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Happy throwback Thursday!

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  • Issac Porattoor
    Issac PorattoorDitë më parë

    Did this vid get repeated??

    T R O P I C A L ART PAGAN2 ditë më parë


  • INDIAN Powerlifters
    INDIAN Powerlifters2 ditë më parë

    Dislikes are hidden 😬

  • InnerEagle
    InnerEagle3 ditë më parë

    Oh Green Lantern has powers when he wears a ring offering him powers? Just take his ring off. Done

  • Imprismed Alan
    Imprismed Alan6 ditë më parë

    "who are the superheroes that make them better than marvel, go" me: "dr manhattan"

  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku6 ditë më parë

    Why are you having the conversation? Fluffy, it’s a teen superpower

  • Red Langley02
    Red Langley027 ditë më parë

    Fluffy join the MCU.... except those days he needs go marvel movies or something like be on 3rd Deadpool movie?

  • status god
    status god7 ditë më parë

    Gabrial my dear fluffy please help me I just need a 100 dollar it's may be not too much for you guys but if I didn't return the money to the local goon he is going to beat me till my death and I am the only bread earner in my family you also have a son of my age and that's not how I want to end my and my families life please help sir

  • Hanskah
    Hanskah8 ditë më parë

    Fluffy: Batman is the creepiest superhero that has ever lived. Simon Dark: Am I a joke to you?

  • General Nickles
    General Nickles9 ditë më parë

    For real though, DC is so much better than Marvel. DC feels more like comic books characters are suppose to feel. Marvel feels like they're trying to hard to feel like comic book characters.

  • SouviK Das
    SouviK Das9 ditë më parë

    Dude I watched all of your vedios and I just wait for ur new vids daily but they are all the same. Just a new title and name but the same thing😔😔. Plzz release some new vedios which u haven't posted earlier.

  • Carlos Lugo
    Carlos Lugo10 ditë më parë

    descomunal ajajaajjajajajajajajajajaajajajaja no eh parado de reir

  • janet shepard
    janet shepard10 ditë më parë

    lampeeze light

  • goku
    goku10 ditë më parë

    I like Marvel More

  • EL Morningstar
    EL Morningstar10 ditë më parë

    Mexican joker.... where ive heard it before?

  • Pranav
    Pranav10 ditë më parë

    Fluffy my man you really went there huh.... Bruh its cool tbh i like both dc is good because of its lore and backstory and marvel is good because of how cool the characters are

  • Jeffrey Turner
    Jeffrey Turner11 ditë më parë

    Wish fluffy would get some new jokes but he just re-upload old jokes with a different title

  • Nova
    Nova12 ditë më parë

    I willl get hate but, why this is more than 1 DC person because superman can just do everything by himself so then they don't need the other people.

  • MadResonanceX
    MadResonanceX12 ditë më parë

    Is this a new marvel character confirmed, fluff man.

  • Dawn Collingwood
    Dawn Collingwood12 ditë më parë

    If someone gave me an opportunity to meet one famous person it would be Gabriel Iglesias

  • Zach L
    Zach L13 ditë më parë

    Ahah, I saw him do this joke in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada a few years ago, after he started ripping on DC, his wireless mic died, They had to give him his backup. The timing was perfect

  • Elisa Maria
    Elisa Maria13 ditë më parë

    Oh fluffy 😂😂😂 your jokes just never stop making me laugh to tears😂😂😂

  • M.L. Lee
    M.L. Lee13 ditë më parë

    Im Lucky. Im married. And i have not that problem. Im My own. Will.

  • Eddie Soria VA
    Eddie Soria VA13 ditë më parë

    Fluffy: "Batman is the creepiest Super Hero " Twitter: *Superman is the gayest Super Hero* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson13 ditë më parë

    Hilarious as always.

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  • noor shah
    noor shah13 ditë më parë

    Gabe, we gotta talk about your dad. You know have you ever went looking for him. Since he's a mariachi, he's a musician. Since he's a musician, he's probably well known. If so, you should start looking for him. Atleast know where he is or what happened to him. So when you pass on you won't feel an emptiness in you heart, so you won't feel that I never knew what happened to my father where he is or what he's doing. You figuring out his last name and see where's he's going to be preforming. Or any news about him.

  • Michelle Diaz
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  • Cillian Dinan
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  • xTrueAlphax
    xTrueAlphax 13 ditë më parë

    Batman is the best superhero better! DC is the Best.

