Racist Superman | Rudy Mancuso, Justin Bieber, Anwar Jibawi & King Bach


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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso2 vjet më parë

    Enjoy. Who is your favorite Superman?

  • Justnonkiwi Edits

    Justnonkiwi Edits

    Ditë më parë


  • The YamYax Pack

    The YamYax Pack

    5 ditë më parë

    Rudy and justin

  • Rajiv Basnet Official

    Rajiv Basnet Official

    10 ditë më parë

    Canadian (JB)

  • Fc McFlurry

    Fc McFlurry

    25 ditë më parë

    Asian. I Owen. This place

  • Diego Dragon Ball Z

    Diego Dragon Ball Z

    28 ditë më parë

    Asian Superman he funny and Jewish Superman 😂

    FLAME TRONEOrë më parë

    Asian,s are note like Chinese.

  • Missmallows
    MissmallowsOrë më parë

    supa many

  • Haru Yoshida's complaints about Life
    Haru Yoshida's complaints about Life2 orë më parë

    Swedish Superman won

  • Ninja Tourney
    Ninja Tourney6 orë më parë

    Next skit: White Black Panther

  • Bernice Biosse
    Bernice Biosse7 orë më parë

    The Swedish super man is so "calm"

  • Velcron Studio
    Velcron Studio9 orë më parë

    They Forgot Russian Superman!

  • Harrison Birkbeck
    Harrison Birkbeck10 orë më parë

    Hey I believe he said nah she’s white what whrong with taht Hugh Hugh

  • Anne Banga
    Anne Banga10 orë më parë

    I started from the dessert now I'm here😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anne Banga
    Anne Banga10 orë më parë

    The stereotypes 😂😂😂😂😂

    JAMES IAN11 orë më parë

    That's bootleg

  • S
    S11 orë më parë

    Loved this 👏🏾😂

  • Unknown user
    Unknown user14 orë më parë

    The only time i liked justin biber is in this skit

  • The Mother Of God
    The Mother Of God15 orë më parë

    *Started from the desert now I'm here* Lmao

  • André Rivsar
    André Rivsar17 orë më parë


  • BeastKiller935
    BeastKiller93517 orë më parë

    *Real Superman shows up* you know, I’m not even from Earth. That’s makes all of you... IRRELEVANT.

    THE KING OFF ROBLOX IN BROOKHAVEN Rat Pham18 orë më parë

    Why dose Canada superman looks like Justin Bieber

  • abc abc
    abc abc21 orë më parë

    Beliebers here ? Justin Bieber's part starts at 6:06

  • thxsmx
    thxsmx22 orë më parë

    5:03 he broke the subtitles lmao

    ANUJ KUMARDitë më parë

    Tell me there is batman version of this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PyroJohn19
    PyroJohn19Ditë më parë

    Jewish Superman is kinda redundant. Clark Kent was based off Jewish faith.

  • Jeje Liztian
    Jeje LiztianDitë më parë



    “If I pull out a fresh watermelon would you eat it” “U got some right now” “Ur ridiculous” This is the best part 😂

