Skip Bayless reacts to Cowboys 'quitting' & 'humiliating' WK 7 loss to Washington | NFL | UNDISPUTED


The Dallas Cowboys weren’t able to turn their season around against Washington yesterday, losing 25 to 3. To make matter worse, Andy Dalton left the game with a concussion after taking a late hit from linebacker Jon Bostic. The Cowboys finished with only 114 yards through the air while giving up 6 sacks and Zeke was contained on the ground rushing for 45 yards. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about the Cowboy's loss to the Washington Football team.
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Skip Bayless reacts to Cowboys 'quitting' & 'humiliating' WK 7 loss to Washington | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMuaj më parë

    Were you surprised by the Cowboys' loss?

  • Kris Gordon

    Kris Gordon

    27 ditë më parë

    No but I expected to see some kind of fight and for it to be close.



    29 ditë më parë

    No they are loosing right now against the Eagle so SOME NO NAME 3RD STRING QUARTERBACK 😎👏

  • Nintendad816 *

    Nintendad816 *

    Muaj më parë

    @danny woodson Dak has more weapons then Wentz every will have and yet 8-8 yup

  • Nintendad816 *

    Nintendad816 *

    Muaj më parë

    @danny woodson and for all the garbage stats Dak puts up when they are down 20 pts every week he’s won how many playoff games yea exactly not many

  • Nintendad816 *

    Nintendad816 *

    Muaj më parë

    @danny woodson he has shown his talent with the mvp run he was making 13 weeks in and last year with a ton of injuries winning 4 outta last 5 to put them in playoffs over a stacked cowboy team . I’ll stay with Wentz in Philly he’ll be fine believe me

  • Eddie Smith
    Eddie Smith15 ditë më parë

    cowboys killed off Indians and Skip and Shannon cried about a team name. Texas Rangers bro. I'm glad they lost. They need to change their name too

  • Kirk Manuel Macabale
    Kirk Manuel Macabale22 ditë më parë

    !p skip

  • HowlBeast
    HowlBeast25 ditë më parë

    5:50 LOL

  • Skyler Canizales
    Skyler Canizales26 ditë më parë

    Shannon's grin at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Amos Branham
    Amos Branham26 ditë më parë

    "They're all new to this." they're not. All these dudes played college ball and high school ball before that. Everybody knows, if you cheap shot a teammate - ESPECIALLY the QB - it's on!

  • Carlita Daveta
    Carlita Daveta27 ditë më parë

    Shannon said, the Cowboys got a on a airplane, went to Washington, just to score a field goal. 🤣🤣🤣

    MARGART ROGER28 ditë më parë

    Were you surprised by the Cowboys' loss?

  • cratedog64
    cratedog6428 ditë më parë

    I will give Skip props for ignoring the new team's name and started calling them by their REAL name.

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla28 ditë më parë

    Its definitely not all McCarthy's fault but the future head coach for Dallas was down the road at Baylor and they went Mike.