  • mbradley c
    mbradley c14 ditë më parë

    Marvel is second rate.

  • PROfe$$OR.ТВ
    PROfe$$OR.ТВ14 ditë më parë

    Flash wears ring and has a power.

  • Jacob coates
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  • Brandished Nail H.O.G.
    Brandished Nail H.O.G.14 ditë më parë

    Wow...this comment section looms like a nerd bomb blew up in a code red mountain dew factory.

  • Reagan Doyle
    Reagan Doyle14 ditë më parë

    D.C. is still better though. BATMAN RULES!

  • Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith

    14 ditë më parë

    Don't go there bro

  • SunlightSpartan
    SunlightSpartan14 ditë më parë

    It'll probably happen at some point lol

  • Kokuutou92
    Kokuutou9214 ditë më parë

    Marvel has The Mandarin, who wears 10 rings on his fingers. Iron Man 3 had The Mandarin but that movie was trash. Shang Chi was a great movie but they turned the rings into superpowered slinkies. Fans just can't get what they want...

  • Luke T

    Luke T

    12 ditë më parë

    Prolly because it was a racist caricature even when he came out and there’s no way they’re gonna do a comic accurate version

  • DanVaverick
    DanVaverick14 ditë më parë

    "Batman is the creepiest superhero!" Of course he is! lol His whole drive is to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham City's criminals! He's my #1 DC Comics superhero

  • Hanskah


    8 ditë më parë

    There's a reason he prints money.

  • LTAssassin


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  • Rabbles the Binx Productions
    Rabbles the Binx Productions14 ditë më parë

    I'm definitely more of a DC fan than Marvel, but both are fine, in their own right. As an overall generalization, one could say that Marvel's characters are more relatable, with more realistic problems and foibles, while DC's characters are more idealized, they can't necessarily be related to all the time, but they can be aspired to be like. I may not be able to relate to Superman's day-to-day struggles, most of the time, because I can't really understand what it's like to be him, but I can _absolutely_ try to be as much like Clark Kent as I can be, be honest, always try to help out and do the right thing, stand up for people who need someone to stand up for them, etc. Not saying I succeed at being even a tenth as good of a person as the big, blue Boy Scout, but I do try to be as good as I can be because that's who I grew up idolizing. Same goes for Barry Allen, the second Flash: the man is incurably hopeful, even in the darkest of times, and he always tries to see the best in people. Batman is a symbol of what sheer determination, grit, and a shitload of money can do for you, if you also happen to be a trained ninja/supergenius detective. Admittedly a less achievable goal for most of us, but still, he fights with his brain more than his brawn, and that's actually a really cool selling point for a superhero. Hell, just look at Spider-Man. Half the reason we like Peter Parker is because he's a freaking genius scientist who has mastered seemingly every field. But I can definitely relate to a guy who feels duty-bound to do the right thing wherever he can but seems to have it constantly blow up in his face while he struggles to barely get by with his low-paying job and high cost of living, unlike the alien demigod, cop (ok, technically CSI), and billionaire psychopath. On the other hand, none of DC's heavy hitters ever SIGNED A DEAL WITH THE FUCKING DEVIL TO SAVE THEIR DYING, OLDER-THAN-DIRT AUNT THAT RETCONNED THEIR MARRIAGE AND FUTURE DAUGHTER OUT OF EXISTENCE. And that's why I don't read Spider-Man, anymore.

  • Sage
    Sage14 ditë më parë

    me, sitting here with my anime superhero characters: _guys, please don't fight_

  • Delta 456 Super
    Delta 456 Super14 ditë më parë

    See you in Rio Rancho tomorrow

  • kryos
    kryos14 ditë më parë

    me reading the title: HELL YEAH!!!

  • 2neilas
    2neilas14 ditë më parë

    True dat!

  • Leonardo Solis Munoz
    Leonardo Solis Munoz14 ditë më parë

    Gabriel Iglesias and I have something in common, we both like marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers. My only question is: does he like Jurassic Park/World like I do?

