Tucker: What does Joe Biden believe? We still don't know.

Tucker takes a closer look at the agenda of the people on Joe Biden's cabinet list. #FoxNews #Tucker
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  • Pete Goff
    Pete Goff4 ditë më parë

    Weapons of war?!? Whose Karen is this? Someone come get this psycho out of here.

  • Pete Goff
    Pete Goff4 ditë më parë

    We will never know what Biden believes... cause he cant remember

  • Tom Mulhall
    Tom Mulhall9 ditë më parë

    Great video, very to the point, well explained, Thanks Tucker

  • lay low
    lay low12 ditë më parë

    Fake news. Shut up and dribble. Lol

  • Anniebeez
    Anniebeez16 ditë më parë

    If Biden does win, I'll send a box of depends to the white house as a housewarming gift

  • lay low
    lay low21 ditë më parë

    Bird brain. Lol

  • elijah mickelson
    elijah mickelson21 ditë më parë

    What's terrifying is democrats don't care what freedoms they loose as long as trump is gone. Guess it's unpopular to actually keep your promises and fix a broken corrupt government. I can't understand it.

  • James Stfelix
    James StfelixMuaj më parë

    Most americans. Still do not know local news stations. Will not report any of this. Nothing on any DRs testimonies on the virus

  • ASK Yourself-TV
    ASK Yourself-TVMuaj më parë

    Tucker why did you chicken out when you were needed most

  • Luis Izquierdo
    Luis IzquierdoMuaj më parë

    They want to destabilize the country by allowing so many people in we become economically in balance therefore making it easier to creat a take from the rich and give to the poor by force situation.

  • Luis Izquierdo
    Luis IzquierdoMuaj më parë

    Take the blue pill remain in the matrix listening to fake news. Take the red pill wake up and know the truth

  • Luis Izquierdo
    Luis IzquierdoMuaj më parë

    They voted for hypno frog

  • notYourRage
    notYourRageMuaj më parë

    He believes Trump will leave office

  • D Sims
    D SimsMuaj më parë

    This election is proof Americans don’t respect or deserve a vote. They let a propaganda network decide who they vote for.

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg JohnsonMuaj më parë

    Hey is"nt high tech great. You can"t even the strings on bye dumbs lips.

  • Matthew McMullen
    Matthew McMullenMuaj më parë

    If you replaced the t with an f in his name you'd get a more accurate description of his character

  • Danny Tomson
    Danny TomsonMuaj më parë

    Trucker you should go get you a seat in our government you would do good and people would vote for you

  • Ana Perez-Chisti
    Ana Perez-ChistiMuaj më parë

    Thank you for the clear overview. Corporate control coming with Biden. It has to be stopped.

  • MrUltralight55
    MrUltralight55Muaj më parë

    Just ask HARRIS, she hates America 🇺🇸 so that should sum it up!! She’s one of the puppeteers isn’t she???

  • M V
    M VMuaj më parë

    What does trump believe? You can’t know because he conned you.

  • Steven Flynn
    Steven FlynnMuaj më parë

    I bought my guns for hunting! LOL!

  • Steven Flynn
    Steven FlynnMuaj më parë

    He believes in more money in his wallet not yours!

  • L Vsezaebali
    L VsezaebaliMuaj më parë

    He is not competent enough to explain anything,

  • Dan Lacy
    Dan LacyMuaj më parë

    The A.P has more power than anyone or any group apparently.

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon WilliamsMuaj më parë

    Do you understand that this man was already a Vice President he’s acting like we don’t know who joe Biden is

  • InfusionsCap


    Muaj më parë

    He's not the same guy he was when he was Obama's VP, it's called old age and diminished capacity. You are lying to yourself if you don't see that.

  • Beverly Lee
    Beverly LeeMuaj më parë

    i think people focus to much on politics instead of there eternity and relationship with GOD politics cant save your soul from sin but jesus can all you have to do is repent of your sins acts 17 30 and trust in jesus christ john 3 16 then GOD will give you eternal life in heaven as a free gift. one more thing the reason why i'm sharing biblical christianity instead of all the other religions is because they offer a works based salvation but the ten commandment's prove we have all fallen short of the glory of GOD for example have you ever lied or looked with lust or hated and biblical christianity is the only one that offers a savior which is jesus christ.

