$1,000 vs $10 DATE

After Chad Wild Clay made "EX-Girlfriend Battle Royale", Vy Qwaint created "Hottest Couple Challenge", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "Is Alie My VR Girlfriend?", Melvin is hosting a $1000 vs $10 date competition to see which couple can have the best date. With a twist! Two teams/couples. Daniel and Regina, Chad and Vy. The couples must do challenges as their date progresses. Which team will be able to complete all the challenges and have the best date? This may be Daniel and Regina's fanciest date yet, while Chad and Vy must find the joy in the slightly less fancy dinner choices. Spy Ninjas at home, vote below who you think had the best date! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog video in 2021!
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  • Norah Khadka
    Norah KhadkaDitë më parë

    Chy’s was amazing so I’m definitely going for that one! Congrats chy

  • Alina Montero
    Alina Montero16 orë më parë

    I am just glad that they’re having the time of their lives

  • Gloria Moschiano
    Gloria Moschiano

    Daniel and regena can't stop laughing lol

  • Kelly Tucker
    Kelly Tucker14 ditë më parë

    Yes you guys have an amazing date

  • Yakee Hernandez
    Yakee Hernandez


  • chaddrick lyons
    chaddrick lyons21 orë më parë

    I love the way V and chat laughed

  • siimplyslush -Roblox youtuber
    siimplyslush -Roblox youtuber

    i really love the fact that chad and vy didnt care and still had fun

  • Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens

    I love when rankled kissed on new year’s eve

  • Zandra_Zahil
    Zandra_Zahil7 orë më parë

    Great dares melvin!

  • Aina Hope Avendaño
    Aina Hope Avendaño21 ditë më parë

    I vote for both of them!!!

  • Shanel Gordon
    Shanel Gordon

    i like when everyone was clapping like Daniel proposed to Regina at there 1,000 date

  • Dilaver singh Bains
    Dilaver singh Bains28 ditë më parë

    I vote for vy and chad they are a cute couple.

  • PlutoRobloxx

    I liked chy's date it was so cute and awesome they will be together forever!

  • Zandra_Zahil
    Zandra_Zahil9 orë më parë

    Team chy had fun but team raniel definitely got more embarrassed!

  • Tonya Britton
    Tonya Britton4 orë më parë

    I always watch your videos and I love your personalities

  • Josh Stevens
    Josh Stevens4 orë më parë

    I vote team chy; even if you have $ 10 you still had lots of fun

  • Lakshmi Pai
    Lakshmi Pai

    I vote team chy!! Congratulations sweethearts! !

  • Viviana Zepeda
    Viviana Zepeda4 orë më parë

    i pick chad and vy. love you guyx


    I’m excited for the video Chad! You and Vy are a great couple! ❤️

  • Samantha Raver
    Samantha Raver

    I love the challenge of being a huge fan of all of your videos