Tesla Semi: Here's Why Only Idiots Hate It

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Tesla has sparked the beginning of the world’s transition towards electric cars, but the electric trucking industry is still in its infancy.
While increased efficiency, lower cost, and better performance are nice perks for early adopters of electric passenger vehicles, in the trucking industry, these improvements are a matter of life or death, or more appropriately, profitability or bankruptcy. In the coming years, transportation companies must adapt to new technology, or risk getting left behind in a cloud of smoky diesel fumes.
The transportation sector contributes to a whopping 28% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US, and class 8 heavy-duty trucks account for 17% of the total fuel consumed by highway vehicles, despite comprising only 1% of vehicle’s on the road. The electrification of medium and heavy duty trucks is an important and oft overlooked component of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.
The Tesla semi pays for itself in just two years by providing $200,000 in fuel savings, and from day one costs just $1.26 per mile to operate, compared to $1.51 of a comparable diesel truck. Like other electric vehicles, it will require less maintenance, because there are less moving parts.
In terms of performance, the electric big rig is capable of an incredibly swift acceleration from 0 to 60 MPH in only 5 seconds! Or in 20 seconds when the Semi Truck is fully loaded to it’s 80,000 lb capacity. An average diesel semi needs 15 seconds to go from 0 to 60 when empty, and a full minute when carrying a similar load!
The Tesla Semi’s incredible performance is due in part to its streamlined aerodynamic design. The semi has a drag coefficient of 0.36, which is incredibly low when compared to the 0.65 of a standard truck, but shockingly, it even has a lower drag coefficient than a Bugatti Chiron.
Tesla says the semi will consume less than 2 kwh of energy per mile and have a 500 mile range. Performing some highly advanced mathematics, we can ascertain we’re looking at a roughly 1,000 kwh battery pack. That’s 1 whole megawatt if your paying attention, 10 Times the size of the pack currently used in the Model S.
It’s possible that the Semi is already making use of the new and improved tabless 4680 battery cells that were presented on Tesla’s battery day. Elon said on twitter that they’ve already been using the jumbo cells in prototype vehicles for several months, and in one slide he showed a Semi and Cybertruck as examples for high nickel cathode cells in heavy vehicles.
Like all new #Tesla cars, the semi will come equipped with advanced hardware and software capable of providing enhanced autopilot features today, and full self-driving capabilities in the future.
The Tesla Semi will be capable of platooning.The benefits of platooning include greater fuel economy due to reduced air resistance, reduced traffic, and fewer accidents.
The Tesla semi will use four of the same permanent magnet electric motors that power the best selling Tesla Model 3, so each wheel on the rear drive axle will have its own independent motor. Each Tesla Model 3 motor is rated at 271 horsepower.
The Tesla semi has one gear and no transmission, ideal for taking advantage of the tremendous torque of the electric motors. The independently controlled motors are capable of dynamic adjustment too, improving safety and handling . At the unveiling event, Elon said, “It’s smooth. It’s just like driving a Tesla. It’s though you’re driving a Model S, a Model X, or Model 3, it’s just big.” What will the Cybertruck drive like?
The driver has a central position in the cabin, atypical for a truck and very much like a race car, and will be surrounded by two 15 inch touchscreen displays mounted on either side that will provide access to all kinds of functions such as: navigation, blind-spot monitoring, telematics, maintenance and fleet management systems. It is not a sleeper car.
Coming from the company that produces the world’s safest vehicles as demonstrated by NHTSA testing, the Tesla Semi Truck is being touted as the safest truck ever built.
Just to throw it out there, the large flat surface of a trailer seems like it would make an ideal platform for harvesting solar energy, but does it make sense?
During a conference call in 2020, Elon Musk said the Tesla is going to be produced at the new terafactory in Austin, Texas.
The semi might just be the most important Tesla yet. If the final production version lives up to Elon’s claims that it’s the safest, most energy efficient, most comfortable truck ever, this EV has the potential to revolutionize the global trucking industry.
Gentle Kisses on Both Cheeks European Style:
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Thumbnail: Steve Jurvetson CC BY 2.0


  • GodKing Athletics, LLC
    GodKing Athletics, LLCMuaj më parë

    I'm a trucker and I am ALL FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES!!!💯💯💯

  • Jason Marks

    Jason Marks

    10 orë më parë

    TESLA is uniquely American...

  • Richie Place

    Richie Place

    Ditë më parë

    @PanzerKami that is so true

  • PanzerKami


    Ditë më parë

    @Richie Place That's probably true. Educated people tend to lean left. That's a statistical fact.

  • Yoboiblayze


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    Might have to talk my trucker grandpa to get one

  • GodKing Athletics, LLC

    GodKing Athletics, LLC

    2 ditë më parë

    @Richie Place actually anyone who is for more energy efficient vehicles is a decent human being and progressive. Politics has nothing to do with that.

