Billie Eilish Gets Candid About Tourette Syndrome


Billie Eilish spoke candidly with Ellen about living with Tourette Syndrome, and why she decided to go public with it only last year. Plus, the 17-year-old pop star talked about celebrities like Paul McCartney and Sporty Spice, who she couldn’t believe were fans of hers.


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    I have it

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    Although there is a genetic component, I’m pretty sure that social media platforms are partly responsible for increasing a number of similar conditions. Any environment that harasses the people in it will cause them to have negative psychological effects. There is for instance a woman with severe Tourettes on twitch who basically is having their condition fortified by the social environment of their chat who is very popular, but this is encouraged. My uncle for instance who had been horribly verbally abusive through their ticks was really only that way because they were being harassed on a constant basis when their brain couldn’t handle that through things like video games. I have negative effects from youtubes behavior. Everyone, genetic component or not deserves better and should have better than their environment or the people around them making things worse because it makes life worse for everyone effected. Treat people better.

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    Mom cried dad cried YOUR EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL💙💙💙

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    I had ticks

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    She is looking gorgeous😊😊😊

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    billie is such good vibes🥺

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    She Îs A Product she îs not real wake up... The industry create her

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    @christina I was about to ask the same thing 😂

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    uhhh what...

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    Billie I love you , you are my life

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    Dave haha that was scary

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    Billie was on about the spice girls and get this ye I know Mel B from spice girls

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    Ellen is such a b

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    She so beautiful guys. Billie so beautiful actly

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    Omg I forgot about this

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    She means she is demon possessed

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    Uhhhhh no....

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    My hero allama khadam Hussain rizvi

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    I had no idea she had ticks, I have had to deal with it my whole life and I love her even more knowing she is brave enough to tell us

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    Amen I thought I was the only one

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    did someone saw the shin coming from her jewellery

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    Tourette syndrome?! Gotta be kidding. If she has any then it's extremely mild. Watch a movie like "Motherless Brooklyn" with Edward Norton and then you see a real Tourette issues.

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    I love how billie is so transparent about this😖💔

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    Honesty, I didn’t even know Billie had Tourette’s until like yesterday. But now that i know i notice her tics a lot more. And now I’m ticing along with her

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    I just found out on tic tok

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    I thought I saw my favorite human in the audience... Dave Grohl was really there! Seriously! ❤️💘❤️

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    Y'all know billie was told not to look into ellen's eyes yet she looked straight into them and complemented them

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    I didn’t even know lol

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    0:47 if she said that to me I'm literally gonna pass out

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    ellen is very quick

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    I relized she’s wearing the same outfit

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    11/20/20 just finished some strawberry juice thingy

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    She's so real. And it's great that she's so honest and uses her platform to help others be real. We all have something and society is the only thing that puts shame or fear behind our something. I love you Billy xo

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    1:04 it is not very noticeable, she controlled it very well

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    Next single: wish you were single

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    funny how it's like stimmin

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    Billie is STUNNINGLY beautiful. Oh my god, every time I see her I can’t believe it!

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    0:27 Her laugh cracks me up, it sounds like Iron Man's repulsers. 😂

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    Ellen sound like dory

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    I barely even noticed that she she has Tourette. She's fighting awww

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    I have tics and I love Billie eilish and I didn’t know that she had them aswell

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    “You know my mom cried, my dad cried” (Gets lost in Elle’s eyes) Your eyes are so beautiful

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    Good that she makes it easier for others with this syndrome

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    Billie eillish : my mom cried and my dad cried. Your eyes are so beautiful. Ellen: me Billie: yeah

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    YOOO i didnt even know billie had Tourette’s

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    I genuinely cried when i saw this because i have Tourette’s and she inspires me and I inspire to be an artist like her and ive always been so insecure about it and for her to get where she is just make me feel like i can been something and i can be who i wanna be(and btw i’m only 13)

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    i have one of billies disordes to its so cool

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    'u're eyes is beautiful'

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    0:44 “.... So, you know, my mom cried” “My dad cried” “Like, it was - - your eyes are so beautiful” She’s so nice I can’t- she interrupts her (own) story just to compliment Ellen’s eyes 🥺

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    Her laugh remind me of a crow. A very happy crow.

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    Ellen is not funny or nice, her only “jokes” are putting people down and being sarcastic. Awful

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    She’s so beautiful bless her soul! ❤️

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    mr beast

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    Representation matters.

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    She's so cute😍😍😍😍

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    It's sad that she has to suppress her tics, it's painful to do that. I love her, she's amazing and a great representation.

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    turn down for what

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    I have it

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    I also have TS

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    She means Billy Shepherd

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    Shes so mature for a 17yo girl. I'm impressed with this new generation

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    Sure must be a mild case.

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    Fake people everywere... billie is just not one of em

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    Bille eilish: Your eye's are beautiful. Me: ELLEN HAS BLUE EYES THAT'S SO COOL!!!

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    I love billie so much I can relate so much to her I have Tourette’s and to know that there is someone I can relate to out there and that I’m not alone because sometimes it feels lonely xd

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    Shocking this video has comments on

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    Girl...her shoes....I. NEED. THEM. NOW.

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    Aww I didn’t know she had Tourette’s she hides it so well xx

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    só estou aqui pela tarefa que a prof me mandou🤡🤡

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    Billy:your eyes are beautiful Me:o.o okay you just talk about what your talking but your just throwing words at Ellen

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    I suffer with turrets too!

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    Can someone twist my mine im at 19 subs

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    Could never do an interview with Ellen

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    What’s Tourette’s

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    we built this city

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    Hahaha her attitude a little bit awkward because she is still a kid

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    wow i didn’t even know

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    Imagine being able to say DAVE GROHL is a fan of yours like how do you even keep on living

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    2:20 she has a tic

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    I didn’t know she had Tourette’s syndrome until literally this second

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    Estoy enamorado de esa mujer😍

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    I’ve had tics for ages but never been diagnosed with Tourette’s... I don’t want that label lol. I believe I can get rid of them.

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    Ga ada translate indonesia hyungg

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    I have it to 😩

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    Choose Jesus Christ. Billie elish will send you to hellfire if you follwer her example.

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    What on earth?

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    Trump 2020

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    people dont follower her because she is not the way to Eternal Life, But Jesus is, God Loves you all

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  • Navyl Fyrmnsyh

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    She is so pretty.

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    OK that back about that but we are on the news that I am I can I eat anything honestly I need words I take that back where I say I see my Waze I didn’t mean it just came out of nowhere

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