The Gift Basket | Gabriel Iglesias


Happy throwback Thursday from 2013!

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  • Max Devo
    Max DevoVit më parë

    Fluffy: "Martin and I..." Everyone: *grabs popcorn and leans in with anticipation*

  • Tireena Moore

    Tireena Moore

    28 ditë më parë

    "So this one time at camp"

  • Tireena Moore

    Tireena Moore

    Muaj më parë

    We all start laughing with those words cause we know it's gonan be a bomb story

  • Lyubov Slomania

    Lyubov Slomania

    3 muaj më parë

    Some guy: I’ve gotta send Gabriel a racist gift basket that includes an application for US citezenship.

  • ultimatebishoujo29


    4 muaj më parë

    It’s true though

  • Draw With Me

    Draw With Me

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  • botheinfamous
    botheinfamousVit më parë

    "No one smells chicken and thinks of racism." Wise words.

  • Hye-seon Kim

    Hye-seon Kim

    5 ditë më parë

    Unless your a vegan. 😂

  • Carl Fagerstrom

    Carl Fagerstrom

    7 ditë më parë

    @Greenkitten45 I think the same thing, I completely agree!

  • Dgamer 43

    Dgamer 43

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  • J J

    J J

    Muaj më parë

    I'm eating a chicken right now. I smell chicken and I think, *dinner.* Rotisserie chickens are pretty cheap at grocery stores now!

  • Lyubov Slomania

    Lyubov Slomania

    3 muaj më parë

    This fluffy bastard is eating my chicken!!!!

  • Megalodon78.Fcollard
    Megalodon78.Fcollard9 muaj më parë

    "This f*****g bastard is eating my chicken!" The best line I've heard.

  • Andrew Smoot

    Andrew Smoot

    Muaj më parë

    @SonicSlicer what's even weirder is that the original captions say F***ing, not Fluffy which can be clearly heard in the uncensored version.

  • SonicSlicer


    Muaj më parë

    @Andrew Smoot I dunno, dude, ALthe is a strange creature.

  • Andrew Smoot

    Andrew Smoot

    Muaj më parë

    @SonicSlicer Well, they're not doing a very good job if they can't tell the difference between fluffy and f***ing.

  • SonicSlicer


    Muaj më parë

    @Andrew Smoot ALthe watches out for that mess, dude.

  • AnimeSurferKing99


    Muaj më parë

    @Andrew Smoot Thanks 👍

  • Cayden Okeeffe
    Cayden OkeeffeVit më parë

    Fluffy eats the chicken: "Top 10 anime betrayals!"

  • John Leed

    John Leed

    3 muaj më parë

    Accurate. 😂

  • DragonPsycho


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  • Anterior Fall

    Anterior Fall

    5 muaj më parë

    your welcome my like is what helped you hit 1k

  • Tzivia Berow
    Tzivia Berow10 muaj më parë

    The story always cracks me up, but watching Gabriel's reactions while G tells his side is doubly hilarious!

  • ultimatebishoujo29


    4 muaj më parë

    I know right?

  • Dominique Campbell
    Dominique Campbell2 vjet më parë

    “Nobody smells chicken and thinks of racism” Yeah, Fluffy definitely changed that for me😂😂😂😂

  • arulstar Kota

    arulstar Kota

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  • Art's Life

    Art's Life

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  • bobbg


    10 muaj më parë

    @Nitai It is the stereo type foods and items in the basket people might associate with a black person's needs and wants . If he sent lobster insted of chiken it wouldn't have been funny only may have tasted better. You might send a person from Japan an egg roll, Jewish person a kosher foods,a German person sausage A Mexican person tacos Italian person speggite But becuse were in America any person from any background might eat any one of any of the foods or use any of the items. IT dosnt mean any one person might eat a food group thats ethnic for that group type. Not all black men like chiken l, some Irish people don't eat corned beef and cabbage. Its foods associated with a ethnically background

  • bobbg


    10 muaj më parë

    @Ezekiel 37 Go back to sleep.

  • bobbg


    10 muaj më parë

    Now we smell chiken we think of Fluffy!

  • Alberto Eusebio
    Alberto EusebioVit më parë

    The conviction in G's voice when he accused Fluffy of eating his chicken was the perfect punchline!