  • not the one
    not the one28 ditë më parë

    Shannon had me dying on this one😭😭😭😭😭

  • not the one
    not the one28 ditë më parë


  • Betty Stewart
    Betty Stewart29 ditë më parë

    Sorry for being a few days late to this, but THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for 10k subs!!! :D This has been a goal I’ve been striving reach ever since I got 1k (almost 3 years ago I think) and to see that I’ve been able to meet this really makes me happy and I truly appreciate all the support you guys have given me. My views I’ve been receiving this year have been absolutely crazy, I’ve gotten atleast 10k views on almost all my uploads this year and I’m blown away that many people are interested in my stuff despite how scarce and short my content can be. I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positive comments I’ve received, both on ALthe and on other platforms, and I cannot thank you guys enough for such a wonderful experience so far in this community, it means the world to me! I’ll be putting together a small video as a 10k special, it’ll be a separate video from the Q&A video since that‘s still gonna take me a while to get done. I’ll also try to finish up some shorts I’ve worked on over the past few months and get those all out within the next week or too as well. Overall, I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me get to this point. I know I can be rather slow with how frequently I upload and my content is generally short, I will admit I can be very busy with real life stuff as I don’t want to prioritize animating over school or other irl stuff that’s really important for my future, so sometimes, regardless of how motivated I am or not, it’s difficult for me to find time to get good progress on my animations due to a lack of time. This year in particular has also be distinctly stressful and I’ve had some pretty low points, but I think that’s something that naturally comes when I can no longer go outside my home and do a majority of the things I normally do, so I think after COVID is much more under control, things will feel a whole lot better as I’ll be able to do a lot more again. I do want to still attempt to drastically improve my work ethic over the next month or so, that way I can get stuff done faster and become more active here overall. It’ll be hard, but I definitely think it can be done. I also know I tend to set goals for myself and sometimes those goals don’t end up being made, so I will say I can’t 100% guarantee I’ll be able to improve my uploads schedule much as things will be getting more busy for me the next few months due to me going back to school in person again soon, but I’ll still try my best. But yeah, regardless, thanks for everything; the support, the amazing experiences I’ve been able to have and people/inspirations I’ve been able to meet so far, the ability to learn and improve; all of it has greatly helped shape who I am over the past few years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’re just a regular viewer, someone who comments frequently on my stuff, or someone who has become my friend and helped support/get to know me on a more personal level, I really appreciate everything you do. I’ll be making a huge list of particular people I wanna thank, either for being my friend or inspiring me and making my time in this community far more enjoyable.. it’s gonna be a gigantic list lol. Have a great day and stay tuned for more from me hopefully in the near future. ;)

  • Joel Waldman
    Joel Waldman29 ditë më parë

    Till the Dallas Cowboys go back to Landry Football get rid of These so called franchise players you I Will be putting a fork in them for at least decade.

  • Max Palmer
    Max Palmer29 ditë më parë

    My emergency fallback team is (3-4) the lions I have more faith in them then the cowboys at this point in the season I also started the Philadelphia defense this week

  • W. H.
    W. H.29 ditë më parë

    Skip was 10 years old on 1961??? He's got a good plastic surgeon!

  • Eric Carter
    Eric Carter29 ditë më parë

    Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl!

  • Ray Whorton
    Ray WhortonMuaj më parë

    According to Global COVID-19 standards, Dallas is definitely America’s team.

  • G Solorio
    G SolorioMuaj më parë

    The cowboys are a joke

  • praketing richraft
    praketing richraftMuaj më parë

    A fish rots from the head down.

  • littlegmod
    littlegmodMuaj më parë

    I think Justin Fields is just as good or even better than Lawrence too.

  • Nicanor Alfredo Camacho Núñez
    Nicanor Alfredo Camacho NúñezMuaj më parë

    pick a card

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg LialiosMuaj më parë

    Were you surprised by the Cowboys' loss?

  • Leo Saan Henry
    Leo Saan HenryMuaj më parë

    And you know Dak Prescott has learned about this team while he is on injured leave? He knows now that he probably would have been carrying the team this year doing around 60% of the hard work to keep the scores down from their opponents this season. I'm dreading next Monday, because we've got the Monday night game with Dallas, Live on Tv in the UK...

  • K.C johnson
    K.C johnsonMuaj më parë

    Wow Dallas America's🇺🇸team suffering New England the class if the nfl ,the Yale of the nfl suffering 2020 is crazy.

  • psycrophagist731
    psycrophagist731Muaj më parë

    Washington Redskins played a good game

  • Salvatore Carbonaro
    Salvatore CarbonaroMuaj më parë

    borderlands 3 trailer

  • robot
    robotMuaj më parë


  • Scott Cook
    Scott CookMuaj më parë

    Its time for a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader movie. It might actually have a chance of being successful! (no owners, coaches or players can be in it tho)

  • Scott Cook
    Scott CookMuaj më parë

    Skip "I dont blame the linemen cause they re all ""new to this"" HAHAHA Skip to dee doo da. I would "skip" that comment unless you wanna do post press conferences for a high school team

  • jackson kirkwood
    jackson kirkwoodMuaj më parë


  • Ty Reck
    Ty ReckMuaj më parë

    Skip deserves this for what he said about Dak's depression

  • 16ktsgamma
    16ktsgammaMuaj më parë

    In a different timeline Dalton:I'll join a different team not the Cowboys since I was released from Cincinati.

