNA MEET HIM IRL ASDFHJFGDFGJHDFJGHKJKH

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    Someone I have added killed him twice

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    Mr.Hughy ..... rip my boy. Getting flamed in a vid wit 19 mil views 0:40

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    I wish my parents were like that

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    too long for this prick

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    Bugha needs his own skin

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    Can we all appreciate that there are no ads on this video

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    piece control kyle

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    your literally dog water

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    can we appreciate how well-edited this video is

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    its so bad lmfao

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    Why does he do not have a skin of him self yet?

  • FaZe_ cCwEt
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    que alquien español me confirme que bugha es mas alto que su madre

  • John Vanko
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    How would someone spend their whole life just playing video games, you would become super unhealthy!

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    amazing pls do bugha battle bus

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    this legend made me cryy):

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    I love BUGHA

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    whos watching in 2021 (like if you are)

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    I wish my family was like this

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    All made possible by Ninja Gaming sponsored by Ninja

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    You have been good since u started playing fortnite your cracked buaga

  • Saliha Riyas
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    Bruh,epic games knew he was going to win because they took bugha’s family to get closer so they can come on stage

  • op dark abd FN
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    I. m like buhga

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    The first time I saw buga I wanted to be like him

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    BUGHA!!1 YES

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    I am on right now trying to be like my hero

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    Bugha Is the best Love him and I support him 2021 is he’s year

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    6:02 anyone recognized the big clix over there?

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    “Yeah it’s lit, it’s like the tennis thingy” quote of the year by Megga

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    Everyone nervous Mongral LAZARD LAZARD

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    Bugha deserves it the most he’s the most humble

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    The aberrant coach spontaneously muddle because grasshopper regionally return apud a therapeutic orchid. black-and-white, actually beautician

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