Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens, Big Ben is better than Lamar - Stephen A claim | FIRST TAKE


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens, Big Ben is better than Lamar - Stephen A claim | FIRST TAKE


  • Marcos Medrano
    Marcos MedranoMuaj më parë

    Glad they dont have reed n lewis...sheez

  • Bill Wright
    Bill WrightMuaj më parë

    Probably the only 10-0 team in recent history that can legitimately play with the "no respect" chip on their shoulder. It's the best of both worlds so keep on doubting them.

  • Chase’s Swag channel
    Chase’s Swag channelMuaj më parë

    So he’s trying to tell me Tom Brady is playing better than Big Ben his season no way not this season

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike MurphyMuaj më parë

    Why dont you play a team with a winning record

  • Nick Kulessza
    Nick KulesszaMuaj më parë

    I had a feeling Lamar wouldn't be a 15 year franchise QB. League always catches up. He needs a new O co. They made a Offense suited for his play that the league never seen before he won an MVP and ran into a team that figured him out now league wide they figured out that offensive. He doesn't throw outside the numbers. He has the arm, needs a playmaker to make up for his inaccuracies

  • Fred Leeland
    Fred LeelandMuaj më parë

    Why do we need to compare? SAS needs to quit talking

  • Carlos Gonzales
    Carlos GonzalesMuaj më parë

    Kellerman is smoking crack! Tyler Murray over Big Ben?

  • Derek
    DerekMuaj më parë

    Ben's 10-0 but he's not a top 5 quarterback. Okkkkkkaaaaayyyyyy...

  • Gary Wease
    Gary WeaseMuaj më parë

    SAS not going to talk about the billion drops my Ravens have had this year?? A few weeks ago we lost because Andrews, Brown had several perfect balls thrown to them dropped that would have swung the momentum but no we had 10 drops in 2 quarters that would have led to big plays and touchdowns

  • Matthew Mack
    Matthew MackMuaj më parë

    5:48 lmao you sure about that?

  • Kuruz1968
    Kuruz1968Muaj më parë

    what a pud. it's about wins. disrespectful little mouse.

  • Kuruz1968
    Kuruz1968Muaj më parë

    so, let Pitt neat there asses already....Ravens players, respect...Crybaugh the coach pos.

  • Polo BoyEli
    Polo BoyEliMuaj më parë

    Wtf is max talking about ben forsure is a top 5 qb . How tf you put kyler over ben 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Brees over ben doesn't sound right either

  • FarFloydd
    FarFloyddMuaj më parë

    I mean is the man wrong tho 🤷‍♂️ The Ravens got no one except Ingram and Jackson, and Mark Andrews stay dropping touchdowns passes....Jackson barley got any rushing yards last game. Sorry If you think the ravens are better.

  • JacksTip
    JacksTipMuaj më parë

    You all Steelers homers want Steven to be a homer. QQ

  • Ricardo Garcia Aburto
    Ricardo Garcia AburtoMuaj më parë

    They even move the schedule... They really want to push Jackson. He has been a bust half of the season.

  • Ca Perry
    Ca PerryMuaj më parë

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  • Chris Weaver
    Chris WeaverMuaj më parë

    Why I’m the fuck is Brady in the top 5. He’s ass

  • gracin consuelo
    gracin consueloMuaj më parë

    Lamar got the rona

    LETS COME TOGETHERMuaj më parë

    LaMar is just a modern day Mike Vic... They already figured him out and he can't make far hash throws...

  • Joesph Rendon
    Joesph RendonMuaj më parë

    U really don't have to hear it from Steven A who's better than who..you know the answer to that..big Ben is a two time Superbowl champion..while Lamar..well..u know the answer..

