Randy Pobst's DISASTROUS Tesla crash at Pikes Peak

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  • victor forzani
    victor forzani7 orë më parë

    they told you and you think you knew better and now you do a Hillary Clinton excuse so you owned just like you did..

  • Andrew Devall
    Andrew Devall15 orë më parë

    How many times has he sent it off the side of that hill? I initially thought this would be the GT-R crash

  • Rob Venom
    Rob VenomDitë më parë

    I know that exact spot, climbed the mountain to the peak in a thunderstorm and it was a dream being there

  • Pierre
    PierreDitë më parë

    Anyone else going to mention how badass that Tesla looks in widebody!!

  • SuperGamingGamerHyper KEG
    SuperGamingGamerHyper KEG2 ditë më parë

    On fellow up if their big bump just do drive over the bump coming into the turn and is not rally suspension for well big bumps.

  • SuperGamingGamerHyper KEG
    SuperGamingGamerHyper KEG2 ditë më parë

    The lesson never skip pike pikes per -practice and in an unknown car that never been up, there is not just Amustar move but notice.

  • Wayne Printup
    Wayne Printup3 ditë më parë

    Needed more Red Bull

  • georgschenkfilm
    georgschenkfilm3 ditë më parë

    Damn it, the story is dramatic enough. Really no need for zooming in on the still images. Just show them full size

  • Gregor P
    Gregor P3 ditë më parë

    Anyone know where the crash is?

  • Geno Tamayo
    Geno Tamayo4 ditë më parë

    Can he drive or what? I habe only watched 2 pikes peak Hill videos and he has crashed both times....

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner5 ditë më parë

    Randy Pobst is hired because he drives on the edge and is very quick. He survives crashes because he drives cars with excellent safety cages. In this crash I wonder why the steering hesitated when he was trying to counter the secondary skid. That is not a driver issue. It is a car issue. They better look into that.

  • Kalle Sundqvist
    Kalle Sundqvist6 ditë më parë


  • Kalle Sundqvist
    Kalle Sundqvist6 ditë më parë


  • Import Domestic
    Import Domestic6 ditë më parë

    Considering that was a Tesla model three that Randy Popes was driving where is the video from the century mode system? Now we could have a very entertaining video of Randy Popes verifying what happen.

  • Anthony Villani
    Anthony Villani6 ditë më parë

    Randy is a national treasure

  • heavy metal redneck
    heavy metal redneck7 ditë më parë

    Do you think that maybe you should have put a few ads in the video? Wow ALthe has went to complete shit because of greedy people ruining their videos with constant interruptions and these same people will be wondering why people all dumped ALthe.

  • G Gregory
    G Gregory7 ditë më parë

    Always fun to see Randy.....

  • Psychedelic Autopilot
    Psychedelic Autopilot7 ditë më parë

    Track mode kills stability

  • gravityhammer25
    gravityhammer2510 ditë më parë

    Better to go to the left there than the right.... the right was like a CLIFF lol.

  • Jeffrey Segal
    Jeffrey Segal10 ditë më parë

    Why is it that the most exciting events are usually the most boring storytellings?

  • Bradford Ramm
    Bradford Ramm10 ditë më parë

    They better get the wreck out before the green weenies complain about the place being turned into an appliance junkyard

  • HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
    HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_10 ditë më parë

    Umm damn...believe this is the 2nd or 3rd time Randy has wrecked someelses car on the Pike. Just saying...

  • abdul basith
    abdul basith11 ditë më parë

    A race car driver literally just said tesla runs better than a normal car in almost every aspect 🔥

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V12 ditë më parë

    Dang 68 MPH And your going sideways

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V12 ditë më parë

    Definitely does sound like a hail storm

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V12 ditë më parë

    I wish I can go to pikes peak

  • Eddie V
    Eddie V12 ditë më parë

    Randy I miss seeing you on Head 2 Head on ALthe on motor trend.

  • Bitterrootbackroads
    Bitterrootbackroads12 ditë më parë

    15 minutes to tell a 2 minute story, drama, drama, drama, no thanks!

  • IsThisLeftUnity?
    IsThisLeftUnity?12 ditë më parë

    Wait, Randy has raced pike's 6 times and we know he drove that car into the runoff pond so are you telling me he has a 33% accident rate on Pikes?

  • Bill Cummings
    Bill Cummings13 ditë më parë

    How far into this fifteen and a half minutes video will this guy leave preamble and get to the damn point? (How about a time stamp?)

  • cresbydotcom
    cresbydotcom14 ditë më parë

    I thought the red car featured on Now You Know was faster up the peak, and a lot less modified.

  • PROcrastiDRIVE SV
    PROcrastiDRIVE SV14 ditë më parë

    An AWD high powered electric car on super wide slicks with stiff suspension, can totally understand how this could've happened. Watching the footage back looked like it didn't even want any counter, maybe just power out of it. In a RWD petrol car that could easily just have become a powerslide, but with AWD and slicks and instant electric torque... sheesh when that thing snaps God help you.