  • Rob Hicks
    Rob HicksMuaj më parë

    All of the top players got paid and now they don't care. They anonymously talk trash about the coach? A man does not criticize anybody anonymously!!! If you ain't man enough to show your face when you say what you got to say then don't say it at all. Cowards!!!!

  • Rob Hicks
    Rob HicksMuaj më parë

    The players quit on themselves. Blame the coach all you want, don't blame you if you do but if players just give up and don't care, that speaks volumes about the players themselves and they are making themselves look bad.

  • Vincent Acri
    Vincent AcriMuaj më parë

    Let the Cowboys be bad and watch the ratings for a television city that brought blood sport back in a black death.

  • Kevin Pistilli
    Kevin PistilliMuaj më parë

    Why did skip slamming the papers sound like half life sfx

  • Mahala Potier
    Mahala PotierMuaj më parë

    Shannon: U went all the way to Washington to kick a Field goal🤣🤣🤣 that had me rolling thx for the likes guys

  • Peter Forest
    Peter ForestMuaj më parë

    AGREED ON THAT......some folks on that team must not like Andy Dalton

  • Levi
    LeviMuaj më parë

    Shout out to skip for not pandering to the left and still saying Redskins

  • E O
    E OMuaj më parë

    Hahahahahahaha....Skip cracks me up. That dude sounds the same as last year. Shannon smirk is hilarious!

    TNTUSNCBSLIXXXMuaj më parë

    I hate the Crybabies but I feel bad for Skip.

  • aleph null
    aleph nullMuaj më parë

    The worst part about the game was Dalton getting cheap-shotted and not a single teammate stuck up for him. All teams have bad years, but if teammates aren’t even sticking up for each other against opponents, all hope is truly lost.

  • Hall of Fame
    Hall of FameMuaj më parë

    The division will come down to the Eagles n Redskins n the Eagles will come back and win this time.

  • Patrick York
    Patrick YorkMuaj më parë

    I’m glad he said that . The cowboys have a Chance now because he’s always wrong

  • b40 b40
    b40 b40Muaj më parë

    Keep in mind while you watching how serious skip takes this he’s talking about grown men getting paid millions to play a kids game.

  • Eric Dreher
    Eric DreherMuaj më parë

    Completely disagree with Skip on this one. Players should've done something. All these excuses Skip is laying out in regards to the hit on Dalton... As pathetic as the Cowboys this season.

  • Blazed Gaming KR
    Blazed Gaming KRMuaj më parë

    4:11 oops. It's "Football Team" now Skip.

  • Nicholas Martinez
    Nicholas MartinezMuaj më parë

    Hopefully Trevor gets drafted by the patriots! 🙌🏽

  • Roozy White
    Roozy WhiteMuaj më parë

    This man Shannon started off smug 😂😂

  • Peter
    PeterMuaj më parë

    The Cowboys suck because of one reason and that reason is JERRY JONES.

  • Alyson Mohr
    Alyson MohrMuaj më parë

    Skip won't even utter the word redskin? Lol, Skips shticks to be super woke, but make contrarian outrageous claims. People will be outraged but he is obv woke so he will never wear the Homophobe racist transphobe xenophobe bigot hat. It's smart. The biggest WOKE single personality in the world.

  • Donnie Woodland
    Donnie WoodlandMuaj më parë

    Wonder why Jason Witten took off this team is a dumber fire from the very first game, first snap, last year someone threw the match🔥

  • iamYt 414
    iamYt 414Muaj më parë

    this shows how good Dak was 💯💯

  • Shawn Love jr
    Shawn Love jrMuaj më parë

    Skip what are you talking about bro

  • Ike Colter
    Ike ColterMuaj më parë

    B1 Mr Jerry Please SALE The Team !! & Go Buy A Hockey. Team ! 😞 Any True Fan Knows What It Means To Lose To Washington !! An The Manner The Team Lost ! 😤 ! We Done ! 😔 ! We Will Always Remember You As. Super Bowl Coach Jimmy John's / Assistant ! 😂 U Clown !!! Thomas & E. Reid. CB s Available. Defense / Kapernick QB Mobile Available Offense / Have To Hear Stephen A Smith. All Year ! U Pathetic. !!

