10 PRANKS in 24 HOURS ft/ Ben Azelart, Pierson, Piper Rockelle

My top 10 NEVER BEFORE SEEN pranks on famous ALthers from the Amp Squad and more! SUBSCRIBE TO WIN THE iPHONE 13 and help me beat Ben Azelart to 10M subscribers: www.youtube.com/user/jordanma... 200K likes for a part 2 with Brent Rivera!
See what happened after the Nidal birthday prank: althe.info/number/mWarfK2DjJ53eL4/video
See Hudson's birthday prank on Salish: "Filling My Sister's Room With Photos Of Her Crush!" althe.info/number/34rVYYarl5Bridg/video
See last week's video: KIDS TURN 21 YEARS OLD (bad idea!) ft/ Royalty Family althe.info/number/sJ6maIiIjZ59dpk/video
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  • Jordan Matter
    Jordan Matter

    @piink parlor won this week’s iPhone 13. She gave it to her son, Joel, a 10-year-old who never had a phone ❤️

  • The Royalty Family
    The Royalty Family

    Can we adopt Salish again?? We miss her 🙏

  • Emily
    Emily12 orë më parë

    LOL 😂 I love the part where Stacy through her drink and Jordan and tried to chase him with her 😂

  • Olivia Gilchrist
    Olivia Gilchrist7 orë më parë

    It’s so wholesome when Jordan gets happy and exciting and starts jumping around

  • singactjoke

    honestly the last prank just showed me how cool of a guy ben is. i thought he was just some goofy creator who only cared about views but he really has a kind character and is super cool!

  • ♫leah_editz♪

    OMG, every prank ever pulled on Peirson! Her reaction is always so hilarious!

  • Ethan Salas
    Ethan Salas

    I love how Ben reacts hen Nidal asks Salish to be his girlfriend. 🤣😂


    Can't we all just appreciate the work jordan does to make these videos for us????. It is just so nice of him to do.

  • Proud Patriot of the USA
    Proud Patriot of the USA

    I love how much energy he always has

  • Merino downs farming
    Merino downs farming

    Can everyone agree that Jordan puts so much hard effort into these videos and each and every video makes our day

  • Maiken Melhus
    Maiken Melhus

    I rlly like how Jordan jumps when he reveals that he had pranked them❤️🤣

  • Laycee

    Can we just appreciate how Jordan puts SO much effect into his videos ur amazing Jordan

  • Prachi Sharma
    Prachi Sharma21 orë më parë


  • jmg999

    Props to Ben for teaching Nidal how to be a gentleman and respectful of others.

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    You already know it’s a good video if Salish and Nidal are in it!!! <3

  • Ahdiya In the house
    Ahdiya In the house

    we love the amount of work you put in these photos and videos

  • Kennedi nephew
    Kennedi nephew

    the way salish threw the cake in nidal's face is just hilarious

  • Cheryl Boodram
    Cheryl Boodram14 ditë më parë

    “Your gonna pay for that!!”

  • Rylie Sullivan
    Rylie Sullivan

    Jordan never fails to entertain us. Your videos are so much fun to watch, especially the prank vids!😂

  • Ju

    I love how Jordan always does this funny jumping dance at the end of his pranks