  • PROcrastiDRIVE SV
    PROcrastiDRIVE SV14 ditë më parë

    Thank you Randy for admitting your mistakes. I recently had a crash and beat up a car I really love. I really can relate to the dark feeling you get after the crash and the dust settles and you're walking around the car that you love. It's awesome to see you guys rebuilt it, I love rebuilding my cars after a crash and proving all my friends wrong who say just scrap it. Learn, rebuild and stay positive!

  • Matthew Poole
    Matthew Poole15 ditë më parë

    Did anyone consider fixing the bump in the road before fixing a broken car? They prolly never fixed it. I am from Michigan so roads are a pet peeve of mine.

  • John Shuler
    John Shuler15 ditë më parë

    Darn batteries! Eventually they will be where they need to be!

  • Kevin Rice
    Kevin Rice15 ditë më parë

    Good pitchman... this guy could sell furnaces in death valley

  • Giannis Tsoukatos
    Giannis Tsoukatos16 ditë më parë

    So he crashed a GR-R before that and now a Tesla? He should be called the crasher.

  • MrKveite1
    MrKveite116 ditë më parë

    Hmm diasastrous huh, the man hit the ditch ffs....in low speed.

  • Ryan
    Ryan16 ditë më parë

    Bruh why does Randy do the thing people do with their fingers when they're listing off things except he does it when he's not listing off things.

  • James Horseman
    James Horseman17 ditë më parë

    An ad 10 seconds into a video!

  • Darren dorion
    Darren dorion17 ditë më parë

    I would rather drive a Prius then a tesla lol

  • yellowsubmarine1995
    yellowsubmarine199517 ditë më parë

    So the electric steering freezes in a critical situation causing the Crash. That’s truly a hazardous problem is it not?

  • Clay
    Clay18 ditë më parë

    Show the video ffs

  • Blake Andrews
    Blake Andrews18 ditë më parë

    What a guy! You could talk about blunt pencils and I'd listen for an hour :-)

  • scooter Dave
    scooter Dave18 ditë më parë

    From new hotness to old n busted in .7 second!

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot18 ditë më parë

    Pikes lost it for me when they tarmacked it. Should have stayed dirt.

  • Steve Ulibarri
    Steve Ulibarri18 ditë më parë

    I like how you said he bought a new one and everyone came together and pitched in to get i going again but i heard you say they did not you the guy who wrecked it but you sure were ready to say you cant wait to drive it again sure wish i can wreck my friends car and just wait till he buys a new one for me to drive again haha!!!

  • Word on the Street
    Word on the Street19 ditë më parë

    6 runs at pikes peak 2 crashes 🙄

  • Teddy Rugspin
    Teddy Rugspin19 ditë më parë

    If Travis Pastrana built a sweet jump going straight over dead mans drop. Id test it for him. Going 400kph on a Kawasaki h2r. Seems like a perfect spot

  • Teddy Rugspin
    Teddy Rugspin19 ditë më parë

    This guy is good drives at those speeds camera doesn't really show it. If u break dwn the video. The first over correction to the left was too strong. The only way to sav it would b drifting hard right. Putting nose into the right turn. But the way he crashes was the safest possible way. Theres a huge cliff on the right side! Worked out well

  • Adam Lake
    Adam Lake19 ditë më parë

    Randy was in one of the first VINwiki video I've ever watched, loved his stories ever since

  • buas7
    buas719 ditë më parë

    love thew body kit

  • JaysWickedF1
    JaysWickedF119 ditë më parë


  • Frank Kopke
    Frank Kopke19 ditë më parë

    How tragic that they made a tarmac road all the way up. It was such a wonderful dirt road when I was there in 1985 Loved it. Took a Pontiac Fiero up there...It coughed a bit at the top but did my girlfriend and I proud. Nice to have a mid mounted engine in a small car and fresh tires on an extra two inches rubber on each wheel with a very fine tread and soft rubber...

  • Tony Branton
    Tony Branton19 ditë më parë

    If he laughs at himself again somebody slap him!

  • Travis Nolen
    Travis Nolen19 ditë më parë

    I'm glad you're safe. Going over the edge into the North Cirque no good. It's a steep hill. Also glad Brian was able to rebuild that so quick after the wreck. He's an awesome collision technician. Keep racing!

  • Bradley S.
    Bradley S.19 ditë më parë

    Who the fuck would put electric assist on a race car??? Inevitably this will happen everytime when you push the car. You have only a foggy Idea when you've reached the limits cause the stupid assist lies to you the whole time.... Dumb...

  • ImNotAPsycho
    ImNotAPsycho20 ditë më parë

    I went up piles peak in my old suburban. I nearly messed in my wife’s panties.

  • Not-So-Handy Car Guy
    Not-So-Handy Car Guy20 ditë më parë

    Love Randy

  • LiberalsAreWorthless
    LiberalsAreWorthless20 ditë më parë


  • Hell On wheels
    Hell On wheels20 ditë më parë

    He just wanted to hit that bump fast, he was like f it let’s see what happens! He doesn’t have to feel bad though he still gave good press to the model 3 more then it deserves.

  • nikolai502
    nikolai50221 ditë më parë

    Every time this guy is on he has crashed

  • Tonio
    Tonio21 ditë më parë

    This guy can come a few hair widths away from dying, yet he'll jump back in the moment a sweet ride is available without thinking twice.