  • James Thomas
    James ThomasDitë më parë


  • Criskent Cacho
    Criskent CachoDitë më parë

    I died when Justin said I loved Pokémon growing up

  • Daniel rogers
    Daniel rogersDitë më parë

    Superman technically is an illegal immigrant

  • Tauseef ashraf
    Tauseef ashrafDitë më parë

    hernan guerra is hispanic superman

  • Carlos Samiano
    Carlos SamianoDitë më parë


  • Ellie ._.chxver
    Ellie ._.chxverDitë më parë

    “ Asian super hard working so cute so handsome “ I can’t 😂

  • Iron -ez
    Iron -ezDitë më parë


  • Nosa Sour
    Nosa SourDitë më parë

    super juan

  • Jinno Kuma
    Jinno KumaDitë më parë

    I loved Pokemon growing up 🤣

  • Abiud Iliya Adamu
    Abiud Iliya AdamuDitë më parë

    U come with subtitle😂😂 that part got me good 🤣🤣

  • cxllin
    cxllinDitë më parë

    "super juan" lol

  • Azeezat Ibikunle
    Azeezat IbikunleDitë më parë

    I love you 😍😍

  • david owolabi
    david owolabiDitë më parë

    Gosh, the waiter looked so much like Selena 6:39 😂

  • david owolabi
    david owolabiDitë më parë

    Gosh, the waiter looked so much like Selena 6:39 😂

  • Bob Justin
    Bob JustinDitë më parë

    6:02 ritch boy and racist boy

  • Justin Musa
    Justin Musa2 ditë më parë

    when i heard 450 i knew that is was Asian superman wow they b smart

  • HeadDetectiveLassie
    HeadDetectiveLassie2 ditë më parë

    Y'all talking about Justin Bieber, but is that Maia Mitchell I spot?

  • Ale Anchez
    Ale Anchez2 ditë më parë

    I think black superman is the coolest the real superman

  • Happymod Hack
    Happymod Hack2 ditë më parë


  • javeen fearon
    javeen fearon2 ditë më parë


  • Geremy Malone
    Geremy Malone2 ditë më parë

    (King Bach)Black Superman always has me dead

  • Sunil Bhai
    Sunil Bhai2 ditë më parë

    there guy every country of Super Duper Man. 😅😅💝💘💯

  • Patrick Htoomyat
    Patrick Htoomyat2 ditë më parë


  • HerAaA Aaaa
    HerAaA Aaaa2 ditë më parë


  • YakuZa
    YakuZa3 ditë më parë

    canadian supaman lookin like jb

  • Robyn Forbes
    Robyn Forbes3 ditë më parë

    Was that- was that Maia Mitchell?

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith3 ditë më parë

    Supermans: 1. Hispanic Superman 2. Black Superman 3. Asian Superman 4. Jewish Superman 5. Middle Eastern Superman 6. French Superman 7. Swedish Superman 8. Canadian Superman

  • La Gozadera
    La Gozadera3 ditë më parë


  • Blazed ψ
    Blazed ψ3 ditë më parë

    It’s been 2 years and I’m just now realizing that Canadian Superman is Justin Bieber

    MONAMI 3G3 ditë më parë

    "U come with subtitles"😂😂😂

  • Rayツ
    Rayツ4 ditë më parë

    "The Most Ambitious Crossover In History"

  • Mo gaming Memes
    Mo gaming Memes4 ditë më parë

    Is it just me or kind superman is Justin Bieber

  • Mike Nsumu
    Mike Nsumu4 ditë më parë

    U here for Justin Bieber right ?

  • Taiwo Odekunle
    Taiwo Odekunle5 ditë më parë

    The fact that he has friends from different races.

  • 4 2

    4 2

    Ditë më parë


  • wired kid
    wired kid5 ditë më parë

    I am Jewish and i live in israel haaa i think that i am the only Jewish that watch this video שלום חברים מה קורה