  • No Name

    No Name

    Muaj më parë

    @ZKOnExPo No, it's called being a thief

  • Mason Morey

    Mason Morey

    2 muaj më parë

    @ZKOnExPo He copied and pasted the exact comment I saw beneath his own. They were identical.

  • ZKOnExPo


    2 muaj më parë

    @Lyubov Slomania "I didn't want you to get offended Fluffy I wanted you to laugh"

  • ZKOnExPo


    2 muaj më parë

    @Mason Morey Dude many people could think of the same thing if you scroll down enough on any video you'll see three or four comments talking about the same thing it's called being observant

  • Lyubov Slomania

    Lyubov Slomania

    3 muaj më parë

    *Gabriel pulls out a brick* “What’s this for” Guy: The wall!! *Pulls out an application for US citezenship* 😳

  • l- Echo -l
    l- Echo -lVit më parë

    How can he have a white,black,old,young,male,female voice and theyre all so accurate Edit:Ok some ppl are overthinking this and saying “it’s regional accents not “white” or “black” accents” WE KNOW just stop overthinking it you know what I mean

  • Farrah Woods

    Farrah Woods

    Muaj më parë

    It takes a lot of practice to be able to copy voices especially if you're trying a voice of the opposite gender

  • Farrah Woods

    Farrah Woods

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  • I'm Rnkxi

    I'm Rnkxi

    2 muaj më parë

    @ᛁᛚᛗᚫᚱᛁ omfg bro did you want him to say “an American white male” “an African American male” get over yourself

  • Darth_osas


    3 muaj më parë

    @DatBitch KeepingitReal exactly brother

  • Darth_osas


    3 muaj më parë

    @ᛁᛚᛗᚫᚱᛁ but their both still white accents, stop getting offended at the smallest shit you snowflake bumbaclat

  • Titus D
    Titus DVit më parë

    I’m here isolated, I’m COVID positive and man I am laughing so hard the virus is literally leaving my body... I can feel the sickness ejecting from laughter

  • Maxuel BR

    Maxuel BR

    11 ditë më parë

    Same here.

  • Guadalupe Aguilera

    Guadalupe Aguilera

    3 muaj më parë

    Are you feeling better

  • Unicorn Frappuccino

    Unicorn Frappuccino

    4 muaj më parë

    Do you need a Racist Gift Basket? 😩💗

  • The Chicken Man

    The Chicken Man

    4 muaj më parë

    as they say, laughter is the best medicine

  • Darcy Kim Gyaltso

    Darcy Kim Gyaltso

    5 muaj më parë

    I hope you've recovered OP! I love your profile pic, we need you!

  • Einstein On Blitz
    Einstein On BlitzVit më parë

    Fluffy: "Martin and I..." Everyone: **grabs popcorn** "go ahead"

  • Enter-Username


    7 muaj më parë

    @AZ it’s a KKK joke

  • Zenstatic


    8 muaj më parë

    @AZ KKK, ku klux clan, google it

  • Funtime Foxy The ✨Idiot✨

    Funtime Foxy The ✨Idiot✨

    Vit më parë

    @AZ I don’t know either lol

  • AZ


    Vit më parë

    whats the ghosts with sheets joke? can someone explain?? sorry, im dumb. and also, im not from the same continent.

  • Funtime Foxy The ✨Idiot✨

    Funtime Foxy The ✨Idiot✨

    Vit më parë

    @David Wolford ok ALthe police

  • 41Brother
    41BrotherVit më parë

    "I am not doin it hell naw" "I'll give you 50 bucks" " *Where that mothaf***a at?* " 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fat Hippopotamus

    Fat Hippopotamus

    8 muaj më parë

    Look I’m not gay but 20$ is 20$

  • Marco Van Staden

    Marco Van Staden

    9 muaj më parë

    The way he said it too, just great delivery from Fluffy

  • DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza

    DoubleMonk050607 Mendoza

    9 muaj më parë

    So judgy until the dollar bills roll in

  • Yeet boy
    Yeet boy9 muaj më parë

    "And this f*cking bastard is EATING MY CHICKEN!" **Uncontrollable laughter**

  • Cinthia Meza

    Cinthia Meza

    Muaj më parë

    He had a ton of good quick soft punchline jokes in his whole set and then he hit us with the biggest heavy hitting punchline ever! Amazing 🦋!

