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  • Carly and Erin
    Carly and ErinVit më parë

    download lifesum here!:

  • bobba fett

    bobba fett

    5 muaj më parë

    y’all should’ve just edited were its like a documentary and the title shouldve been jeff life story it wouldve been way doper if you did yall kinda ruined it tho

  • Justin Montalvo

    Justin Montalvo

    6 muaj më parë

    I want to be your personal trainer for the night

  • bbc sv

    bbc sv

    7 muaj më parë

    Plz answer what was the place that you went to after the workout where you took a shot

  • 0nly Mitsuha

    0nly Mitsuha

    7 muaj më parë

    Wow looks like prison do change people

  • DopeDo


    8 muaj më parë

    All these adds but what does life sum do?

  • With Wilk
    With Wilk11 ditë më parë

    All I can see is the Taco Bell sign whilst they're plugging their healthy lifestyle sponsor thingy haha

  • wall-e plant
    wall-e plant17 ditë më parë

    I love your vlogging style, it makes me feel like I’m right there with you

  • mia r
    mia r19 ditë më parë

    i love jeff , i love him

  • Ryan Rangel
    Ryan Rangel19 ditë më parë

    There's always that cock blocker friend

  • Kayvons_commentary
    Kayvons_commentary21 ditë më parë

    happy new years

    NIGHT MARE23 ditë më parë

    Jeff’s more cardio and Todd and Zane are more weightlifting

  • Clean Lean

    Clean Lean

    16 ditë më parë

    And the funniest part is that Jeff is more muscular than both of them, despite being a cardio bunny

  • elie grace
    elie graceMuaj më parë

    this video made me want to download it

  • Pam Martin
    Pam MartinMuaj më parë

    The receptive rubber lately juggle because side culturally radiate mid a steadfast department. wiry, limping faucet

  • Llexxii AJBeauty
    Llexxii AJBeautyMuaj më parë

    Whats the name of the places they’re getting those drinks from????

  • Joseph Santana
    Joseph SantanaMuaj më parë

    That was some pathetic boxing bro

  • Nora Ray
    Nora RayMuaj më parë

    Bruh Jeff seems like such a narcissist. Yes he’s motivational but damn

  • shotbyscorp
    shotbyscorpMuaj më parë

    came here here for jeff, but carly and erin are so annoying!! back to jeffs channel i go

  • Chris Pham
    Chris PhamMuaj më parë

    damn, joe shoulda played along here, jeff was offering some great content

  • Laura Miram
    Laura MiramMuaj më parë

    Confirmed, I am in love with Jeff hahah

  • Gahikertaf Banimertad
    Gahikertaf BanimertadMuaj më parë

    The tidy book reassuringly observe because mini-skirt postprandially dress aside a torpid detective. lean, ubiquitous armchair

  • Christopher A. Barahona
    Christopher A. BarahonaMuaj më parë

    Yooo just realized Jeff is literally me but older and I didn’t go to jail

  • tyshaun bush
    tyshaun bushMuaj më parë

    I was in New York last year and I saw Jeff and Jason on the street and they let me take a picture with them and Jeff talked to me and my friend until their cab came and I am here to say that he is so sweet in person. Mad respect for Jeff.

    CHUNG MOI POWMuaj më parë

    The pleasant wholesaler reportedly time because hallway neurobiologically disapprove without a able separated. wrong, dynamic monday

  • Made in No Place
    Made in No PlaceMuaj më parë

    clicked for jeff but these girls' pov is unwatchable jfc can't hold a camera

  • Jackie Luna
    Jackie LunaMuaj më parë

    The only thing I remembered when I saw Cody “You fucking see it”

  • Ana Tortosa
    Ana TortosaMuaj më parë

    who let the dogs out

  • Ethan Erwin
    Ethan ErwinMuaj më parë

    The fact he called himself nerf’s “dad” proves he’s a good dog dad 😭🥰

  • Bibek Gurung
    Bibek GurungMuaj më parë

    They did him real dirty!!!!! Damn!!!! They told him that it was a documentary of his life but it was just for their dumb video

  • Aubrey Fernandes
    Aubrey FernandesMuaj më parë

    i just love how jeff chanel’s his emotions, thoughts and feelings. he is such a genuine guy

  • oddly spooky
    oddly spookyMuaj më parë

    11:38 jeff was dead ass bruh

  • Tonycia •
    Tonycia •Muaj më parë

    Aww I love Jeff.