  • Lynda Tatrai
    Lynda TatraiMuaj më parë

    Bloc Housing

  • Kevin Meredith
    Kevin MeredithMuaj më parë

    Obviously the dems want to “punish” us (Republicans) for getting Trump into office, that’s why there doing the EXACT opposite of what trump did... The Left Is Evil And They Will Do Anything (illegal or legal) To Get Their Way

  • jerry sullivan
    jerry sullivanMuaj më parë

    Civil war is coming

  • jerry sullivan
    jerry sullivanMuaj më parë

    Biden will sell out our country again just like obummer did

  • jerry sullivan
    jerry sullivanMuaj më parë

    Trump is my president!!!!!

  • chris kid
    chris kidMuaj më parë

    Big old Joe, the guy that skims money, plays favorites, fires foriegn gov guys, and did i mention, has a problem with the truth?

  • James
    JamesMuaj më parë

    They say weapons of war but the weapon they care about the most about (AR-15) was never designed for war, it was designed for civilians

  • Nutella Promo
    Nutella PromoMuaj më parë

    biden didnt choose anyone - they were chosen for him, along with biden himself

    SUNNY DMuaj më parë

    Four years of Sloppy Joe? Will he even live that long? Time for him to stop drinking those formaldehyde martinis.

  • gansosmansos
    gansosmansosMuaj më parë

    Scary stuff

  • LivinOnTheGulf
    LivinOnTheGulfMuaj më parë

    Disarm us and let radicals in...ya we will see how that one works out...I'm sensing civil war.

  • BiG Al
    BiG AlMuaj më parë

    Fox news is dead other than Tucker and Hannity

  • Yves Augustin
    Yves AugustinMuaj më parë

    Better plans than trump ! He turned trump to sleepy 😪 trump !! Lol

  • mommy22alyns
    mommy22alynsMuaj më parë

    We're f***ed.

  • Home Maker's Shop
    Home Maker's ShopMuaj më parë

    Tucker....you do know everyone thinks you're an idiot don't you?

  • michele berube
    michele berubeMuaj më parë

    Can't take our 2nd Amendment right away, Constitution cannot be rewritten!

  • Joel Lee
    Joel LeeMuaj më parë

    Living with the witch hunt? And the giant sponge of mediocracy

  • Diana Sinclair
    Diana SinclairMuaj më parë

    I just love Tucker!

  • J D
    J DMuaj më parë

    Can someone do a Deep Fake video where President Trump says what the guys says at 6:53 to see if people love/hate the message or the messanger

  • Grumpy Bastard
    Grumpy BastardMuaj më parë

    I am slower to react. I am elderly. I expect my government to protect me. Over the last year, I see no government protection. I see me protecting myself. I own a shot gun to garner meat on my table. That is no longer enough. Now I carry a hand gun with the most ammo in a magazine I can find. Why? You tell me! Government no longer protects me. I must do it myself. Where has my my country gone?

  • r n
    r nMuaj më parë

    Joe Biden is a cardboard cutout president. a puppet for the left. the left is in power not Joe.

  • The Yung Apollo
    The Yung ApolloMuaj më parë

    Wanna take our guns? Mexico tried that with Gonzales,TX. "COME AND TAKE IT!" From our cold dead hands.

  • Dan Tastic
    Dan TasticMuaj më parë

    Tucker's an Idiot

  • Chris K
    Chris KMuaj më parë

    Tucker is a dipshit, his policies are very easily found, his beliefs are in writing, I guess you have to know how to read.

  • Chad Rockwell
    Chad RockwellMuaj më parë

    Just wanna say, super disappointed in ya Tucker. You're the only reason Fox isnt belly up. Dont bend the knee to MSM. Everyone would watch you if you went the Alex Jones route & became independent, & i bet Fox's ratings would tank bc of it. Used to think very highly of you & very low of Fox. Hope 2021 brings with it you leaving Fox & keeping your integrity Tuck.