  • Jsmooth Rough
    Jsmooth Rough22 minuta më parë

    So you want to put me out of a job and other truckers like me. Got it.

  • steve
    steve32 minuta më parë

    there's plenty of money in trucking. I wouldn't worry about it. it's human nature to say we don't have enough money, but the truth is, there's more than enough to go around.

  • Joel Coleman
    Joel Coleman54 minuta më parë

    I like the concept, but it genuinely looks stupid. It just looks absolutely dumb.

  • Speedy Gonza 007 productions
    Speedy Gonza 007 productionsOrë më parë

    But the Tesla semi truck is cool as long as it doesn’t malfunction and cause a car accident.

  • Speedy Gonza 007 productions
    Speedy Gonza 007 productionsOrë më parë

    Soon we won’t have any jobs.

  • Speedy Gonza 007 productions
    Speedy Gonza 007 productionsOrë më parë

    I don’t trust robots

  • I don't Know
    I don't Know3 orë më parë

    If every lorry was changed to electric, how are the power stations going cope? Electricity is only cheap because of the government green tax subsidys which fund the burning of trees and car tires in insinerators to power turbines.

  • Leonid Saykin
    Leonid Saykin6 orë më parë

    You would never let robot to drive your car

  • the grims son
    the grims son7 orë më parë

    Well i have opinions If you want to blow up in a ball of flames with no survivers then the truck and in a ball of flames with no survivers and more people dead then the semi

  • Darius Pajeski
    Darius Pajeski7 orë më parë

    New diesel trucks let out cleaner air than they let out, isnt it bether to use trains, high speed trains deliver mutch faster than this big vacumcleaners.

  • Darius Pajeski
    Darius Pajeski7 orë më parë

    Why do we need this monsters out on the road, ? isnt it bether to bild high speed railroad, trains like japan and other countryes.

  • Astref
    Astref9 orë më parë

    2:45 only an Idiot wouldn't want one .... See what I did there 😏 I'll see myself out😌

  • Darrell Clark
    Darrell Clark10 orë më parë

    get the Teslaa big boy..or a blue gas technology rig. imho

  • TertiaryAdjunct
    TertiaryAdjunct10 orë më parë

    If we believed all the crap out there. We maned Mars last year and hyperloop tickets are on sale now for 20 dollars....

  • Viktor Vaughn
    Viktor Vaughn10 orë më parë

    It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

  • BookProX
    BookProX11 orë më parë

    I think truckers will become fleet business men, monitoring AI driven Tesla trucks from the comfort of their home while spending more time with their family.

  • Dieder Thyen
    Dieder Thyen13 orë më parë

    "Vertically gifted" LMAOOO

  • Arthur Frilingos
    Arthur Frilingos15 orë më parë

    Awesome video, great insights, and documenting the advantages of EV Trucks. Thank you Electric Future' from Sydney Australia! (PS. I loooove the 'Platooning Feature!)

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser16 orë më parë

    Bulletproof glass to protect the driver, that was just put out of a job because of automation, mmm, OK

  • Deborah chesser
    Deborah chesser16 orë më parë

    After a sudden EMP, the Tesla’s are dead as the diesel smokes right on by.

  • Arthur Frilingos

    Arthur Frilingos

    15 orë më parë

    You have an insightful and good point' there Deborah!

  • My Cousin Greg
    My Cousin Greg18 orë më parë

    Infamous armored glass - OOPS 🙄🤪

  • Skeleton Fifth
    Skeleton Fifth21 orë më parë

    there's NO need to believe in electric future, because gasoline isn't infinite! it's a fact! and if it were, we'd be all dead because of global warming...

  • C Dagcote
    C Dagcote22 orë më parë

    I see them banning all cars unless there electric in the near future, just hope we don't have an EMP attack or Mother nature takes out the power grid for weeks. Might want to set up the infrastructure to handle all these plugins first.

  • Jay Palmer
    Jay PalmerDitë më parë

    So what happens when the truck gets to its destination on long haul,i can bet it wont go on a bay straight away, and on multi drop it cant unload itself, what about dropping trailers and wide loads..wont work in the uk with our narrow roads and lack of charging infrastructure

  • Dumtree
    DumtreeDitë më parë

    I just got Rick Rolled by a fucking ALthe ad what the hell..