  • Nigel 900
    Nigel 90021 ditë më parë

    That why I like “coal powered cars.”

  • G Airy
    G Airy21 ditë më parë

    Literally just watched the unplugged video

  • looseparashoot
    looseparashoot21 ditë më parë

    I love this mountain, worked the ppihc 2 times so far up at cog cut.

  • Lead Pill
    Lead Pill21 ditë më parë

    These Tesla cars are absolutely brutal on the environment. Horrible damage created by the the exotic supply chain requirements of the components.

  • No Nono
    No Nono22 ditë më parë

    Wait he crashes one.. then they buy him another???? Wth man

  • No Nono
    No Nono22 ditë më parë

    Wow just got to the actual footage of the slide.. im not expert but ive taken bigger bumps in a prelude

  • No Nono
    No Nono22 ditë më parë

    Yea.. u gonna keep giving him cars to send off cliffs??

  • DigDoug 702
    DigDoug 70222 ditë më parë

    Isn't this the guy that crashed the gtr also?

  • Bewildering Truth Seeker
    Bewildering Truth Seeker22 ditë më parë

    I could listen to that guy talk for hours.... He just had a way of explaining things, and his voice is so soothing. IMHO... Anyway, fantastic video, great story. Looking forward to the next one!

  • M D
    M D22 ditë më parë

    TESLA: Ugly styling, no sound, limited charging stations, not really better for the environment, not unique now, limited upgrades and parts. Other than that, they're great......

  • El Gallo X
    El Gallo X22 ditë më parë

    "Coming down from heaven in a shaft of light," Randy might be a Deadhead.

  • sj380
    sj38023 ditë më parë

    3:47 sounds like filthy frank

  • Thoughts Feeder
    Thoughts Feeder23 ditë më parë

    Oh... Is it that Randy is used to running cars that are much lighter, so he did not expect the bump to propel him into the air like this?

  • Andrew Houghton
    Andrew Houghton23 ditë më parë

    Selling the emperor’s new clothes.

  • Wayne Stead
    Wayne Stead23 ditë më parë

    Learn how to drive

  • Porter House
    Porter House23 ditë më parë

    He's sharp for his age!

  • mpeugeot
    mpeugeot23 ditë më parë

    Randy, I have also found that steering doesn't work nearly as well after you have rolled the vehicle inverted... LOL.

  • Al Libowitz
    Al Libowitz23 ditë më parë

    You Ding Dong

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson24 ditë më parë

    This guys story telling is amazing, he's turned a simple slide into an epic masterpiece.

  • Cliff Dweller
    Cliff Dweller24 ditë më parë

    Do Tesla’s have oversteer or understeer when fully modded? Looks like the car’s weight balance threw you into a slide.

  • Carl Williams
    Carl Williams24 ditë më parë

    I didn't hear the diagnosis on the battery. Obviously, it was damaged in the crash, but what was actually wrong with it?

  • DuzBee
    DuzBee24 ditë më parë

    He is easy to listen to - great story teller

  • shaan toor
    shaan toor24 ditë më parë

    Randy is America's version of Jackie Stewart...... a national treasure.

  • RichUltraStreet76
    RichUltraStreet7624 ditë më parë

    Love Randy's commentary on all vehicles, seems like a great guy to know

  • Daniel Ocegueda
    Daniel Ocegueda24 ditë më parë

    luv this story! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Glycerin
    Glycerin24 ditë më parë

    Randy is awesome

  • 力Tophe
    力Tophe24 ditë më parë

    glad you made it!

  • Youric Hunt
    Youric Hunt25 ditë më parë

    Didn't know bill nye races tesla's

  • Joel Lyons
    Joel Lyons25 ditë më parë

    His pikes peak career has a theme to it lol

  • Wil son
    Wil son25 ditë më parë

    This guy sounds like an incompetent douchebag.

  • Amos Dominguez
    Amos Dominguez25 ditë më parë

    I do like electric cars but Hate Tesla cars ,they trying to sell it to all of us at any price

  • falcon127
    falcon12725 ditë më parë


  • HD Dyna lowrider 02
    HD Dyna lowrider 0225 ditë më parë

    Having a couple rc cars as a kid. Yes we know they have most power when fresh charge.

  • Jonathan Armstrong
    Jonathan Armstrong25 ditë më parë

    Huge over-correction on the wheel - the car was barely sliding and he immediately had over 90° opposite lock on, then wonders why it snap-back oversteers into the dirt 👀😂

  • nigelsheffield
    nigelsheffield25 ditë më parë

    Tribute to the Tesla that it saved the driver and the battery ( seriously dont want to be stuck in a car with damaged battery. ) Though sounds like battery had a fault now lol. Gives me confidence that I would be at least as safe in a Tesla as would be be in ice car if not safer.

  • tom paj
    tom paj25 ditë më parë

    poor driving skills, great story teller...

  • David Dickerson
    David Dickerson25 ditë më parë

    I'm so glad Randy is fine. I was concerned from the title of the video that he might have been injured.

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