  • Urassnface 1
    Urassnface 1Muaj më parë

    They should just be called the Dallas Team. Football clearly is an elective for that organization.

  • I C
    I CMuaj më parë

    I’m team SHAY&SKIP. I put them against anyone in the TV game. SHAY&SKIP have BRAINS and SOUL. GOAT SHAY. GOAT SKIP. RESPECT.

  • lcr 123
    lcr 123Muaj më parë

    See ya next time on "Keeping up with the Jones's"😆

  • TheAtxathlete
    TheAtxathleteMuaj më parë

    Explain to me how Prescott’s numbers are going up that’s idiotic he’s devalued by injury and wasn’t much before cowboys would of lost those games even with Prescott that’s a fact

  • maddy7
    maddy7Muaj më parë

    Dallas sucks, PERIOD. Jerry Jones should be gone. I've been a fan since the 60s, but NO MORE. I'm not rooting at garbage and overplayed, lazy a$$ players. Gimme back the Boys back who played in the 60s and 70s.

  • Minuteman The Zealous Tiger
    Minuteman The Zealous TigerMuaj më parë

    Shannon at 0:15. What a shi$lord, ha!

  • Artie the Swolest Man in the World
    Artie the Swolest Man in the WorldMuaj më parë

    Why does he keep saying "former" arch-rival? I assure you, the hatred between these two squads is still 💯

  • Skank Hunt 069
    Skank Hunt 069Muaj më parë

    I think the Cowboys need to draft a new owner this off-season, this one is a clueless has been. I’m not even a Cowboys fan but damn I’m hoping Jerry disappears soon

  • Zeke Elliott
    Zeke ElliottMuaj më parë

    Lawrence of Arlington

  • MonsterKing 2003
    MonsterKing 2003Muaj më parë

    4:27 That part is too funny 😂 “Ah! A sign of life!”

  • Andrew Robbins
    Andrew RobbinsMuaj më parë

    Justin Fields is not an NFL QB. With that said I do hope Dallas drafts him 🤣

  • Chop Chop
    Chop ChopMuaj më parë

    To be completely honest...this guy Bostic wouldn’t even have attempted this dirty hit on Dak...the dude is respected around the league...Dalton on the other’s open season on this dude! Feel bad for Dalton!

  • James Armel
    James ArmelMuaj më parë


  • van doren Tramplur
    van doren TramplurMuaj më parë

    keep Dak!

  • Steven Grant
    Steven GrantMuaj më parë

    Sharps face while skip talks about how he loves the cowboys lmao

  • Tez Jackson
    Tez JacksonMuaj më parë

    Fun Fact: Did you know Dak Prescott was a Four Time Captain at Mississippi State

  • Billy Bill
    Billy BillMuaj më parë


  • courtney sanders
    courtney sandersMuaj më parë

    when they watch and refer to highlights I wish they'd show it like First Take

  • Bamaboy069
    Bamaboy069Muaj më parë

    Not surprising from a 8-8 teams that never played for DAK #4 , & not playing for him while he's hurt

  • Jake Lindsay
    Jake LindsayMuaj më parë

    That Zeke contract. Oof.

  • Grumpy Guy
    Grumpy GuyMuaj më parë


  • Nathan Rios
    Nathan RiosMuaj më parë

    (Red skin Washington) correct!

  • aloha from kenya
    aloha from kenyaMuaj më parë

    Dinucci pucci fidarucci

  • Peter Biamomte
    Peter BiamomteMuaj më parë

    I actually very impressed with Mike McCarthy. Who else on earth could make Jason Garrett look like Vince Lombardi in 7 weeks!!!