  • 레츠댄스
    레츠댄스Ditë më parë

    The amount of powers it can do wow it was seem impossible to make electric trucks last time it is possible for Musk to plan about making electric planes

  • alright alright alright
    alright alright alrightDitë më parë

    Man u got no idea about what drives the transportation industry, try dropping of MT Eagle grossed out or like me 55 ton RGN loaded scaled out round 105k lbs. There's no way to retard the motor to help slow it down sum rookie will try it n burn their brakes up, it wood be an everyday occurrence, they be truck piled up at the bottom. A real trucker doesn't need all them cameras that's why theres mirror, ur not supposed to just set in the driver seat n do nothing, ur constantly scanning in front of u and the mirrors.plus u need a clutch when backing on dock to keep from just slamming into it. I'll keep my 379 , it's still got a hood

  • Dog of War
    Dog of WarDitë më parë

    'Here's Why Only Idiots Hate It' Or, you know, anyone that actually has bother to do a basic cost/benefit analysis of actually implementing Tesla trucks on any significant scale.

  • Dan Seto
    Dan SetoDitë më parë

    You talk about the tractor having a low centre of gravity but the trailer is much heavier than the tractor is. Also lets see what happens to the trucks range operating in western Canada in the dead of winter in minus 30 condition and lets see range of Telsa tractor drop when you need to chain up for long mountain passes.

  • Alexander Hamilton
    Alexander HamiltonDitë më parë

    If only Bose could make their suspension lighter. Then, it could be the most comfortable truck to drive in ever.

  • Jacques Strapp

    Jacques Strapp

    Ditë më parë

    @Alexander Hamilton I did look it up before replying to you. There are some engineers working on car suspensions now but a truck would not be feasible. Is the Bose system better than air seats? Your user name is pretty cool BTW. Not as cool as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, but still pretty cool.

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton

    Ditë më parë

    @Jacques Strapp Do you know what suspension I'm taking about? Look up Bose magnetic suspension. It's too heavy to be feasibly used for it's benefits. It's only used on seats now, from what I've heard.

  • Jacques Strapp

    Jacques Strapp

    Ditë më parë

    A lighter suspension on a semi? Do you know how bad the truck would bottom out with 40.000 lbs. on it?

  • TheMouse02
    TheMouse02Ditë më parë

    Genius. Americans switching to electric vehicles using dirty electricity

  • Amir Farooqui
    Amir Farooqui2 ditë më parë

    you should get the cybertruck

  • Dave Mardon
    Dave Mardon2 ditë më parë

    Ok, I like Tesla, think they make a fine product and all.....Some things however that I didn't see addressed in this infomerical... Range...bad weather (hot, cold, wipers, lights, ac etc)....Hills/mountain roads while hauling a full load....Solar? ok, its early Dec here in Germany, isn't a lot of "solar" going on right now if you get my meaning. BLUF. Great idea but seems better suited to short trips/city runs.

  • Rainbow
    Rainbow2 ditë më parë

    That thumbnail is literally just an ad for tesla.

  • HZStudio
    HZStudio2 ditë më parë

    14:10 Wouldn't it make more sense to power superchargers with those solar panels? That way, there isn't the problem of extra weight and it's probably going to be more efficient as you can tilt the panels to make them more efficient

  • Snakeshit
    Snakeshit2 ditë më parë

    Ugly trucks.

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer2 ditë më parë

    Moved to texas to get away from commiefornia

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer2 ditë më parë

    Electricity comes from coal plants

  • DJ Lanskin
    DJ Lanskin2 ditë më parë

    Love everything about the truck but theres just one big problem with these incredible innovations that will change our future it will eventually at the same time has the same effect on whats happening to the rich getting richer and keep on thriving the lower economically stable countries end up with the old bucker diesels and will eventually keep the smaller countries small while countries like the US will eventually have to change to electric cars because of the 2030 paris agreement and all of the old trucks and cars what will happen to that? Well the most profitable way would be to sell them to countries in africa or south america for instance and just keep them small and still not make a change on pollution or market profits

  • No Nonsense Norseman / Colt Hautamaki
    No Nonsense Norseman / Colt Hautamaki2 ditë më parë

    I'm at the 1:00 timestamp. *Your "CLAIM" of "lower cost" & "better efficiency" already show me, (and EVERY other THINKING person out in the World), that you are Stuck On Stupid.* *I'll finish watching the video. But I guarantee, you will NOT support any of your "CLAIMS" with Reality, Science, or what we have today in the Real World of the "COST" & "EFFICIENCY" of ANY & ALL electric cars.*

  • Chris Troxler
    Chris Troxler2 ditë më parë

    Ok, y'know what? This sounds pretty good. Now, tell me... will these trucks be able to go from 0% to a full charge while operating a refrigerator, a bunk heater or an ac unit, tv, microwave, phone charger, laptop, CPAP machine and everything else needed to accommodate the driver's comfort within an 8 hour rest break. If the answer to that is anything other than a straight "yes," we got a problem.