  • Dianne Mason
    Dianne MasonMuaj më parë

    carly: “erin look, cody’s saving me!” erin: “wow! what a gentleman.” cody: “that’s what firefighters do!” a second later jeff: “he doesn’t have a job,” i lost it here lol 😂

  • maria jose pozas ochoa
    maria jose pozas ochoaMuaj më parë

    jeff: "I just don't get hungry u know?" also jeff: doesn't eat until midday and gets flashes of anger before lunch regularly

  • maria jose pozas ochoa
    maria jose pozas ochoaMuaj më parë

    I’ve been scrolling through the comments and I’m disappointed that there aren’t more comments about HOW CUTE AND PRECIOUS NERF IS OMGG I CANT

  • S.Mahdi Alavi
    S.Mahdi AlaviMuaj më parë

    I love when he talks shit about todd

  • autobotras
    autobotrasMuaj më parë

    Someone tell me where this trail is!!

  • Benjamin kisioglu
    Benjamin kisiogluMuaj më parë

    Why is no one talking about how Jeff casually has an armoured vest 🤣

  • Erick Sanchez

    Erick Sanchez

    Muaj më parë

    It's a weighed vest

  • hobiewankenobi
    hobiewankenobiMuaj më parë

  • Russell Green
    Russell GreenMuaj më parë

    Nobody: Jeff : they’re doing a documentary about my life

  • Natey McBatey
    Natey McBateyMuaj më parë

    Jeff's sense of comedy is definitely underrated, but to be fair it's not for everyone

  • Natey McBatey
    Natey McBateyMuaj më parë

    What a nice freakin guy jeez

  • Denise Sanchez
    Denise Sanchez2 muaj më parë

    Jeff seems so sweet, he’s so soft spoken and sweet. He seemed like he didn’t wanna push Erin and Carly too hard but wanted them to do their best. He’s so lovely.

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena2 muaj më parë

    carly: “erin look, cody’s saving me!” erin: “wow! what a gentleman.” cody: “that’s what firefighters do!” a second later jeff: “he doesn’t have a job,” i lost it here lol 😂

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena2 muaj më parë

    Cody is so beautiful like he's so patient with everything and he's a gentleman. He's such a beautiful person like I love how he owns up to his mistakes and is so calm. He's such a beautiful soul and a really good looking one.

  • Color Gray
    Color Gray2 muaj më parë

    i feel like jeff's the one who always gets cut off while talking lol

  • Horizon Entertainments
    Horizon Entertainments2 muaj më parë

    I dont know if anyone notices this and no hate but I find it difficult to know when Jeff is speaking seriously or just joking.

  • Reach Dara
    Reach Dara2 muaj më parë

    Jeff looks so handsome especially his perfect face. I'm saying this as a straight guy. He should try auditioning for some roles in some future movies. He would be a good JohnWick-like character.

  • Med reda Jabrane
    Med reda Jabrane2 muaj më parë

    can't be suprise if carly and jeff start dating

  • Jon Pigeon
    Jon Pigeon2 muaj më parë

    Soooooo Carly when are we getting married

  • Hector Argotte
    Hector Argotte2 muaj më parë

    U guys are a cute lesbian couple

  • Jack Clark
    Jack Clark2 muaj më parë

    im too in love with carly, its actually a problem

  • avery
    avery2 muaj më parë

    I know so many say it but I truly mean it.... jeff Wittek is gonna put a ring on me

  • XOoxFrankxoOX
    XOoxFrankxoOX2 muaj më parë

    0:08 what about seatgeek?

  • Karyn Wise
    Karyn Wise2 muaj më parë

    Pronounced “spear-o-Ileana” spelled spiraling. It boost protein 60 and is an essential fatty acid with anti inflammatory properties. My husband has been in prison for 3 years. He went n a pro boxer, living on the streets from 12 fo 19 so stayed in fights. But he came out much rested and more calm. He nw looks for how he can word things better to avoid fights. He learned patients.

  • Daniela cav
    Daniela cav2 muaj më parë

    the dog is burningggggggggggggggggggggg his feets!

  • Nora Jensen
    Nora Jensen2 muaj më parë

    The little Q/A in the car was so cute. Jeff seems so genuine but not many people notice that. I feel like he has a barrier that shows a confident and tough guy whit great humor, and that is what most people see when they see him And I feel like what Jeff has gone trough has built him as a person and makes him think of the consequences, that not many people do even if they haven’t gone trough the things he has!😩😊

  • Sampurna Saha
    Sampurna Saha3 muaj më parë

    i-i- didn't even realize that I just watch a 36 minute video..... its shocking how much you can get done when you have homework

  • Sampurna Saha
    Sampurna Saha3 muaj më parë

    jeff is such a teddy bear but dare someone poke him he turns into that chubby chick with the butter knife

  • Kristine Godoy
    Kristine Godoy3 muaj më parë

    “I workout so I’m not a social path” my daily saying “ I smoke weed so I don’t loose my mind”

  • Kristine Godoy
    Kristine Godoy3 muaj më parë

    God I wish I was friends with Jeff

  • sander biga
    sander biga3 muaj më parë

    “THEIR DOING A DOCUMENTARY ON MY LIFE” 😂 (Btw i feel like this whole vid is a dubbel date😂)

  • miss42310
    miss423103 muaj më parë

    Cannot believe this was a year ago

  • Darius Calderon
    Darius Calderon3 muaj më parë

    It’s so funny how Carly is filming from under because she’s short , and when David films it’s either above or at there heigh

  • Kirsten Guarino
    Kirsten Guarino3 muaj më parë

    Jeff just seems so genuine, like he'd be that friend you call when your life is just not it. Like he'd be the friend that would cancel all his plans just to be there for you. Idk if its just me but honestly respect for Jeff. Also love the bond Carly and Erin have also super genuine. Love you guys sm!