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    Big ben is a hall of famer watch its a no brainer

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    I would have him at 4 right now easy maybe better

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    If hes ask to throw 500 yards he can

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    Wow big bens easy a top 5

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    And almost a second loose to them the chiefs better hope they dont run into las vegas raiders in the playoffs

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    Didnt the chiefs loose to a 500 team las vegas raiders

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    They gave all the money to lamar with no funds they will get worse i rank pitt. Nimber 1 but they still get over looked some idiots says chiefs are number 1

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    For real is baltimore getting worse

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    Lamar got paid some tomes people change

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    What a way to go out undefeated

  • Roberdsfarms Roberds
    Roberdsfarms RoberdsMuaj më parë

    Of course ben is way better than lamar whos has superbowls

  • M N
    M NMuaj më parë

    The Ravens are a simple team that cant adapt to a league that figured them out. Really a huge drop from last season. Shitty. But hey thats what happens when your qb is passing for under 200 yards a game. Have fun Ravens fans now. Its only gonna get worse. My prediction is Jackson is a backup qb in 2 and a half years. He CANT or WONT THROW outside the numbers.

  • Con Martys
    Con MartysMuaj më parë

    Whatever Max Kellerman says, he could be talking about ice cream flavors, he is probably wrong and sounds dumb saying it

  • Anthony M
    Anthony MMuaj më parë

    Kellerman saying ben isnt top 5 shows how little he knows about football. Go back to boxing moron

  • Ronana Banana
    Ronana BananaMuaj më parë

    Honestly if your excuse for the steelers being"soo good" is because they have "an easy schedule" Honestly stop. Stop watching football, we got our bye taken from us played the titans and ravwns in 2 weeks... and we are the one who is trash Baltimore lost to the titans who we beat, we also beat Baltimore! So think again when the steelers have areas schedule"

  • Mahome_boy 15
    Mahome_boy 15Muaj më parë

    Ravens win this easy

  • Dominic Miller
    Dominic MillerMuaj më parë

    Stephen a right😂😂😂we don’t know who we are and thats real

  • Cedric Holt
    Cedric HoltMuaj më parë

    Ravens will win the rest of there games and we going to Superbowl

  • Jeff
    JeffMuaj më parë

    Lol Max put Kyler Murray above Ben. Yeah how about who you want leading team in playoffs???

  • Justin Walters
    Justin WaltersMuaj më parë

    He isn’t a Steelers fan why? Because he isn’t an obnoxious entitled fan like y’all are? What’s wrong...he doesn’t crown them Super Bowl champs after every win and say everyone needs fired after every loss like y’all do? Morons

  • Eric B Dailey
    Eric B DaileyMuaj më parë

    When Ben is gone, we will see the hole he leaves. It will be enormous and full of great memories! Thanks Ben, I love you brother.

  • Rfranklinz45


    Muaj më parë

    We already got a preview last year. We sucked without him

  • JA. Sr.
    JA. Sr.Muaj më parë

    Stephen racist smith. Big ben should spit on him if he ever sees him. To put ben in conversation with this looser jackson is a racist action. He can't pass or think fast enough to read coverages and Ben is a hall of famer period. No racist from espn is changing that period. F.ck stephen racist smith

  • Haman David
    Haman DavidMuaj më parë

    If I recall Ravens ran up and down the field against them Steelers a few weeks back. Ravens beat themselves that game. Just as I have seen the Steelers do numerous times in this rivalry. End of the day between these two teams it really doesn’t matter what the records are. Let’s be real everyone. Steelers we’re definitely happy that Dobbins will be out due to COVID.

  • Bill Blair
    Bill BlairMuaj më parë

    People don’t know crap about football.

  • The Coder
    The CoderMuaj më parë

    0:46 I don't need anymore my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Dwayne Spaulding
    Dwayne SpauldingMuaj më parë

    Max Kellerman is an idiot really going to put Kyler Murray over two time Super Bowl champion Roethlisberger pitiful

  • Martin Sanders
    Martin SandersMuaj më parë

    First thing to recognize is that the FDA/CDC hasn’t Isolated or identified what they erroneously claim as Positive or Negative Covid Project Test Results www.fda.gov/media/134922/download Page 39

  • HughMungus83
    HughMungus83Muaj më parë

    Where’s Ryan Clark when you need him.