  • No Mercy Mashups
    No Mercy Mashups14 ditë më parë

    The fluffvengers. has a nice ring to it

  • Rufo Barriga
    Rufo Barriga14 ditë më parë

    Happy Throwback Thursday

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez14 ditë më parë

    Gets funnier every time I see that bit lol

  • muneeb waizie
    muneeb waizie14 ditë më parë

    Bruh the green lantern was a violation but its still fax

  • Heather BennettDoy-Jones
    Heather BennettDoy-Jones14 ditë më parë

    Batman is not a superhero! He has no super powers if anything he’s a vigilante Though I do like him and love DC but there both great

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    14 ditë më parë

    Actually, he might be a metahuman. Amanda Waller thinks he is, at least. And with all of the things he can do, I'm inclined to agree with her. I don't care HOW fucking rich and dedicated you are, there is no way you can master ninjutsu, kempo, judo, kung fu, krav maga, boxing, taekwondo, karate, jujitsu, muay thai, (insert literally every other martial art in existence, here), investigation, chemistry, forensics, engineering, programming, human biology, bite mark analysis, psychology, (insert about another thousand more scientific and pseudoscientific disciplines, here), at least _40 different languages,_ and military tactics, run a multibillion dollar international corporation, train a sidekick in all the shit I just mentioned, keep yourself in perfect shape, AND somehow still find time to pretend to be a billionaire playboy, all before the age of 25. Plus, for all of his bluster about being an "ordinary human", his strength, speed, endurance, and durability feats all seem to call that into question, since he seems to be stronger than the real world's strongest powerlifters, faster than our fastest sprinters, and WAY more durable than any human has any right to be.

  • Autum Breeze
    Autum Breeze14 ditë më parë

    "He wears a ring and the ring gives him power" Definitely one of the worst ways to describe Green Lantern to someone who has never heard of him before, especially if you're trying to convince them he's a good DC hero. It literally tells you nothing. No mention of the flight, instant universal translation, ability to breathe in space, travel at light speed, before even getting to the constructs they can form with the ring. Fabian really dropped the ball if he genuinely thought that empty description would win anyone over

  • Snorky Uzumaki

    Snorky Uzumaki

    7 ditë më parë

    Green lantern sucks

  • Cascade


    10 ditë më parë

    But still DC sucks

  • Kaylana Vithoulkas

    Kaylana Vithoulkas

    11 ditë më parë

    In the comics he’s even said that the ring can help you overcome trauma. He offered it to Batman one time and he politely declined by saying “not yet”

  • Jox Barros

    Jox Barros

    13 ditë më parë

    What's wrong? don't like the joke?

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    14 ditë më parë

    The very first thing you should be telling anyone unfamiliar with the DC universe: "Ok, before I start explaining things, you need to understand something: the DC multiverse is OP as fuck and about half of the Justice League would be multiversal-level threats, if they were to go rogue." Cuz, yeah, pretty much every earth-based Green Lantern is on a universal-to-multiversal scale. Hal Jordan, in particular, has been shown to be able to overpower both Ion and Parallax in base form and when possessed by the latter, he was literally able to destroy and restart the multiverse. And since Ion is roughly the same level of power as Parallax, that means Hal took on two multiversal beings, and won (I can't remember if it was at the same time, or if it was in two separate instances, but either way, Jordan is fucking _terrifying)._

  • Ren aka Sakana
    Ren aka Sakana14 ditë më parë

    Nailed it. Keep up the awesome work, Gabriel. And, take care. o/

  • Ability King KK
    Ability King KK14 ditë më parë

    Honestly surprised that Fluffy hasn't heard of Green Lantern, despite not being a DC fan. After the Trinity; Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Flash are probably the best known heroes from DC Comics.

  • Russell Jr.
    Russell Jr.14 ditë më parë

    Never gets old 😂

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas14 ditë më parë

    First skit of Fluffy that is just so F-ing wrong and really not all that funny.

  • GlennMorganFan
    GlennMorganFan14 ditë më parë

    Sorry Fluffy, but Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps are some of my FAVORITE characters.

  • KFH
    KFH14 ditë më parë

    bro when he got to the ring joke I had to watch it at least 100 times to get it. no joke

  • Michael Linden
    Michael Linden14 ditë më parë

    You don't know a man wearing a ring that give him power. Have you heard of the fantasy land named Middle Earth. Or like i say "CSI Mordor".

  • Mansur
    Mansur14 ditë më parë

    Marvel please take fluffy in a Marvel movie As Wong's friend 😘

  • Joshua Manriguez
    Joshua Manriguez14 ditë më parë

    Green Lantern is where I'd end the argument with some reality and also dunk on him with some Green Lantern trivia. You can be an adult and school a kid on comics at the same time.