  • Michael Bayless
    Michael BaylessMuaj më parë

    It sucks Dak made the cowboys it's not the same team I wait for every Sunday and I just get disappointed 😔

  • mrhaag
    mrhaagMuaj më parë

    Every day large amounts of time are wasted on a garbage team.

  • Svante Palm
    Svante PalmMuaj më parë

    Oboy inte heard skip quoting Stephen A with the Cowboys being a disaster waiting to happen

  • Sean The Bastard
    Sean The BastardMuaj më parë

    I have been: ...A DIE-HARD, balls-to-the-wall, ride-or-die Cowboys fan (UNABASHEDLY!), since 1977. I am usually PROUD, of said factoid. USUALLY :^/..............................................nuff said...

    JORGE BARREROMuaj më parë

    skip is always saying "ever". evry game it's "this game has been the most __________ ever"

  • Chaingang1984jr
    Chaingang1984jrMuaj më parë

    At 5:12 Skip used Steven A Smith line

  • ASM 96
    ASM 96Muaj më parë

    *asks question Skip: sighs deeply

  • sportshistorybuff
    sportshistorybuffMuaj më parë

    It's a chore to think of a game when the Cowboys seemed more hopeless than on Sunday. Back around 2001, I sat down to see Dallas play the Lions in Detroit. Not sure if the QB leading the Boys was Clint Stoerner or Chad Hutchinson but the performance was the same. Had to switch the channel with Dallas playing life and death in a field goal duel with the mighty Detroit Lions. Game ended something like 10-9, Cowboys on the short end. Lasting memory was asking myself why I was watching my favorite team when it was incapable of compiling two first downs on a drive. It was simply depressing. Even worse, by some twist of the schedule that season, we played Detroit twice (!) and either lost both or barely won the other.

  • Cary Case
    Cary CaseMuaj më parë

    I have been a Cowboy fan since 1969, I feel the same way as Skip. They gave up, they look befuddled, when Andy got hit and they walked around him apathetically, I wanted to stop watching them for the first time ever. I watched every game when they went 1-15, I don't want to watch this team.

  • julian garcia
    julian garciaMuaj më parë

    what qb they taking? Trevor, Fields, Lance????????

  • Trailer Park Boys World
    Trailer Park Boys WorldMuaj më parë

    What Shannon failed to mention is Logan Thomas was a quarterback at Virginia Tech but he was also an All-American receiver in high school

  • Heem Dinero
    Heem DineroMuaj më parë

    😂🖕🏾Dallass cowgirls

  • Bill Bright
    Bill BrightMuaj më parë

    Way ahead of the Jets. And one game ahead of Texans. Lot of teams are struggling. Teams with scramble able gun slingers like Arizona and Kansas City are seemingly doing better than pocket only teams. Those guys can throw accurately at odd body positions and juke and jive to avoid defense men. Young and talented. Seattle has another phenomenally good such scrambler. Green Bay kind of an exception but Rodgers is phenomenally accurate. Washington Football Associative Participants proved a bit saltier than expected but just a bump in a long road. At least the Boys put up field goal never a guaranteed deal to avoid blank score board. Cowboys gonna make a comeback. They put a beat down on Philly and they lead their division. They only have card board cut out fans able to attend so it takes the crowd out of it a bit. Play Offs Baby!

    BAMBAMKAM#31Muaj më parë


  • Shawn Mcfadden
    Shawn McfaddenMuaj më parë

    They brought all this on themselves. Period.

  • Custom Jeff
    Custom JeffMuaj më parë

    Excellent show!

  • Gabriel Cajar
    Gabriel CajarMuaj më parë

    The 1-15 team had more HEART!!!!

  • Dirty Randy
    Dirty RandyMuaj më parë

    Trade Zeke to the Bills for a first

  • johvin canada
    johvin canadaMuaj më parë

    The fact that they actually fought and cried for dak and then Andy gets a concussion and no one bats an eye

  • Fran Ohmsford
    Fran OhmsfordMuaj më parë

    The Cowboys have won two games already - Does Skip really think the Jets are gonna win two games this season? The Jets are getting Trevor :)

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