  • D. Lockridge
    D. LockridgeMuaj më parë

    STEELERS!!!🖤💛🖤💛❕❕We will sweep them ratbirds this season. T.G day is the day we win our division. AFC North here we come!

  • D. Lockridge

    D. Lockridge

    Muaj më parë

    @Tommy TheOne call a spade a spade.

  • Tommy TheOne

    Tommy TheOne

    Muaj më parë

    "ratbirds" Overused and Unfunny. Try again

    Jason BENNARDINIMuaj më parë

    Sick of y’all hating on my boy Ben and my steelers show some respect !

  • Mild Chaos
    Mild ChaosMuaj më parë

    Ravens have to win this game. 6-5 is unacceptable for the team that was seen as the best before the season started

  • Moderngrae Productions

    Moderngrae Productions

    Muaj më parë

    althe.info/number/nZWad5Vshp9-abI/video I make funny weird football highlights

  • Madison Croom
    Madison CroomMuaj më parë

    Explain to me how the expectations are so high for a guy that was the last quarter back picked in the first round who they had to trade up for lol who experts said wasn’t a quarterback to begin with he already exceeded expectations taking over a 4-5 team with no starter reps and going 7-1 only loss was to the chiefs in overtime Lamar never touched the field who buy the way end up winning the Super Bowl then he goes 14-2 in first full season mvp led league in touchdowns 1200 rushing yards once again 31rst pick in first round exceeded expectations again 2 division titles in a row Big Ben was at home watching even the year before he got hurt all the qbs took before Lamar except josh haven’t been to a playoff yet hasn’t been mentioned in a mvp conversation nothing but where’s the critics ??? Lol they Lamar couldn’t play the position but they called baker a god Rosen the next Brady Sam darnold Arron Rodgers even josh struggled his first couple years most of his touchdowns last year was runs no qb even Lamar had more designed runs and this coming from a bills fan plus he struggled with his accuracy I don’t see nobody calling him a running back lol baker and as the first pick all that talent since he been there no playoffs Lamar beat him in a head to head to get in the playoffs Rosen on his 3rd team Sam darnold suck he’s seeing ghost what’s there identity ??? Baker just won 2 games in a row where he struggled cause he got the best running backs in the league but they keep making excuses for him all I hear about every show is Lamar Lamar you no why cause they were so critical of him he proved them wrong so they prey on his downfall year in year out a blind man can see that

  • Haman David

    Haman David

    Muaj më parë

    What did experts say about Ben??? Hmmmmmm go back to sleep.

  • Haman David

    Haman David

    Muaj më parë

    Wait. What was Ben stats in that first Super Bowl win? Just wondering since according to Steelers fans he’s the next coming of god

  • Madison Croom
    Madison CroomMuaj më parë

    So let me get this straight Lamar take over a 4-5 team with the same weapons as flaco they was on there 3rd year with out making the playoffs he goes 7-1 only loss came from mahomes in overtime Lamar never touched the field make the playoffs after practicing with the 3rd team all year no reps with starters then he goes 14-2 in his first full season mvp after sitting out most of the 4th quarters led the league in touchdowns 1200 rushing yards he’s missing a hall of famer on his line no real threat at receiver but andrews and he’s the right end and he still has a winning record but some how all these haters criticize him all them rookies he did it with last year or second year players let’s talk lol I got time because he’s back to back division champ kept Pittsburg out the playoffs 2 years in a row even the year before Ben got hurt so miss me with that shit now Pitt haven’t a good season and the ravens need to find there identity lol

  • sons of liberty
    sons of libertyMuaj më parë

    You look at those td totals, ben has taken almost a whole game off total because they were winning.

  • sons of liberty
    sons of libertyMuaj më parë

    Steelers bring their A game, mahomes is going on his ass. These jags are stupid.

  • sons of liberty
    sons of libertyMuaj më parë

    Pt diff. 1st pit +124, kc +107, bal and no +79, next closest is 68, then it drops below 50. Yeah, Steelers aren't special, just keep telling them that.