  • Ivan Butler

    Ivan Butler

    7 muaj më parë

    @Kianna I thought I was going to die throughout the whole bit!



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  • Reason4234


    9 muaj më parë

    He left him alone with the chicken? Is he insane?

  • Key Epic
    Key EpicVit më parë

    I'm obsessed over his black woman voice😂😂😂, it's too good

  • Scissors


    15 ditë më parë

    Yo bro someone stole your comment

  • Hardik Koshti

    Hardik Koshti

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  • Anushervon Odilov

    Anushervon Odilov

    Muaj më parë

    copied and pasted my comment lol

  • Sunita Fisher

    Sunita Fisher

    Muaj më parë

    🌸 me too lol 😂

  • Yogesh Ambardekar

    Yogesh Ambardekar

    Muaj më parë

    It's so much accurate..

  • Kaffemarcus
    Kaffemarcus11 muaj më parë

    "You need Jesus, that's what you need!" Sorry, they did'nt sell him at the store.

  • Omega Soldier

    Omega Soldier

    2 muaj më parë

    @Jucy Deluca man, why are you bullying my best man JC huh? he just wants to have fun!

  • Jucy Deluca

    Jucy Deluca

    2 muaj më parë

    Please let's not play with Jesus name

  • Tzivia Berow

    Tzivia Berow

    4 muaj më parë

    @Ruttsu & Co. and fish!

  • Ruttsu & Co.

    Ruttsu & Co.

    4 muaj më parë

    They sell bread and wine, that’s close enough right?

  • Nerd Knight

    Nerd Knight

    5 muaj më parë

    “Y’all still going to Hell!”

  • Iron Rain Music
    Iron Rain MusicVit më parë

    Gabriel has a way of bringing us all together, not to laugh at each other but to laugh together and that's what we need more of

  • Little Miss Unoriginal
    Little Miss Unoriginal9 muaj më parë

    Fluffy: "this story is called, The Gift Basket" One dude in the audience: "YEAHH!!"

  • Treeman Nick

    Treeman Nick

    2 muaj më parë

    Isn’t that the guy that’s at literally every Microsoft e3?

  • Shadowblade and Lightin

    Shadowblade and Lightin

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  • Rabidchu
    RabidchuVit më parë

    Now I want to hear the cleaning lady's side of the story.

  • ultimatebishoujo29


    4 muaj më parë

    Lol me too

  • Han Paul
    Han PaulVit më parë

    I watched his over 10+ times. Still funny as hell

  • daudon thaydau
    daudon thaydauVit më parë

    “Nobody smells chicken and thinks of racism” Yeah, Fluffy definitely changed that for me😂😂😂😂

  • NeonFX
    NeonFX4 muaj më parë

    This never gets old xD I'm on my third watch and I still laugh my ass of

  • Amanda Cross
    Amanda CrossVit më parë

    You know you have a true friend where you can actually do this and remain friends and laugh with as a joke. And the fact he didnt even thought it was racist at first.

  • Yo wonwoo is FINE
    Yo wonwoo is FINE10 muaj më parë

    I love how he is so good at making sound effects and all of the accents😂😂

  • Dj0rel
    Dj0relVit më parë

    10:47 - This is the best part. The joke turned out funnier then G expected and he himself had laughed at it.😄

  • Anushervon Odilov
    Anushervon OdilovVit më parë

    *I'm literally obsessed over his black woman voice😂😂😂, it's too good*

  • alicia mildner

    alicia mildner

    2 ditë më parë

    Me too

  • Alexander the greater

    Alexander the greater

    6 ditë më parë

    @Jose Hernandez you need jesus

  • Kim Sanders

    Kim Sanders

    20 ditë më parë

    Yes he made the voice of comedian "Wanda Sikes" smelling the chicken..😂

  • Holló kutya

    Holló kutya

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  • call me angie

    call me angie

    Muaj më parë


  • United Kingdom of Laramidia
    United Kingdom of Laramidia5 muaj më parë

    5:27 to 6:40 Man I was dying! I couldn't breathe, my face was turning red! I was drinking and I was laughing so hard for so long that it started coming out of my nose!!! I had to pause the video so I couldn't die from lack of air!!! Man this was a great video, what a great comedian I love this man's jokes!