  • Joshua Manriguez

    Joshua Manriguez

    12 ditë më parë

    @Rabbles the Binx Productions except it is accurate.

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    12 ditë më parë

    @Joshua Manriguez that's not accurate, though. A person's willpower doesn't affect a yellow ring's usability. Hell, half of the Sinestro Corps are former Green Lanterns. And Batman *has* used both green and yellow rings, in the past.

  • Joshua Manriguez

    Joshua Manriguez

    13 ditë më parë

    @Bunghole sorry I got ahead of myself. So the Larntern Corps are made from different emotions. Except the White Lanterns and Black Lantetns. Which aren't important but if you look into it further it comes up. The Green Lanterns are willpower. The Grern Lantetn rings seek out beings with strong willpower to become Green Lantetns and their functions are inhibited by fear, which power the Yellow Lantern rings. I am sorry for getting ahead of myself. If you're interested there is a video that breaks the Lantern Corps down done by Comic Drake. Simply put he talks about comics and his name is Drake.

  • Bunghole


    13 ditë më parë

    @Joshua Manriguez uhh... What... Im sorry your gonna have to explain that to me in a way I can understand😅

  • Joshua Manriguez

    Joshua Manriguez

    13 ditë më parë

    @Bunghole the Ring allows the Green Lantern channel willpower from the ring but it requires them to have an extremely strong will. Batman for example, if not for the fact that he uses fear so much could easily become a Green Lanyern but he can't become a Yellow Lantern because his willpower is so strong it effects the Yellow Lantern ring.

  • Bright Light
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  • Alek Rodriguez
    Alek Rodriguez14 ditë më parë

    Uh huh you got that right

  • Alek Rodriguez
    Alek Rodriguez14 ditë më parë

    I know right that would be freaking amazing 🤩

  • Skyflower 007
    Skyflower 00714 ditë më parë

    I'm a Marvel's fan I won't lie but Wonder woman is my Bish we could hang!

  • Grammy Bear
    Grammy Bear14 ditë më parë

    🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 68 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼 ❤️ 🎀 ❤️

  • MrTimelord77
    MrTimelord7714 ditë më parë

    Marvel lives up to its name. DC has the unfortunate shared name as a place of corruption, hence why the villains are so powerful and too many of the heroes fall short.

  • Calvino Santiago
    Calvino Santiago14 ditë më parë

    I mean Moonknight CREEPY ASF😂

  • RialVestro
    RialVestro14 ditë më parë

    To clarify... he's not talking about a wedding ring. The Green Lantern rings are magic rings made by an alien race that allow to the users to literally create anything they can imagine out of thin air. The Green Lanterns closet Marvel comics equivalent is Nova who gets his powers from a magic Helmet created by aliens but Nova's powers just lets him shoot some pretty generic energy blasts from his hands, he can't create energy constructs, literally anything he can imagine, the way Green Lanterns can.

  • RialVestro


    14 ditë më parë

    @marvelfan2012 Seriously? No I don't do anything seriously. lol Read it in the tone of Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

  • marvelfan2012


    14 ditë më parë

    You seriously didn’t just do this did you?

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera14 ditë më parë


  • Rigo “Mussel” Ramos
    Rigo “Mussel” Ramos14 ditë më parë

    What happened with fluffy bits?

  • C.M. Cameraman
    C.M. Cameraman14 ditë më parë

    Also to be fair the Mandarin wears a ring, ten if them in fact. & it gives him the power of the gods man. Put that in your kryptonite & shove it. That's right Fluffy I went there, come at me bro! Lol just kidding man, but i still had to make a point on a comic character. 😂

  • Lucien Death
    Lucien Death14 ditë më parë


  • John Gomillion
    John Gomillion14 ditë më parë

    I love your analogy of Green Lantern’s ring lmfao!!

  • C.M. Cameraman
    C.M. Cameraman14 ditë më parë

    Dark Horse is better! That's right I said it DH has Spawn, come at me!

  • Brandished Nail H.O.G.

    Brandished Nail H.O.G.

