The Truth About My Nose Surgery | Charli D'Amelio

hi everyone! i wanted to share my journey through getting my nose surgery. it was something that i really needed to do so that i could enjoy dancing again!! i couldn't be anymore thankful to dr. kanodia for taking such good care of me, he did the best job ever! i hope you enjoy following me through the steps i took to be able to breathe normally again!

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    charli you are my favorite tiktoker and youtuber your ssoo goooooooooooooood

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    OMG I didn't know Dixie can drive

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    14:04 kinda looks like bacon

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    Why did you come?

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    my sesters you fan charli damelio you nose

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    i love charli my sisters i love you

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    No Charli 😞😢

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    2:53 hmm what

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    Hey Girlie! I tried to commit in October soo where’s my vacation? Whenever you send the private jet make sure it flies me to spicy brit town! (Aussieland) Thanks love ya!!!!😘😘

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    Charli do not died please ❤✨👑

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    15:06 jajajajaa

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    Fr Vert23 orë më parë

    How did you brake your nose?

  • عبد العابد
    عبد العابدDitë më parë

    @6rx0:اسم المقطع [The Truth About My Nose Surgery ] اللقطه عند (2:25 )

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    My Hort is Cry i Love you So Mutsch 💔❤😊🤩🥰

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    🖤🥺🥺You are beautiful without a plastic surgery, I am Arab, I love you, I love you, I love you, Charlie. I hope to see you only one day

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    @Charil d' amelio

  • Dekoder Ward
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    Charil I am going to miss u 😭😭 I hope u going well I feel bad

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    L love you charli 😘

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    You never scared💗🥰feel better🥰

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    Poor thing:(

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    image being in charlis class growing up

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    i would not be filming if my friend past out

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    Sanna and silly Too2 ditë më parë

    Hey, Charli i have the same problem does that hurts pls tell me i am scared??!!!!

  • Sanna and silly Too

    Sanna and silly Too

    2 ditë më parë

    Ppls chalri tell me if the sergery hurts I am scared I HAVE THAT PROBLEM too :C *criessssss*

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    Helena Olszewska2 ditë më parë

    mogła byś powiedzieć coś po polsku

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    Stay strong Charli

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    Me encantaría que puedas subtitularlo en ESPAÑOL

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    I was so scared if charli was okay and cuz she passed out😥😕

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    you hade your surgery a day after my birthday

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    Miammi1012 ditë më parë

    i literally have the same nose problem as you ;-; that means i have to get surgery?! im scared ;-; does it hurt????

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    I love you Charli D’Amelio 🥺❤️

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    wo scharlie im joe best fan ever

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    me seeing that there are no comments in Spanish and I get to translate my keyboard xd

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    Both Charli and Dixie had nose surgery. Looks like they stuck their noses up to a 50,000 volt transformer.

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    tu est tres couragese charli bravo

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    When she breath in ...i feel so terrifiying

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    hello Charli

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    Are you so sweetie ❤

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    charliiiiii I miss you

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    I can’t be the only one who was cringing when he was filing the nose bone

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    The doctor is indian 🇮🇳👳 Thanks me later

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    hopefullly you get your nose beter i wish you luck

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    i am sorry charlie

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    im so cry

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    Dixie crying: Charli: my nose is all messed up Me:wow Charlie is so brave than dixie👁👄👁

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    The heck he just shaved her bone and I threw up after seeing that thing

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    15:10 I sould not see that 😫😫😫

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    The doctor is scaring me my soul like urghhhhh ok I'm in trauma now 😂

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    love you should 💔

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    Still don't see why is she famous, she have a personality of a grey rock

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    but why watch the vid?

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    Is that bad? She is famous because of her dancing and she has a happy personality 😇😊

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    Don’t worry I always pass out when I have any sort of injection ur so brave

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    get well soon charlie!

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    Love you charli glad you're doing well 😘 💗 💕 ❤

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    i sptaek not engklis

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    i love charli soooo much

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    Charli hiii it is my dreammmm for you to notice me!!!

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    That surgery looked painful but atleast it didn't hert you and you can breath

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    Stay strong charli you can do it l hope u veel better love diane😄

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    I love you Charlie D’Amelio I wish you are okay love you

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