  • Dj Mccullough
    Dj McculloughMuaj më parë

    biden believes whatever he's told to believe.

  • Kevin Howell
    Kevin HowellMuaj më parë

    People voted against Trump.....

  • Robert Whitelegge
    Robert WhiteleggeMuaj më parë

    Bide does not have advisors, he is being told what to do.

  • Mikael Bauer
    Mikael BauerMuaj më parë

    Well, we did know what Trump believes: nothing.

  • Don Bond
    Don BondMuaj më parë

    Bastards will get mine but not like they think.

  • Elena Escobar
    Elena EscobarMuaj më parë

    Socialism is Evil not good at all I have friends that come from that kind of country and that's why their here Free loaders like communism because they are lazy and they want hard working people to feed them

  • Elena Escobar
    Elena EscobarMuaj më parë

    Thanks for letting people know the truth not like the other Media that are lyers

  • Boogeymen
    BoogeymenMuaj më parë

    Take the guns away from law abiding citizens, cops shouldn’t have guns either. They won’t need them since the citizen don’t have any guns. To me, I feel they hiding something. first the wall now guns. Starting to feel like the USA is starting to become a huge prison.

  • mevilight
    mevilightMuaj më parë

    go back to your basement sleepy joe

  • mevilight
    mevilightMuaj më parë


  • Daniel
    DanielMuaj më parë

    I hear a lot of problems. But nothing about solutions. Where’s the actions?!

  • samiamcramer4truth


    Muaj më parë

    Behind every blade of grass. Waiting for the right time.

  • Always Teste
    Always TesteMuaj më parë

    Tucker Carlson is a ffff. A. Got

  • prophetsnake
    prophetsnakeMuaj më parë

    Oh brother.

  • Sandra McDaniel
    Sandra McDanielMuaj më parë

    They cheated to put this ghost into office. The sheer amount of corruption in this country is astounding.

  • Derrek Moore
    Derrek MooreMuaj më parë

    Pray for Trump to win this election.

  • samiamcramer4truth


    Muaj më parë

    We are. We are.

  • James Kay
    James KayMuaj më parë

    The Democrats are going to wake the largest armed force on this planet,, the American Citizen

  • Donnie Peterson
    Donnie PetersonMuaj më parë

    There is substantial evidence that the Presidential Election of 2020 was rigged in favor of Candidate Biden as presented in hearings before Senators of Pennsylvania and Arizona!

  • David Baker
    David BakerMuaj më parë

    He believes that he believes he believes

  • bear Smith
    bear SmithMuaj më parë

    Have you people in America finally figured out that the prestigious colleges are a bunch of insane people they have just pulled the wool over our eyes for so long it's ridiculous please if you have children that are smart enough trying to go to these prestigious colleges I won't even give him the credit to mention the names even the one that has 3 letters these are institutions for the insane if you allow your child to go there say goodbye and say goodbye forever they will abuse them if there are ready wacky in your home cuz their brain is so fast and you send them away they get their hands on them mom and dad your as bad as they are it's just a fancy name for an asylum for the insane

  • S C
    S CMuaj më parë

    Joe Biden, who's that? Never heard of him.

  • bear Smith
    bear SmithMuaj më parë

    People of America we love our freedom never give up don't let them lie in tell you they have a right take your property ever I don't care what state you live in if you're in the United States keep your rights clear I don't even care what's your crooked governor of your particular state as a puppet to deceive you don't be fooled and don't let the puppets take our freedom rise up God Bless America God bless Trump Jesus Christ is our savior God our King will protect us faith people faith

  • bear Smith
    bear SmithMuaj më parë

    I don't know what will it take for everyone to realize Biden hasn't even promised anything to be a presidential figure a respected figure he lost that he lies and then says it wasn't me all the time wake up

  • Starplaya
    StarplayaMuaj më parë

    Haha America. I feel really sorry for you guys over the pond. Firearms taken away, illegal refugees invitations, and probably a new invasion to the Middle East under Bidens Regime. I pray for you from Germany 🇩🇪 stay safe and stay the country of freedom as a guide for the rest of the world

  • Ric D
    Ric DMuaj më parë

    They won’t stop until they start a war

  • Roy Casey
    Roy CaseyMuaj më parë

    Evil lurks behind Tucker look closely its called FOX NEWS

  • Byron Rainer
    Byron RainerMuaj më parë

    Oh knock it off. The man was Vice President for 8 years.