  • Eshvar Ramanadhan 😄

    Eshvar Ramanadhan 😄

    5 muaj më parë

    Ik right lmao

  • Fatboi FrmDaTwon
    Fatboi FrmDaTwonVit më parë

    This made me smile. Visiting some older fluffy videos😭😆 been a while sense it’s been genuine! Thanks FLUFFY!

  • Salley Malia
    Salley MaliaVit më parë

    His accents are just out of this world, they make his bit sooo much better.

  • IceCreamJunkie


    5 ditë më parë

    And his car noises 😂

  • Red T
    Red TVit më parë

    "I would like for you to now hear, for the first time ever..." More like the seventh time, courtesy of rewatching this on ALthe. And I'm STILL looking forward to it!

  • Soham Palekar
    Soham Palekar2 vjet më parë

    Martin is like that one friend we all have who is a real bad influence on us.

  • 19panther43


    27 ditë më parë

    But you still go with it because you just KNOW it'll make a great story in a couple of years.

  • Jeremiah90526


    9 muaj më parë

    ..... Nope. I don't have a friend like Martin. I AM the Martin.

  • Tasneem Ahmed

    Tasneem Ahmed

    Vit më parë

    But you have the craziest, best, funniest stories with that kinda friend tho

  • shahzeb khan

    shahzeb khan

    Vit më parë

    I think people are lucky to have friend like martin(car free)

  • gabilirrubina


    Vit më parë

    Damn, I'm that kind of friend

  • Tahmidul Islam
    Tahmidul IslamVit më parë

    Never get tired watching his shows! One of the best comedians out there!

  • Vinson Dong
    Vinson DongVit më parë

    The conviction in G's voice when he accused Fluffy of eating his chicken was the perfect punchline!

  • Ronin47


    9 muaj më parë

    Stolen comment

  • Novody Giant
    Novody GiantMuaj më parë

    Gabriel's impressions are on point everytime and are amazing lmao

  • Jack Quinn
    Jack QuinnMuaj më parë

    I love how he delicately explains the whole point of the gift basket

  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas33Vit më parë

    His accents are just out of this world, they make his bit sooo much better.

  • sSsaayeemMm


    Muaj më parë

    Thats the bit

  • Michelle


    2 muaj më parë

    @someone2506 wym lol

  • Quinn Holloway

    Quinn Holloway

    5 muaj më parë

    i don't know how he makes the sounds well

  • Matthew Ferrantino

    Matthew Ferrantino

    6 muaj më parë

    not gonna lie my favorite accent he does is ''car door'' XD

  • someone2506


    7 muaj më parë

    @Don Soreno El Chapo Gringo was* He left comedy and became a sock-puppet for the white sjw elitists. Willfully oppressed against oppression.. Sad, he was good.

  • Krissy Peteara
    Krissy PetearaVit më parë

    This is one of my favorite stories he tells. I’ve watched it several times and I still die laughing

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael HunterVit më parë

    I love that joke I've seen it a couple times but it's still hilarious 😂

  • Louise Eirwen
    Louise EirwenVit më parë

    G's response to them was priceless, especially at the end there lol

  • RockinSwifty
    RockinSwifty4 muaj më parë

    It's had to have been at least seven years since I've heard this one. I remember every detail of this joke, from both sides of the coin, and it still cracks me up Every Time!

  • TTFL_Snake


    Muaj më parë

    He did say you'd never forget it 😆 🤣

  • American Motorsports Gaming
    American Motorsports GamingVit më parë

    He went to the Ventura Market just east of downtown, I used to know one of the clerks that verified the story is 100% true.

  • AKD


    13 ditë më parë

    Nice job using google maps!