    14 ditë më parë

    I have always been a fan of image myself because of Pitt

  • Om3ga_mango
    Om3ga_mango14 ditë më parë

    I absolutly agree with him

  • Semirotta
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  • Seismic Shock
    Seismic Shock14 ditë më parë

    Tbh tho he kinda forgets there's 1 character in marvel that wears multiple rings of powers and that the iron man villain The Mandarin

  • Seismic Shock

    Seismic Shock

    14 ditë më parë

    @ARUN lol ik

  • ARUN


    14 ditë më parë

    He's just talking about wedding ring, he doesn't care about DC or Marvel 😂

  • Shamikh Anzak
    Shamikh Anzak14 ditë më parë

    The fluffvengers fluff man,captain fluff,fluff widow,the incredible fluff(hulk)and fluffeye

  • TheGillhicks
    TheGillhicks14 ditë më parë

    Can you please post the bit about the restaurant in Washington DC. I heard it once and LMFAO.

  • World Tree's Will
    World Tree's Will14 ditë më parë

    I feel like I've watched this before 🤔

  • Raman Rajput
    Raman Rajput14 ditë më parë

    Bharat a ja beta Ither dekhte tere ko

  • Basadog
    Basadog14 ditë më parë

    Oh, nuts!, I thought this was something new but is just repost again

  • Lucid ravens
    Lucid ravens14 ditë më parë

    Hello fluffy I made you this cat      />  フ      |  _  _ l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |

  • Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell
    Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell14 ditë më parë

    3:07 “I don’t know any man who wears a ring who has power.” Sauron: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • Eta Zeta

    Eta Zeta

    9 ditë më parë

    He DID start off as Morgoths bitch

  • MrTimelord77


    11 ditë më parë

    Your are the power and the ring is you in compact form.

  • Ronal So

    Ronal So

    11 ditë më parë

    You know how fast his finger got chopped off?!

  • Max Devo

    Max Devo

    14 ditë më parë

    Sauron was a malewife

  • Safwaan


    14 ditë më parë

    @Ermando Chavez literally any president

  • JOHN21
    JOHN2114 ditë më parë


  • ThiccChiss69
    ThiccChiss6914 ditë më parë

    Man shouldve appeared in Eternals instead of Harry Styles

  • Godzilla Stop motion
    Godzilla Stop motion14 ditë më parë

    “DC better” 🤓

  • Seth Carlow
    Seth Carlow14 ditë më parë

    We need a cartoon crossover of DC and Marvel movie, Disney and Warner Brothers make it happen. And happy 93 years old to both Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  • Firith


    14 ditë më parë

    There's been a few cross-over comics that happened. They're an interesting read as two gods pick sides and pit them against each other (or something similar) and there was a comic where Spider-Man tried to join the Justice League, etcetera.

  • kevin10001


    14 ditë më parë

    That wouldn’t happen cause the tones are to different Disney ruined the franchise going all in on the humor and action instead of making the plot be the focus of the movie the Sony and fox marvel franchises would work better cause they did it right by timing the humor better where it doesn’t undercut serous moments in my opinion what makes dc work better is they understand the characters and the material being adapted like Sony does and fox did even though fox used the ultimate x-men instead of the 616 x-men they understand the material until the first class point in the franchise

  • Om3ga_mango


    14 ditë më parë

    Heck no

  • Aryan Kulkarni
    Aryan Kulkarni14 ditë më parë

    Both are nonsense

  • Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    Kryo: Ruler of the Ninth Circle of Hell

    14 ditë më parë

    I’m guessing you’re not a fan of comics.

  • Elisha Ball
    Elisha Ball14 ditë më parë

    Marvel is still better

  • Srikanta kumar Panda
    Srikanta kumar Panda14 ditë më parë

    Marvel is the best😎

  • Redtail feathermain
    Redtail feathermain14 ditë më parë

    Here is a little something to chew on my big problem with some of dc character is this in injustice superman gone from good to bad wander women is ok but her pride tends to make her blind and batman well tony stark is able to take care of him if not him thor will but I'm sure tony is capable

  • Yōkai Gypsy
    Yōkai Gypsy14 ditë më parë

    I don't remember being subscribed to this channel?