  • Jacob Clements
    Jacob Clements5 ditë më parë

    Justin Bieber bro

  • OmegaHombre109 ,
    OmegaHombre109 ,5 ditë më parë


  • Anastasia Great
    Anastasia Great5 ditë më parë

    If there was a Russian superman he'd win everyone when they were drinking 😂👌🏻

  • Mohamed Isse
    Mohamed Isse5 ditë më parë

    Chia Superman

  • OOFSouler
    OOFSouler5 ditë më parë

    Rudy: “What do we all have in common?” Bach: *d^cks*

  • Oreos nMilk
    Oreos nMilk5 ditë më parë

    Idk I think I've seen all the d prints😶

  • Oreos nMilk
    Oreos nMilk5 ditë më parë

    I'm so done😂😂

  • All About Vaya
    All About Vaya5 ditë më parë

    I've seen this video so many times and NEVER NOTICED JUSTIN

  • Sevad Puskar
    Sevad Puskar5 ditë më parë

    Šiša brat mojjjjj the best šhiša

  • Yonas 011
    Yonas 0115 ditë më parë

    @2:29 subtitles on

  • Afrizahra Bihan
    Afrizahra Bihan6 ditë më parë

    Fateemaaaaa hahahah

  • PrinceArab 999
    PrinceArab 9996 ditë më parë

    King bach is canadian 🇨🇦 also

  • scarface
    scarface6 ditë më parë

    “What do we all have in common?” “Dicks”

  • Fun Facts
    Fun Facts6 ditë më parë

    Actually JB's schedule was tight,so he left the location very soon . That's what actually happened.

  • Akinyosola Akinrefon
    Akinyosola Akinrefon6 ditë më parë

    How did u get Justin Bieber ??

    FARDIN AHMED TAMEEM6 ditë më parë

    Did any one notice alesso ???

  • Drew Blue
    Drew Blue6 ditë më parë

    You know canadian superman is Justin Bieber

  • Double G Beats
    Double G Beats6 ditë më parë

    Please can anyone tell what song is swedish Superman playing?

  • Butters
    Butters6 ditë më parë

    Justin Bieber is in here.

  • Mikhayla R
    Mikhayla R6 ditë më parë

    wait that was actually Justin Bieber and Maia Mitchell , no wonder they looked familiar 😂

  • B o n B o n S k i t t l e s
    B o n B o n S k i t t l e s6 ditë më parë

    OH MY GOD-

  • Soul Revenant
    Soul Revenant6 ditë më parë

    Jewish Superman sad big and small

  • Gbemiga Odujoko
    Gbemiga Odujoko7 ditë më parë

    Everyone: watching the video looking at every version of superman. Me: Wait where's white superman?

  • hello its me kenneth the adormeo
    hello its me kenneth the adormeo7 ditë më parë

    I'm waiting for Russian superman

  • Josh Chong
    Josh Chong7 ditë më parë

    6:41 Justin Bieber

  • William Nevings
    William Nevings7 ditë më parë

    5:58 1st one on the test

  • Tenzin Choeying
    Tenzin Choeying7 ditë më parë

    My favorite was Asian Superman because I’m Asian

  • Jeremias Pineda
    Jeremias Pineda7 ditë më parë


  • Penguin cage
    Penguin cage7 ditë më parë

    You said there was no Hispanic superhero’s blue beetle

  • Ruben Andrade
    Ruben Andrade7 ditë më parë

    People love black people I dont I got beat by a black man and he was trying to touch my cousin

  • N I K O
    N I K O7 ditë më parë

    8:08 how the fu*#?😶😶🤪😝

  • Achromatic95
    Achromatic957 ditë më parë

    Why wasn't Anwar middle eastern superman?

  • DoomChani
    DoomChani7 ditë më parë

    Jewish Superman dominates

  • Dyano Adiarivera
    Dyano Adiarivera8 ditë më parë

    Me realized that's JB

  • Dan Carte
    Dan Carte8 ditë më parë

    Ok but I forgot Justin Bieber was Canadian

  • Pattersonfam Acheson
    Pattersonfam Acheson8 ditë më parë

    Is that Justin Bieber

  • Pattersonfam Acheson
    Pattersonfam Acheson8 ditë më parë

    I vote black super man and Hispanic superman no offense

  • Flip my Cookies gaming
    Flip my Cookies gaming8 ditë më parë

    Holy crap, justin bieber is actualy in this video

  • WaKe
    WaKe8 ditë më parë

    Where’s Justin Bieber

  • masterjedi gus
    masterjedi gus8 ditë më parë

    Who watching right now

  • Dr. Smd Abbas
    Dr. Smd Abbas8 ditë më parë


  • DEVASHISH pandey
    DEVASHISH pandey9 ditë më parë


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