Why is the Java vs. Bedrock debate so angry? | Rage Switch

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0:00 - Intro
2:57 - Naming Crisis
8:50 - Parity Issues
12:51 - Community Division

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  • Tobblesmash
    Tobblesmash13 minuta më parë

    Let's be very honest, Microsoft will stop support for the java edition as soon as the fans slowly move on from the game. They know doing it right now is a suicide move but as time passes and younger kids move into the gaming scene, they're more likely going to be playing the wider support version. Microsoft knows the java edition is a one off money maker, once you buy the game there's no need to spend a cent more on maps, skins, etc. But on bedrock, there's a whole marketplace. In the long run, it makes sense to sell both until the java fans die out and the cost of sending upgrades is more than the sales of the game, kinda sad

  • ᚲᛟᚾᚨ ᚱᛖᚠᚢᚱ
    ᚲᛟᚾᚨ ᚱᛖᚠᚢᚱ26 minuta më parë

    Ive always been on java, recently i decided to check out bedrock, and trying to play it, well its so weird, just hitting a tree feels different lol

  • Aidan Korain
    Aidan KorainOrë më parë

    I wish they would take the best parts of both versions and made them into a single Minecraft game

  • Feras 2
    Feras 24 orë më parë

    minecraft bedrock is better than java

  • Corvega Starkiller
    Corvega Starkiller4 orë më parë

    I only liked java because it updated sooner

  • Meep Changeling
    Meep Changeling6 orë më parë

    Or, we could delete one version. Problem solved. And seriously, look at anything else with a binary division. Humans simply cannot handle differences like that...

  • Acuya
    Acuya9 orë më parë

    I am one of the victims of Java Players making fun of me for playing Bedrock Edition :,) Never want to talk with Java players again

  • Cheetah Sqaud
    Cheetah Sqaud11 orë më parë

    I've played bedrock almost my whole life. I got an amazon fire 7 for my 6th birthday and about only a couple months after that, my dad bought Minecraft on it! I've played Minecraft before that, I think since I was 4 since both my grandmothers had an iPad with Minecraft on it, every time I went to their houses, I would go play Minecraft! Anyways, the first world I ever created was "House World". I knew I think 3 things about the game: There are mobs at night, Creepers can explode you day AND night, and you have to use crafting tables. I didn't know how to build a house or anything! I spawned on an island and I just dug a hole in the ground and put some stuff in it and called it a house. I soon later had an idea in the car that I would build a house using wooden planks, the idea, of course, worked! Ever since then I played Minecraft every day when I got home from school, until 1 year later when I stopped. I got a computer for my 7th birthday and although I didn't have Minecraft, instead of going home and playing Minecraft, I would go home and watch youtube or play a game. I stopped playing Minecraft for months! Except I got back into Minecraft before a glitch happened and I stopped again. I finally got a new computer recently (A little before my 8th birthday), that could download Minecraft using Linux! This would be my first time using the keyboard and java! I wasn't very much a noob by then, at least on bedrock so I learned the basics. How to change the controls to arrow keys and make the running shift, which is what I was used to in other games I've played. Until Linux shut down. I learned how to use "Developer mode" on a Chromebook but it shut down Linux and everything else. I finally got Linux back up and running, but Minecraft would now crash every minute, and would be EXTREMELY laggy!!! It actually took me about 5 minutes just to walk to a tree (Not counting me having to deal with it crashing over and over). I finally stopped playing Minecraft and uninstalled it from my computer, knowing it'll never work again. But one day at a GameStop with my grandma, the cashier said they had Minecraft in the back while we were talking about it. I said I'd see it, and it was Minecraft! A good 'ol bedrock Minecraft! I was still in love with Minecraft, even without playing it for months, so I took it, and it's still my favorite game to this day. That's my history of me playing bedrock almost my entire life.

  • Mr GamerYT
    Mr GamerYT14 orë më parë

    as a bedrock player, i can say with 100% certainty that java is better

  • Gunstarrhero
    Gunstarrhero21 orë më parë

    its funny how you mention we cant interchange or interplay between versions to play with others on different versions... its not impossible for someone to write something in c, c++, or java to allow bedrock and java to play together over a server, commercial, local, or long distance. if java edition uses a virtual machine , someone can implement a "interpretation layer" to java, even so its simple as building a data set. i dont have the skills myself, but i know it can be done. either way, written in c, c++ for java is possible granted someone has to know how one and the other works to make it work and "import" or "port "code" or programming to the VM. it could just be a simple mod. its not impossible, someone will get it eventually

  • Mr3EE3
    Mr3EE3Ditë më parë

    There should really be a Parity Update ya know?