  • J Sz
    J SzMuaj më parë

    Didnt we try the immigration thing with Cuba.. and hudge crime rate and drug addiction from it.. let not do that again

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley QuinnMuaj më parë

    Anyone who watches this. It's time to stand up. Be warned history has shown what gun control is all about. Americans we can't let the government take our constitutional rights to bear arms to protect ourselves from government

  • Calamity Kate
    Calamity KateMuaj më parë

    While wages will plummet, you neglected to mention Biden`s plans for our tax obligations.

  • Boo Radley
    Boo RadleyMuaj më parë

    Waste 4 more years! Who's with me!?!

  • Dane Scott
    Dane ScottMuaj më parë

    “We have no idea who Biden is or what he is going through do”. He was Vice President for 8 years 4 years ago. Want to know Tucker? Invite him on and just ask him instead of Straw manning him.

  • Victor vasquez
    Victor vasquezMuaj më parë

    We "R" F____k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lukanacious D
    Lukanacious DMuaj më parë

    What does Tucker believe? What ever the people paying him believe. What a shmuck.

  • Richard Rogers
    Richard RogersMuaj më parë

    Hey I have some new lies to sell.joe worship's the come on man swamp thing.he thinks he's Hugh H😂😂 ladies wakeup

  • P. Brown
    P. BrownMuaj më parë

    Say goodbye to the good old USA...

  • P. Brown
    P. BrownMuaj më parë

    If they try to seize guns, there will be Hell to pay.

  • Fordman
    FordmanMuaj më parë

    Tucker, you meed to be reporting on how Joe Biden cheated!

  • Treehouse Of Liberty
    Treehouse Of LibertyMuaj më parë

    Da heck is a “weapon of war” like have you ever heard of a weapon of peace?

  • Frank Bradley
    Frank BradleyMuaj më parë

    Weapons of war! What idiots!

    RABBS CHATTERMuaj më parë


  • Anne Marie Broadnix
    Anne Marie BroadnixMuaj më parë

    How can joe Biden run for president with baggage. And hunters baggage without an investagation I really want to know

  • Sooja Park
    Sooja ParkMuaj më parë

    Trump won...

  • Benny Pena
    Benny PenaMuaj më parë

    If ALthe actually starts putting ads on non-monetized videos by creators who never asked for them, that just goes to show how greedy this corporation can be. This thought is disgusting. ALthe is essentially making free money off small channels and not paying them a single penny. Yes, these are small channels, but since there's so many of them, ALthe will still make a huge profit off of this new policy. I don't care if ALthe hates us now, it must be said by someone. I urge to our subscribers that we spread the message to all creators, and urge ALthe to immediately repeal this new policy. - Father

  • Evelyn Rivera
    Evelyn RiveraMuaj më parë

    Donald don't let him talk.

  • Debra Flock
    Debra FlockMuaj më parë

    It doesn’t & didnt matter what the American people wa we’re told a puppet would be President for the socialist democrats

  • Debra Flock
    Debra FlockMuaj më parë

    Dont believe tens of thousand voted for him be teal

  • mack man
    mack manMuaj më parë

    Votes were electronically / fraudulently added. Then the prefilled ballots were thrown into the counted pile. Who's watching the counted Pile? This would make the recount add up.

  • Ray Roberts
    Ray RobertsMuaj më parë

    They just want everyone to move on and “heal as a country”. Sounds like a load of bull to me.

  • John C.
    John C.Muaj më parë

    Nope not even clove.

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