  • Quan Gomez
    Quan Gomez14 ditë më parë

    Forever Marvel DC yeah it was good for like the 80s and 90s half of like the 2000's they've run out of ideas so like DC just go off

  • Gunkar Singh
    Gunkar Singh14 ditë më parë

    DC has better comics but marvel has better movies

  • MistaJ2002


    14 ditë më parë

    *Laughs in The Dark Knight trilogy, Watchmen, V for Vandetta, Zack Snyder's Justice League*

  • 𝐑𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞_𝐏𝐮𝐭𝐫𝐚
    𝐑𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞_𝐏𝐮𝐭𝐫𝐚14 ditë më parë

    Batman mexican guy lol in the day🤣

  • James Dutton
    James Dutton14 ditë më parë

    I am with you 100% my fluffy homie. DC is always been so dark. People want to say DC was out first. But the person that inspired Superman was someone long before Superman and his name was Edward Rice Burroughs. The princess of Mars. It is a story of John Carter.

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Rabbles the Binx Productions

    14 ditë më parë

    @RialVestro I'm more stuck on the "[has] always been so dark" bit, myself. Like, really? Compared to the company that literally made its bread-and-butter dark, edgy antiheroes throughout the '90s? The company that gave us Superman and Wonder Woman is darker than the one that gave us the freaking Punisher and Deadpool? Even Steve fucking Rogers is edgier than Clark Kent and he's the biggest boy scout in the entire Marvel lineup. Even the times that they ripped each other off show that, Aquaman is way less of a dickweed than Namor, the X-Men were edgier and more "adult" than the Doom Patrol, even Lobo, a character created specifically to parody Marvel's obsession with gruff edgelords, is just plain goofy, most of the time. With the exception of Batman comics and the New 52, DC comics have always been brighter and more cheery than Marvel's more relatable, down-to-earth heroes with struggles that mimic real-world problems, like dealing with bigotry and prejudice, or not being able to afford rent because your job pays you like shit. Or alcoholism (although, to be fair, Roy Harper is a heroin addict, so...).

  • RialVestro


    14 ditë më parë

    What the heck are you talking about? First of all there's no one named Edward Rice Burroughs. I tried to look it up and it gave me Edgar Rice Burroughs. Secondly the Princess of Mars was originally a book that Edgar adapted for film, that wasn't even the original version and it has JACK ALL to do with Superman. It looks more like the inspiration for He-Man Guardians of the Universe to me. Finally even if Superman was inspired by something else before it, Superman itself is still the first original SUPER HERO comic book. As others have already pointed out in this thread Superman was actually inspired by real live circus strong men at the time does that make circus performers the first super heroes? Do they have any actual powers beyond actual real human capabilities? No. Do they have secret identities? No. Do they go around saving people and fighting super villains? No. Just because one thing inspires another doesn't make them the same thing. Superman is the first property that defined what a super hero was the concept didn't even exist before him. There were just heroes not SUPER heroes.

  • kevin10001


    14 ditë më parë

    That’s not even true from anything I have heard about Superman I have never heard that jerry siegel and joe shuster where inspired by John carter but I have heard there was some inspiration from the strongmen from the circus cause his outfit originally was a strongman type outfit instead of the suit we all know him to have and outside of the crucifix Superman’s symbol has been reported as the most recognized throughout the world

  • James R

    James R

    14 ditë më parë

    John Carter wasnt even the first... John Carter..JC? JESUS CHRIST? Its called a meta-story dude. They are meta-characters. Theyre all the ideal person.

  • Gunkar Singh

    Gunkar Singh

    14 ditë më parë

    That's not even remotely true

  • Mingyulovely
    Mingyulovely14 ditë më parë

    I love your videos😂 u always make me laugh

  • Cynthia Trevino
    Cynthia Trevino14 ditë më parë

    That was a good one 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katachi Garasu
    Katachi Garasu14 ditë më parë

    I've always liked Green Lantern, I knew he wasn't the strongest, but he was the coolest. Anything he could think of, he could manifest with enough will power. That's why he is so cool! I resonatef with him because of my huge creativity

  • NyX JaçkSoñ
    NyX JaçkSoñ14 ditë më parë

    I want fluffy to appear in a Marvel movies ❤️🔥

  • InnerEagle


    3 ditë më parë

    I'll make it happen.

  • TheReal Regio82

    TheReal Regio82

    8 ditë më parë

    He could be a replacement for Happy Hogan. Or His Brother

  • Harsh Garg

    Harsh Garg

    10 ditë më parë

    Taco man

  • Corky Wplayz

    Corky Wplayz

    11 ditë më parë

    The new hulk

  • Calvy Schoen

    Calvy Schoen

    11 ditë më parë


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