  • ShaunOnlyPlays YT
    ShaunOnlyPlays YT2 ditë më parë

    Everyone is literally killing each other because of the debate but gigachads play both versions so they can play with everyone

  • Yona Gqolodashe
    Yona Gqolodashe2 ditë më parë

    You just favor bedrock edition

  • Don Productions
    Don Productions2 ditë më parë

    I stay out of this debate because all of my nostalgia is in the legacy edition. Nowadays I play all three versions.

  • MoonApple
    MoonApple2 ditë më parë

    minecraft cup of coffee edition vs minecraft bugrock edition

  • MoonApple
    MoonApple2 ditë më parë

    *laughs in legacy console edition*

  • wendy Fridley
    wendy Fridley3 ditë më parë

    i grew up playing both versions am i special

  • KomreedJR
    KomreedJR3 ditë më parë

    Java addition is better because it has the infinite dimensions snapshot. And Java has spectacle arrows. In Java also has spectator mode and better commands. In Java addition you can put anything in your offhand. Java has more World textures.

  • Soren Skousen
    Soren Skousen4 ditë më parë

    Honestly my take on it is that for casual players bedrock is more accessible and you can more easily play with all your friends, and then Java is better for more dedicated players.

  • Cute Entity
    Cute Entity4 ditë më parë

    i played both versions but Java just feels better for me but i mostly played bedrock edition on phone and Java on computer and everything is hard to control on phone so maybe if played bedrock edition on my computer i would like both the same.

  • Soldier Fox
    Soldier Fox4 ditë më parë

    I used to think I was a civil man who believed in Minecraft unification but then I realised... Mojang is our problem I mean who's fault is it for staring the debate the ones fighting it or the one fueling it? either way I carry both of them deep in my heart as I have had many experiences and fond memories with java and bedrock I just prefer just a little of java because of mods.

  • We All Like it So Milk It
    We All Like it So Milk It5 ditë më parë

    Im a bedrock player and I can say that 100% Muck is Best Version

  • upwardirt
    upwardirt5 ditë më parë

    Most Java players complain about bedrock.

  • GhostMiner
    GhostMiner5 ditë më parë

    The best or worst thing that can happen to you is when you get into an argument with entitled, idlot kid. I got into such argument yesterday and that kid had no idea what to do so he just started the generic "doubt everything" strategy and in the end he even used the pointless level system every discord bot has to devalueate my arguments against his dump of brain fart.

  • 2ManyGoats
    2ManyGoats6 ditë më parë

    When java developers learn what a controller is, I'll be on Java. Same goes for many

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
    Kaiser Wilhelm II6 ditë më parë

    I still have pocket edition lite.

  • Elliander Eldridge
    Elliander Eldridge6 ditë më parë

    Here's my issue with Bedrock : It's locked behind the Windows Store. That's a problem because not everyone is capable of running windows apps at all. Even after buying it you have to keep windows updated in order to install new windows apps whereas the Java Edition just works. Even those who keep windows updated could have issues installing it. Unless and until it's even possible for everyone to run it I don't see the point in dealing with it. Thankfully the windows store might get replaced soon so hopefully that will change in the near future.

  • Logan Burns
    Logan Burns6 ditë më parë

    so from what i got from this was mojang is dumb and makes java seem like its the minor version java is for plp who like redstone (pvp is better here however that block trick rly helps (i think idk tho)) bedrock is for plp who want to play bedwars and stuff like that

  • Uboamare
    Uboamare6 ditë më parë

    Tbh I probably wouldn't be playing Bedrock if Microsoft didn't decide to perish the Switch version of Minecraft to replace it with the console port of Bedrock.

  • Cross Sans
    Cross Sans6 ditë më parë

    Java Wither : ......... Bedrock Wither : I'm About To Destroy This Man Whole World

  • Hoekage
    Hoekage7 ditë më parë

    Well, if u had fun then its fun

  • FrOxDog Gaming
    FrOxDog Gaming7 ditë më parë


  • 8
    87 ditë më parë

    people who debate over which one is better are just whiny

  • Colton Bailey
    Colton Bailey7 ditë më parë

    i have a mix in them so not mad.