  • 19panther43


    27 ditë më parë

    I love when this kind of thing happens. So cool

  • VivKittie32


    8 muaj më parë

    So awesome.. ❤️

  • Spy Zento

    Spy Zento

    9 muaj më parë

    @Tao-chanシ ok redditor

  • Tao-chanシ


    9 muaj më parë


  • Strappingly Handsome The Franchise Gambler
    Strappingly Handsome The Franchise Gambler10 muaj më parë

    I'm black and T 1st I was like this joke better be fuckn funny!! 😤then I heard it and I started crying 😢because it was the funniest story 🤣I've ever herd !! In my life, God bless you gabriel 🙏

  • Just a tire
    Just a tireVit më parë

    I've watched this video at least 5 times and I laugh every single time.

  • Maureen Smith
    Maureen Smith11 muaj më parë

    The best comic I’ve ever heard. Fluffy has talents.

  • Some random Kid
    Some random KidVit më parë

    "A Cd called: Bigger and Blacker" I laughed so hard, i subbed.

  • Hephsmith
    HephsmithVit më parë

    The conviction in G's voice when he accused Fluffy of eating his chicken was the perfect punchline!

  • Nerd Knight

    Nerd Knight

    Vit më parë

    No man messes with another man’s fried chicken

  • RedWarrior Ghearing

    RedWarrior Ghearing

    Vit më parë

    His rage was genuine

  • Apollo [SFM]

    Apollo [SFM]

    Vit më parë

    @Rolling Thunder dude fried chicken is my kryptonite. Especially Chick-Fil-A’s fried chicken

  • Rolling Thunder

    Rolling Thunder

    Vit më parë

    @Savage 47 I'm white as hell, I will fight a motherfucker over good fried chicken.

  • Savage 47

    Savage 47

    Vit më parë

    You don't steal a black man's chicken

  • Marcia Spiegel
    Marcia Spiegel9 muaj më parë

    It's just wonderful. Thank you again and again. I was having a rough day and you were great. Both of you.

  • VideoPipistrella
    VideoPipistrella11 muaj më parë

    This made me laugh so hard, such brilliant comedians, both of them!!

  • Paryul Jain
    Paryul JainVit më parë

    "They were going through the gift basket"...that part was most laughable 😂😂

  • Faze Chuy
    Faze ChuyVit më parë

    3:03 you Can judge me after in the parking lot 😂😂

  • Callme. AjTM
    Callme. AjTMVit më parë

    “You need Jesus that’s what chu need”😭😭😭

  • Vishesh Reddy

    Vishesh Reddy

    3 muaj më parë

    Ooh looooord... Looooooooord.... Gimme the strength LOL

  • Doaski Shino

    Doaski Shino

    5 muaj më parë

    Ohh the hell you didn’t

  • Parth Vasoya

    Parth Vasoya

    9 muaj më parë


  • KIT'sMain


    10 muaj më parë

    @Nerd Knight Yup

  • Nerd Knight

    Nerd Knight

    Vit më parë

    “Y’all still going to Hell”

  • Sam Sam
    Sam SamVit më parë

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

  • Stephen Beacham
    Stephen Beacham10 muaj më parë

    This is comedic art! Gabriel and his friends, I hope, live a joyful life because they can laugh. Always remember comedians laugh despite their pain.

  • Brent Middlemax
    Brent Middlemax3 muaj më parë

    I was laughing so loud my landlord cam down to ask me if everything was OK. I said to him with tears in my eyes, yes it was till G. Reilly got on stage. Thank you for sharing from Vancouver Island Canada.

  • Chubbs Anthony
    Chubbs Anthony7 muaj më parë

    Man both of y’all together are unbeatable. I watch others try and i cant seem to crack a smile. But yall got me rollin here

  • Papa Grounds
    Papa GroundsVit më parë

    I wish I had friends like them. Wouldn't be a boring day in my life!

  • Susan Fenlator
    Susan Fenlator2 muaj më parë

    Laughing so hard crying and boogers are out!!🥰💗

  • Roseanne Galvin
    Roseanne Galvin3 muaj më parë

    Love Gabriel!! Hilariously funny guys and great story. Laughter is absolutely the best medicine in these crazy times Thanks , I needed that 😅😂🤣😂

  • JPEG
    JPEG2 muaj më parë

    The fact that the workers helped makes it 10x funnier😂😂

  • Mason_TheGod
    Mason_TheGodVit më parë

    After this I could NOT stop laughing for 30 straight minutes! My family thought something was wrong! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fat Hippopotamus
    Fat Hippopotamus8 muaj më parë

    Damn fluffy can change his voice faster then I can ruin a conversation

  • Michaell Cortes

    Michaell Cortes

    23 orë më parë


  • Pamela Kelley
    Pamela KelleyVit më parë

    He is too funny! Love his impressions. Love u Fluffy!