  • Vansh Zota
    Vansh Zota3 muaj më parë

    "Lifesum is an app that helps track your meals..." Taco Bell looming over them in the background.

  • Lee Bunk
    Lee Bunk3 muaj më parë

    The whole time y'all pitching this health app I was just staring at Taco Bell in the background.


    hey girl thats what they say in gta

  • not alejandro
    not alejandro3 muaj më parë

    Jeff has a sense of humor not many people will understand

  • Kaijuuu ._
    Kaijuuu ._3 muaj më parë

    Carly and Erin are growing on me

  • Spiderman Kids
    Spiderman Kids3 muaj më parë

    No hurt no big shirt hahaha the best

  • Dina AG
    Dina AG3 muaj më parë

    I love this video i love jeff

  • CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!
    CanWeGet100millionSubsWithNoVids ??!??!3 muaj më parë

    I don’t know why but seeing a giant dude who was in prison say “ you’re being a bully” was hilarious.

  • Archna Pathak
    Archna Pathak3 muaj më parë

    looking at the taco bell in the back during the beginning of the vid ugh man my tummy is getting big

  • Nacho
    Nacho3 muaj më parë

    damn too bad Erin is married shes one bad bitch

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne4 muaj më parë

    the tension between Cody and Carly

  • Genevieve Ayon
    Genevieve Ayon4 muaj më parë

    Why only corrina and nathalie always recognized? This two gorgeous pretty amazing girl really dam. I really love carly so much.

  • Kavya Lolla
    Kavya Lolla4 muaj më parë

    I just realized that Jeff is soo fluent and doesn't use words unnecessarily...

  • Jordan Ruffin

    Jordan Ruffin

    3 muaj më parë

    Ik what the hell

  • Anja Marker
    Anja Marker4 muaj më parë

    I love this video

  • Eileen K.
    Eileen K.4 muaj më parë

    Literally just stumbled across this video over a year after it got posted but damn, so happy you guys did that video with Jeff because there's still so many people out there who don't understand his sense of humour and think he's an emotionless asshole so this really gives everyone an insight that he's such a normal, sweet guy. Thank you, I really enjoyed this x

  • Joh Alvarenga
    Joh Alvarenga4 muaj më parë

    i wanna marry jeff :)

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris4 muaj më parë

    dam i’m fat and i am more fit no cap

  • Bianca Ilie
    Bianca Ilie4 muaj më parë

    Jeff seems like such a kind, sweet, genuine person. Like the nicest guy in the vlogsquad. Him and Jason.

  • Xavier Beltran
    Xavier Beltran4 muaj më parë

    Idk Jeff has something missing like he’s lonely or something. Cool to have you guys interested in what he does I feel like it made him happy

  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë

    *when* -when- _when_

  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë

    *when* -when- ^when^

  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë

    _when *when*

  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë

    +when+ =when= _when_ *when* [when] {when}

  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • Parker Iliff
    Parker Iliff4 muaj më parë


  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez4 muaj më parë

    Carlys 3 feet smaller then everyone lol

  • Aja Jazz
    Aja Jazz4 muaj më parë

    This two girls are so beautiful...

  • It’s your uncle
    It’s your uncle4 muaj më parë

    Carly no one is yelling at you they are just from Staten Island

  • Daisy Mcclanahan
    Daisy Mcclanahan4 muaj më parë

    Wow Jeff you did really good Jeff- "yeah I'm really talented" I love his never know when he's serious personality 🤣

  • No-OneIsLegit
    No-OneIsLegit4 muaj më parë

    he seems like a genuine dude respect

  • Hunny Bunny
    Hunny Bunny4 muaj më parë

    Lol Carly is cute af.

  • Carter Legge [Student]
    Carter Legge [Student]4 muaj më parë

    Aye bruh Cody a SIMP

  • Casey Peach
    Casey Peach4 muaj më parë

    Cande: talking about a health app The Taco Bell sign in the background: 👁👄👁

  • Alex _
    Alex _4 muaj më parë

    23:47 I find it hilarious that hes saying all this stuff about needing a fake name whilst wearing a hat that says jeff on it

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