  • Joshuacarre youtube
    Joshuacarre youtube7 ditë më parë

    I miss minecraft pocket edition

  • Ryan lol
    Ryan lol7 ditë më parë

    I don’t hate either edition- I grew up on pocket and now post Java uwu

  • Joshuacarre youtube

    Joshuacarre youtube

    7 ditë më parë

    Rip minecraft pocket edition

  • Nobody
    Nobody8 ditë më parë

    I have played bedrock with my friends for over 4 years now, I've built plenty of structures, beaten the game plenty of times, and I met new people and I can say I did not hesitate when switching to java. everything on java seems just more natural. It feels like it's the way Minecraft was supposed to be played.

  • cactusgirl
    cactusgirl8 ditë më parë

    As a bedrock and Java player I think they are the same sure some have better things than the others but I think this shouldn’t have started

  • Pokie Gaming
    Pokie Gaming8 ditë më parë

    Atleast we don't play on Education Edition.

  • Vepatj
    Vepatj9 ditë më parë

    14:09 GeyserMc: Allow me to introduce myself

  • MömpfLP
    MömpfLP9 ditë më parë

    Modding belongs to the identify of Minecraft, microtransactions do not. Microsaft doesn't want to merge the versions. They want to sell the "same" game to the same users twice.

  • Tuck's Handmade Goods
    Tuck's Handmade Goods9 ditë më parë

    Started on friends Xbox, playe on PE until moved to my own X360, went from there to X1 and quit.. went from there to Java and honestly just sit at a balanced between 360 edition and Java. There's just such a nice nostalgia from both. Honestly I kinda fell off a bit after bedrock just because I lost interest but pre X1 PE edition and 360 are slightly higher in my list just because I started there.

  • Sesshomaru
    Sesshomaru9 ditë më parë

    I've only played bedrock but I've seen game play of Java. From what I've gathered is that you can do so much more in Java than you can in bedrock. Java has better mods and servers, as well as texture packs. You can even create your own world in Java. Java also has far more people than bedrock does. I'm tempted to just buy java.....but I'm hesitant since I dont like playing on my computer. Bedrock does have things going for it that Java doesn't, which you have already stated in the video. And lets not forget about the bugs and hackers that are festering on java.

  • ClamityCannon
    ClamityCannon9 ditë më parë

    You Forgot one version on Minecraft. Console edition. AKA xbox 1 and 360 ed.

  • Rien the I like trains kid
    Rien the I like trains kid9 ditë më parë

    What really annoys me is when I try to make a redstone circuit in minecraft and it doesn't work because it's bedrock

  • Alessio M

    Alessio M

    5 ditë më parë

    You have to see how redstone components react to each other, experiment with it and then you can do anything, if you are following a java tutorial you can adapt it to bedrock with some new logic, but it's funnier to invent the contraptions yourself.

  • Rien the I like trains kid
    Rien the I like trains kid9 ditë më parë

    I don't exactly think that I would be drawn into the debate, because I've never played java.

  • Doc Plays
    Doc Plays10 ditë më parë

    There are some aspects of Bedrock Edition that I find annoying like the limited double wielding, redstone, etc. but I still enjoy the game

  • Randy Kalff
    Randy Kalff10 ditë më parë

    It doesn't help that children will always buy or get whatever seems most official. By making the Bedrock edition look more official, they're making the kids who used to start with Java get a Bedrock account. I've noticed it myself in my interactions that most Java players are people who bought the game at least a few years ago and easily half of Bedrock players got it very recently. This makes one side artificially more mature than the other, despite the source versions being of similar ages. I should know, I was one of those annoying kids back when I got it on multiple platforms, but I focused on Java because that was the PC version. I'm now 23, but if younger me was around now, he very well may have played Bedrock on the PC instead.

  • Guess Time
    Guess Time11 ditë më parë

    Seeing clips of pocket edition brings back memories.

  • hellojello
    hellojello11 ditë më parë

    im team bedrock my favorite minecraft youtuber is ibxtoycat

  • Olivia
    Olivia11 ditë më parë

    The uncanny valley is exactly it. I can immediately tell which version it is, because even the basic movement is so different. I did my best to get into Bedrock, but being used to Java made it really hard.

  • nicholas plays
    nicholas plays12 ditë më parë

    I've never played java so I'm not doing anything about fighting

  • SonicPhoenix
    SonicPhoenix12 ditë më parë

    ive always loved pocket but upon playing windows 10... jeez what a bad conversion it feels so unoptimized the input lag is insane and despite what everyone says about javas performance ive found it runs at like twice the framerate of bedrock much more consistently, maybe its something to do with my pc but i dont know bedrock feels like it was designed for another platform, which it was

  • clara :v
    clara :v13 ditë më parë

    I switched from Java to Bedrock, both are great

  • Tarruvi ψ
    Tarruvi ψ13 ditë më parë

    I’ve played Java with my best friends since 2011-2012. It’s the only edition I’ll ever play.