  • sons of liberty
    sons of libertyMuaj më parë

    Steelers have been hurting. They lost their extra tackle and blocking te. This is why ben has had to throw so much. Ebron is horrible blocking, teams know this and yet Steelers still put up 30 a game.

  • mad max get the money
    mad max get the moneyMuaj më parë

    Let go steelers fuck the haters it's are year

  • - YeahForSure -
    - YeahForSure -Muaj më parë

    2 of Big Bens picks were last-minute-of-the-half bombs to the endzone and one of them was a laser that just bounced off the receiver's hands. He really only has 2 picks that were his fault.

  • - YeahForSure -
    - YeahForSure -Muaj më parë

    Max Kellerman you are an idiot. Only someone like you would put Kyler Murray over Big Ben. You are off your rocker.

  • gwill9
    gwill9Muaj më parë

    The media hates Ben,they wanna say the Steelers are winning because of their defense and ben is just managing the game like they use to say ,but the facts won't let them say it because last year proved the Steelers even with their number 1 defense was nothing without big ben.

  • Bruce Kirk Jr
    Bruce Kirk JrMuaj më parë

    Can we please quit opening up with Stephen A your Pittsburgh Steelers? They rnt his Steelers. All he does is bash them and he knows genuinely nothing about them.

  • Linda Vance
    Linda VanceMuaj më parë

    0:57 I can finally enjoy life thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • BlackSkipBayless
    BlackSkipBaylessMuaj më parë

    Ravens win by 10.

  • Moderngrae Productions

    Moderngrae Productions

    Muaj më parë


  • Bradley D
    Bradley DMuaj më parë

    Ben Roethlisberger has never had a losing season. He has four perfect passer rating games (tied for first with Peyton) , he has the best rookie season of all time, 2 Super Bowl championships, 3 AFC championships, a 5000 yard season, every Steelers QB record imaginable , and ranks top 10 in most QB stats. Yet every year you hear “journalists” talking about how he is the weakness of this team. The Steelers would be better without him etc etc. No QB has ever been so incredibly underrated as Big Ben.

  • Ihler Endito
    Ihler EnditoMuaj më parë

    These two dumbass' talk out they ass every week, month, and season. How are they the ones everyone believe?! Stfu.

  • Paul Gadson-Evans
    Paul Gadson-EvansMuaj më parë

    Bruh i just want to play the chiefs im so fucking sick of the disrespect!!!!!

  • radiant PB
    radiant PBMuaj më parë

    it’s official, max is an idiot

  • James Michael
    James MichaelMuaj më parë

    Stephan A. Father was a preacher? good look

  • Corey Colledge
    Corey ColledgeMuaj më parë

    I really hope the boys are watching this non sense before they play the rat birds. Kyler Murray better than big Ben HAHAHAHAHAH GTFOH

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike SchimmingerMuaj më parë

    This season...what are Maholmes numbers??? Stephan A....you are a joke. Go find another job troll.

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike SchimmingerMuaj më parë

    Ben doesn't have to be the best qb. Guess what we have an entire team behind him that believes in themselves.

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike SchimmingerMuaj më parë

    Stephan A....you make absolutely zero sense. You are on the Chiefs bandwagon because everyone else is. You claim to be a Steelers fan but you are no better than a Cowboys fan.

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike SchimmingerMuaj më parë

    Max spitting the truth!!

  • Mike Schimminger
    Mike SchimmingerMuaj më parë

    Didn't this turd just say how overrated the steelers were 12 hours ago? Stephan A...bandwagon jumper.

  • Timothy Melle
    Timothy MelleMuaj më parë

    Steven A I agree with you 💯 Pittsburgh fan and what you said this whole episode Was exactly how I feel about the team

  • Ellis Livsey
    Ellis LivseyMuaj më parë

    They act like the chiefs not comin down to the wire with teams they should beat 😂. “Steelers can bring their A game and still lose” yea ok 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ellis Livsey
    Ellis LivseyMuaj më parë

    Man let’s go crush them ravens

  • A7xfan forever
    A7xfan foreverMuaj më parë

    Steelers are gonna sweep the Ravens. Give big Ben credit man. Ravens are not gonna make the playoffs. Lol. I'm loving this season. No shitty ass Mondays after a loss. Love it.