  • mystic7
    mystic74 ditë më parë

    I seen this year's ago before the pandemic and it is very great, it's amazing that it had many stereo type references in it but yet instead of people getting offended they were all laughing. Even I was rolling on the floor

  • AM4S3
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  • Nyckole Hall

    Nyckole Hall

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  • Joachim Sudergat

    Joachim Sudergat

    Vit më parë

    Me too. I love those guys, the hell can be frozen, this men worm it up. I love it to see them on stage.

  • Cuboy'dMC


    Vit më parë

    @Harleen Kataria gtfo

  • Gaz TV inc.

    Gaz TV inc.

    Vit më parë

    OH GOD, SAME!!! I'm in danger of sever dhydration from cryingwith laughter and I can't fuckn BREATHE

  • Chazz Miller

    Chazz Miller

    Vit më parë


  • Michael Turner
    Michael Turner3 muaj më parë

    That’s awesome everything I hear this. Thank you for making me laugh!

  • Nate Price
    Nate Price5 muaj më parë

    I watch this video every single time it comes up in my recommended. Never gets old 😂

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith2 muaj më parë

    This has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen and heard! 🤣

  • ClearBlueSkies
    ClearBlueSkies7 ditë më parë

    Fluffy tells the best stories ever! No other like him, hands down no! Mr Reilly is just as funny…😂

  • Raul Silva
    Raul Silva24 ditë më parë

    A PERFECT set of circumstances when it happened "Nobody smells chicken and thinks of racism" words full of wisdom

  • psychopathic gaming
    psychopathic gamingVit më parë

    I laughed so hard that I completely used up the air in my inhaler

    SIRIPONG THOE-SA-NGUAN7 muaj më parë

    I really like this stand up comedy show with english subtitles, that make me fun and learn in the same time^^ Thanks a bunch

  • Eli Arevalo
    Eli Arevalo2 muaj më parë

    This is the best thing ever. God bless you Fluffy

  • Brian Lee • 83 years ago
    Brian Lee • 83 years agoVit më parë

    “I’ll give you 50 bucks.” “Where that MOFO at!?” XD



    Vit më parë

    It say this was 82 years ago

  • Bruhmemeisa


    Vit më parë


  • Bilal King

    Bilal King

    Vit më parë

    @Vancouver Elevators - Roblox xxx

  • Vancouver Elevators - Roblox

    Vancouver Elevators - Roblox

    Vit më parë


  • Caden Keller

    Caden Keller

    Vit më parë

    “Y’all still goin’ t’ Hell!”

  • Donni Tompkins
    Donni TompkinsVit më parë

    Thank you Fluffy. In quarantine after my elderly father tests positive for covid19 he lives with me. Waiting for my own test results needed humor

  • Jeremy Tung
    Jeremy Tung8 muaj më parë

    This has to be my favorite Gabriel Iglesias story.

  • angryBorderschick
    angryBorderschickVit më parë

    I wish I could get his specials on CD. They're all like $50 or more on Amazon! He's hilarious!

  • GamePapa
    GamePapaVit më parë

    And here I thought the gift basket story couldn't be any funnier. God bless you, Fluffy!

  • Sadad Erlangga
    Sadad ErlanggaVit më parë

    "I'll give you fifty bucks" Lady : We were enemies, but now we're friends



    7 muaj më parë

    P E R F E C T I O N

  • aditya dhurandhar

    aditya dhurandhar

    Vit më parë

    @dragon king leonides1527 😂😂😂😂😂

  • dragon king leonides1527

    dragon king leonides1527

    Vit më parë


  • aditya dhurandhar

    aditya dhurandhar

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  • Bertha Castro
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    Love u Fluffy no matter how many times I see ur clips u always manage to make me laugh...🙏😭😂😭😂😭😂😭Love u God blessings always!!!

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