  • EbonyGyro
    EbonyGyro13 ditë më parë

    Why do we need 2 Minecrafts? Not that i hate bedrock edition, but java is the og version.

  • SeaWarShark
    SeaWarShark14 ditë më parë

    It's Minecraft... *Play it*

  • Lol apsole
    Lol apsole14 ditë më parë

    Okay ima just put this out Java’s wither is a soft newborn cat compared to bedrock

    NOBUE14 ditë më parë

    Java has a advantage when it comes to tinkering with the game, if that is with redstone or with mods doesn't really matter. Bedrock is worse at that because it doesn't use the popular programing language Java, however as far as I know Java is actually quite a slow programming language, which is why Bedrock can have a way faster rendering engine, and therfore better performance.

  • Tbug20
    Tbug2014 ditë më parë

    As a Bedrock player, I don't see Bedrock as being superior to Java. I see the two games as different versions of the same game with pros and cons to each, that when combined, just about balance out. I do own the java edition, but I have no real reason to play it because I like to play with my friends, all of which are on Bedrock. Not to mention I can play it on whatever platform I want to, like when a time limit was set on my phone so I went over to the Switch. Despite playing Bedrock, I do really wish some Java features would cross over, like banner shields, universal offhand, crawling, etc.

  • Local Weirdo
    Local Weirdo15 ditë më parë

    me who plays both *evil laughter*

  • People I Breathe Fresh O2.
    People I Breathe Fresh O2.16 ditë më parë

    "The font is even different!" Me: ***laughs in mojangles***

  • Delight
    Delight16 ditë më parë

    I started playing minecraft on beta 1.2 and even if i played java for years before bedrock arrived, I love both versions, I primarily play bedrock now because I enjoy playing on consoles more, and my friends all have different consoles, some play on phone, others on ps4, xbox, and I play on switch so we can always play that way, instead of being forced to be on the same platform, and also because my current pc is trash and it runs the game poorly compared to the pc i had back in 2011

  • Lohk
    Lohk16 ditë më parë

    I do redstone, command blocks and datapacks. Those are broken or inexistent in Bedrock. I don't like Bedrock because of that. The end. Bedrock is "good" if you do anything else.

  • Madolite
    Madolite16 ditë më parë

    The debate is angry because Bedrock Edition is the Master Race. :)

  • Muntz
    Muntz16 ditë më parë

    In bedrock edition skeletons do twice as much knockback. Skeletons annoy me more than any mob. I prefer Java

  • Arva_2008
    Arva_200816 ditë më parë

    bedrock can dye shulker with dye’s

  • Garrett the barbarian
    Garrett the barbarian16 ditë më parë

    I play bedrock because I dont have a pc/laptop but if I had a pc/laptop I would play Java all the time

  • elliott lava
    elliott lava16 ditë më parë

    a perfect example of hate to bedrock is that bedrock exlusive features are called 'bugs' while java bugs are called 'features'

  • Murderer Thompson
    Murderer Thompson17 ditë më parë


  • FrenemeiC
    FrenemeiC17 ditë më parë

    Java4life bedrock4win

  • Kalzaar
    Kalzaar17 ditë më parë

    Java is the only minecraft worth playing

  • Neves
    Neves17 ditë më parë

    I really don't know, i played bedrock edition until this year when I buy the java edition, i like the two versions. Java is better? Yes because have lots of mods and fun things but DUDE IN THE END IS THE SAME FUCKING GAME WHO CARES?

  • sersys1
    sersys118 ditë më parë

    Console was always the go to platform for stupid people who can't be bothered to learn at least basic IT skills, like using an OS. They are considered the same way as mentally disabled who require assistance in their activities: Aim assist, target selection assist, easy to navigate and select menus and gui, removal of tweak options and settings to prevent them to accidentally make their game unplayable and not being able to set it back to normal...