  • jamah sassafras

    jamah sassafras

    Muaj më parë

    Not happening. Delusional

  • Joel Posner
    Joel PosnerMuaj më parë

    Titans are better

  • Ryan Gonzales
    Ryan GonzalesMuaj më parë

    Let’s go 16-0 don’t care bout none until we lose

  • Tommy TheOne

    Tommy TheOne

    Muaj më parë

    Not happening. try again.

  • Tommy TheOne

    Tommy TheOne

    Muaj më parë


  • Occams OX
    Occams OXMuaj më parë

    The Steelers are going to “remind” the whole turkey eating football watching nation just what Pittsburgh Steelers Football is. It’s ugly. But it’s beautiful. Football at its most complete.

  • jaime Steffen
    jaime SteffenMuaj më parë

    I wonder when the last time these guys won a super bowl was

  • Richard Butchko
    Richard ButchkoMuaj më parë

    Can a Steelers player ever get some respect in any category? Lol

  • Richard Butchko
    Richard ButchkoMuaj më parë

    Stephen A only cares about the Chiefs. This season it has already been proven they can be beaten.

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier HernandezMuaj më parë

    Stay humble Like Tomlin

  • Sheyenne Menard
    Sheyenne MenardMuaj më parë

    💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛 stairway to 7!!!

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan BrownMuaj më parë

    Watson is having such a sneaky good year considering his team is a dumpster fire. I'm disappointed Lamar didn't come into this season a better passer

  • kevin hoover
    kevin hooverMuaj më parë

    He just say Murray is better than Ben? GTFO

  • Adam S
    Adam SMuaj më parë

    Awesome. Stillers!!

  • Stolen Beard
    Stolen BeardMuaj më parë

    If you don't think Roethlisberger is and has been a top 5 quarterback his entire career you do not know a damn thing about football. Is a generational talent that the media doesn't recognize because he played at the same time as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. If you think Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson are better than Ben Roethlisberger you are delusional.

  • Nathaniel Singletary
    Nathaniel SingletaryMuaj më parë

    You forgetting Steven A the Ravens beat that stalls they ran the ball all day on Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh couldn't stop them Pittsburgh had an extra help Lamar Jackson turning the ball over

  • Josh Mcintyre
    Josh McintyreMuaj më parë

    Max Kellerman is the worst

  • Blue dreammz
    Blue dreammzMuaj më parë

    i will never stop saying this. LAMAR IS OVERRATED. im not even a steelers fan but its so true. he had 1 good season and then is now 6-4 and still cant throw the ball

  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan ReyesMuaj më parë

    After a sb win nikkas will still hate 😪 🙄 Fk em 🤷‍♂️stairway to 7 🙌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Glover King
    Glover KingMuaj më parë


  • MnCAlapati415
    MnCAlapati415Muaj më parë

    If SAS is a Steelers fan, then would stop putting KC ahead of them and also calling the Steelers overrated. C’MON MAAAN!!!.

  • Ellis Livsey

    Ellis Livsey

    Muaj më parë

    He did today

  • James MC
    James MCMuaj më parë


  • James MC

    James MC

    Muaj më parë


  • Tommy TheOne

    Tommy TheOne

    Muaj më parë


  • Mark Ellison
    Mark EllisonMuaj më parë

    Steven A. is not a Steelers fan! Let me tell you what's up! The Ravens are not the hard nosed team of the past. Harbaugh is a whiny clown! Indeed Harbaugh is what's wrong with the NFL! The Steelers will beat the Ravens convincingly! They struggled in Baltimore, they will dominate in Pittsburgh. Steelers 38, Ravens 3 that you can take to the bank. Here's why! The Ravens lost confidence in their system. Last year they caught a lot of teams off guard, this year, they were caught. Add in the Covid-19 problems, and they done! Stick a fork in them! They won't be able to run, and Lamar Jackson won't beat the Steelers through the air. This will be over 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter!

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