How to Trick Your Brain to Like Doing Hard Things - Atomic Habits by James Clear

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    “Hello sisters “ James Charles

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    “I cry myself to sleep every night because I was never given a meaning and realize I must find my own meaning yet I’m crushed by the fear that I’ll never find my purpose and will live a pointlessly empty life forever” - me 😫🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    "This type of videos oversimplify things and never work if you try to apply them". Rocket Raccoon.

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    Should i listen to this and Learn Something or Actually do my Studies and Homework because i have 3 days left.

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    "Your hole is my goal." - Mahatma Ghandi

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    All I need to do now is trick my brain into watching this video.

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    "Why is everyone quoting everyone?" -BurgerQueen

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    N I skipped this coz it is 23 min long🧐

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    this is really helpful. im struggling in finishing my modules and this video help me a lot.

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    “1000 cases”

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    Awesome video!!

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    You pause the video at the 25/5 and tell the audience to actually do it, and emphasize its importance before hand. Now that I know what it is, I’m going to change my answers. -my 1% improvement on being more helpful lol

  • Hillary Butterworth
    Hillary Butterworth4 ditë më parë

    This is way more helpful than I thought it would be. Not just another hustle culture vid.

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    I want to trick my brain to like doing hard things like doing my assignments.

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    It took me a long time trying to trick my brain into watching this video

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    "Motivation comes after you start"

  • Kodey Gray
    Kodey Gray6 ditë më parë

    Listen to the whole thing. Those who are seeking specific studies: 0:00 aggregation of marginal gains (1%/day) 3:38 psychology of aging (positive / negative mindset) 7:01 Ruthless elimination 9:48 the 25-5 rule 11:46 the three R's of habit formation 14:04 the two minute rule 15:23 pre-commitment 18:43 keystone habits

  • Yellow Dough
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    Keystone habit .... to ripple out to other things in your life

  • Yellow Dough
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    Motivation comes after starting, not before .... focus on the 1st 2minutes

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    @OLDENSPACE I also like how nobody knows or even cares about you lol, jk i was just bored and I had to respond to stupid comments like yours



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    i like how you're a youtuber with half a million subscribers yet you've only got 6 likes

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    I'm a girl and growing up I thought that being a female I am weaker than males. I tried doing stuff that usually males do, just like carrying heavy things or trying to make a dog house or even doing carpentry at home. I sometimes hurt myself but I get things done and I'm happy about it. It's just how you perceive things. You can do everything by just thinking that it could be possible.

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    Stop comparing yourself to men and be the best damn woman possible.

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    That sucks, especially because women are naturally stronger mentally wise and can be as strong if not stronger physically wise. We just have to work harder for the second part.

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    18:15 how manipulation with grafs is worked

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    Read this, feel something. Then fall back to the ALthe pithole and do nothing again.

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    "you've wasted 23:09 of your time" - you're welcome

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    Do what you do not want to do today, so that you may do what others cannot do tomorrow.

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    21:25 Something I've had to overcome growing up in the "hood".

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    He’s talking about “Kaizen”. Continuous incremental improvement

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    James Clear is quickly becoming the best motivational speaker and he doesn't have to yell at the top of his lungs to get his message across

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    "I see!" said the blind man as he pissed into the wind. "It all comes back to me "

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    But wouldnt your brain know that your just doing these things to trick yourself into getting better? I dont think you can trick yourself

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    My brain is going to know i am trying to trick it when i watch this

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    I just want to die at this point. I'm too lazy to exist

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    @araminta no hate, but some of us just simply hate existing and having to face ugly reality everyday. And being lazy will make your life worse, since it's looked down on and will get you nowhere TnT

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    @araminta it hurts way to much. The weak getting exploited by the strong. Every one of us is causeing so much suffering. I don't want to be part in this madness. Work Hard for what? To make some asshole richer then he already is? To exploit the planet even further? I'm not afraid of Hell because we already live in it!

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    just exist simply! no need to solve world hunger, do the things you love most, be lazy! there's absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

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    Thank you for this video and provides actionable ideas. So many videos are structured like the study you covered. They don't provide the motivation and the ability to write out the one action sentence that commits us to it.

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    Tell yourself that you will do it and you will enjoy it, and when you are done you will look at it and say that it is good because it is fruitful and complete. Then, actually do it, enjoy it, see the results of your work, tell yourself it is good and move on. When you see that something is good, it's easier to move on from. When you sleep you convert short term memory into long term memory. Most people with anxiety and depression small obstacles pile onto all the problems they haven't dealt with, haven't moved past, or haven't completed. Or if they did complete it they don't feel good about it because they criticize themselves, or someone else does. Causing their short term memory to convert bad memories into long term memory. But alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and work that is done is more beautiful to behold than work allowed to rot and stagnate, which is bad for the body, mind, and spirit. You have to be willing, through sickness and health, through blood sweat and tears to finish the task at hand. It is the first exercise you have to develop commitment and sacrifice, the two main qualities of productivity and success. Raise yourself like your parents never did. And most importantly, keep moving because decay follows.

  • Jorian X
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    First you must become, then you will act, then you will receive.

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  • Axisle


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