  • the big brain
    the big brain18 ditë më parë

    laughs in minecraft dungeons

  • K x8
    K x818 ditë më parë

    How would the timeline be if 2011 pocket edition was made in C++

  • The Son
    The Son18 ditë më parë

    Both are actually really Good im a Bedrock Player.But I always loved Java and Bedrock turned out being really Good

  • hotbm295
    hotbm29518 ditë më parë

    i grew up with the legacy edition (ps3 xbox 360 and the wii u) and i have both versions and i respect them both

  • TRS
    TRS19 ditë më parë

    Yeah but that's what makes each version special. Why do you want them to be the same? PC people will always play PC. And Console/Mobile Players will do what they always do. Like why do you need everything to be the exact same? Embrace the differences.

  • Grace Amuge
    Grace Amuge20 ditë më parë

    Yea I blame microsoft

  • UpstairsSwimmer
    UpstairsSwimmer20 ditë më parë

    So can we at least all agree that this "minecraft is minecraft" claim is kinda dumb now?

  • guy drinking orange juice
    guy drinking orange juice20 ditë më parë

    I like bedrock because of the optimization and it lets me get 60 fps on 16 chunks with a 50 dollar pc. Feature wise, however, I prefer Java.

    [PLAγERcLAUDE]21 ditë më parë

    Basically North Korea and South Korea

  • 7#€4R[#17¢7
    7#€4R[#17¢721 ditë më parë

    tbh since i tried bedrock ...pff it blew my mind just feels so much better also what i thinknis they should actually start fixing all those parity issues and then give java biyers free bedrock and stop java work

  • Guilherme Freitas Basso
    Guilherme Freitas Basso21 ditë më parë

    the only best experience I had with the bedrock version was rendering. the rest is just horrible in little different ways... try sharing a chest with a cell phone player while you use the pc and die inside

  • ceeP
    ceeP22 ditë më parë

    I compared playing java edition servers and bedrock edition servers and bedrock edition servers are far more laggier, although it has the added benefit of better looking servers like there are a lot more 'customization options' when making the servers, but it lacks the optimization and also inferior in the technical side of the game. Minecraft java edition servers are far better and a lot more optimized, it's easier to install mods and make servers. Java servers are also not as laggy compared to bedrock by a huge margin, in java 200ms feels like playing other games with 60ms, while in bedrock, 200ms feels like playing a game with 1000ms for some reason. Living in asia might count to another factor on this but, it's practically unplayable here to play a US bedrock server here, but in java, it's very much playable like normal. Bedrock on the other hand has cross platform, but it all falls apart there in where I live, since in asia, the only platform that you'd be playing with your friends is either your phone or your pc, so.. cross platform is barely useful since the phone is the only thing where you can play bedrock due to pricey consoles and everything. I've played PE/bedrock as long as i've played java, I actually started on PE/bedrock even, but bedrock just falls apart when cross platform isn't as useful in your region, yes bedrock has better UI, but java has far better multiplayer ofc i'm not saying that bedrock is a worse version of java, it just has less optimized servers if you live in a region that's alrdy full of unsupported games

  • Confidential Information
    Confidential Information22 ditë më parë

    Minecraft brothers and sisters, we must not fight. We must unite! There has got to be a way to combine both editions. Mojang/Microsoft must do something before the community destroys itself.

  • Kreston
    Kreston22 ditë më parë

    as a java player, bedrock screams out *money*

  • Sammy Bost
    Sammy Bost22 ditë më parë

    Me who has both Versions: BRUH

  • Sandvich of the Sea
    Sandvich of the Sea23 ditë më parë

    You could say, that ROCKing the boat, can be quite JARing! Get it, get it? Because bedROCK, And a java file is called a .JAR file! I'll see my self out

  • Charlie
    Charlie23 ditë më parë

    I'm a java user and I have no idea why you would insult someone for them using the other version than you

  • Notminecraft69
    Notminecraft6923 ditë më parë

    Personally I prefer Java because of the huge modding community and player community. But I respect who likes bedrock it’s got a lot of cool features anyway.

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    And my sister played every single version of the game.

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    Besides we are bedrock players and their both so fun to play

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    Truman and I never played another version, we just played updates, so if Minecraft pocket edition was renamed to Minecraft doesn’t mean it’s the correct version, the correct version is Minecraft Java edition version 1.15.2

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    All of us know we can’t join each other because it’s a different version.

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë


  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë


  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    But how are the names that mysterious? Their just names.

  • Freeman Scott
    Freeman Scott23 ditë më parë

    This makes no sense! How can’t somebody live that long? It’s just a game and it has some scary myths, so how is that guy gonna prove what he’s done? Anyways you’re just showing old bedrock edition, also you’re showing all of us an evolution of the game. So if it’s not the same it’s because the update.

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