  • Zak Grubb
    Zak Grubb2 ditë më parë

    It doesn't look like a semi truck also I don't think it's gonna be able to pull 3 semi trailers like a road train or be able to truck in alaskan mountains

  • Tanner Carpenter
    Tanner Carpenter2 ditë më parë

    It's a tad bit to limited for now, & as for automation, that's a huge stretch. Insurance cost on an autonomous EV hauling tones of potentially volatile contents is going to be massive, especially after people intentionally wreck these trucks, "because literally these things will cost them their livelihoods. Your creative expression about them having more time to pursue more creative goals wasn't warranted. Everyone saw straight through that crap. Sabotage will become a pretty big deal, especially considering a lot of truckers who invest in their own equipment are going to be thrown to the side." The EV truck may have a future but the autonomous EV truck is doomed to failure. in fact I'll go far enough to say that just about any autonomous vehicle is doomed to fail unless it is a nonprofit generating vehicle, IE a personal car.

  • Сварожічъ Х'Арійскі
    Сварожічъ Х'Арійскі2 ditë më parë

    Wow! 2k of idiots!

  • ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ
    ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ2 ditë më parë

    I dont like electric vehicles and i dont think it will ever take over. the range on that semi is baby steps compaired to a diesel truck and it have not once taken me over 1 minute to come up to 80kmh in any semi so that is just bs. but i did really enyoj some of the tech like the anti jacknife stuff and the 1000 horsies, and i could see electric trucks being used in cities. But thats it also by having the seat in the middle you dont increase the veiw you just make it equal to both sides witch i dont like at all. when a car pass me i want full vision on that car. and i aslo like to hang out the window when i back up a trailer. (witch i cant in this tesla) and when i back up a trailer the place im backing up to is always straight behind me or on my left side. so being in the middle is stupid.

  • Seybertooth
    Seybertooth2 ditë më parë

    There's a lot of idiots in this comment section who seem to imply that we should stop progress to save some jobs. That's just silly. Yes, trucker is not a job for the future. If you're a trucker and in the middle of your career, you'll probably be fine. If you're 22 and just got started... yeah, you might wanna take some classes and think of something else to do. This is not strange, it's just how the world works. New technological paradigms create some new jobs and makes some old ones obsolete. It's the way of things. Long range trucking is likely to be the first to go autonomous. Volvo is already running tests on public roads with a cabin-less (not just driver-less but cabin-less) truck prototype. This is just how progress functions. Are there truckers who love what they do? I'm sure. Sorry, in a decade or two you gonna have to find something else to love. What's the upside? That your grandkids will have a planet to live on.

  • Maria Khan
    Maria Khan2 ditë më parë

    tesla`s 8s5

  • Maria Khan
    Maria Khan2 ditë më parë

    i like tesla

  • Maria Khan
    Maria Khan2 ditë më parë

    i think the semi

  • Dave T
    Dave T2 ditë më parë

    1. Platooning (convoying) is illegal. 2. Platooning is dangerous. Imagine the first truck is empty, and the trucks following are full. Will the followers stop as fast as the empty lead truck. Or, if all are full, instead of 1 shifted load, now we have 3 shifted loads. 3. No jack-knifed trucks is a FALLACY. (Pronounced Falla-sigh if you’re the speaker). 4. Power! California has rolling blackouts and no new power plants are being built. 5. Power! 400 miles and then no charging station.... 6. What’s the upfront cost? 7. Wait till we get rid of all the oil. Then what are climate-changers going to blame everything on? Oh, cows. 8. If oil is eliminated, how will parts be lubricated? Yes! Turning metal on metal parts needs lubrication. 9. I’m not an idiot! 10. Add a jake-brake noise option and you’ll get some truckers on board.

  • Unitedflyier
    Unitedflyier3 ditë më parë

    Tesla is definitely using the new battery 4680 on the semi. He also said level 5 autonomy will be available in some states in 2021. Very exciting.

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain3 ditë më parë

    Yeah, okay. You’re an idiot if you don’t want an entire job market vaporized. This video is a joke.

  • livemusicm
    livemusicm3 ditë më parë

    First, The more sophisticated systems are, the more expensive maintenance is going to be. For example to replace a windshield for Tesla X customer should pay around 2000$. Then how much will cost to replace a truck windshield?? Who is going to pay for that, people who buy food from grocery stores, definitely the cost is going to be added on the load. There are many situations when the truck just stack on the road for 2,3 days in the cold winter time. In the winter time the battery will provide enough energy for the driver to get throw and then drive safely to the first power station? Then we know how the battery is working on our cell phones, the first year or two its ok then efficiency dropping quickly. This is just a simple phone, what about a big truck that is going to bebattery

  • Magic
    Magic3 ditë më parë

    I guess the working class who dont want their jobs stolen to tyrannical, abusive, and exploitative capitalism are all idiots

  • 이지은
    이지은3 ditë më parë

    That's kinda rude how you say only idiots hate it. I mean some people don't like the design or just the type. So ...

  • Akhyar Imam
    Akhyar Imam3 ditë më parë

    Now ELON gotta find a partner who can build Charging stations for these trucks everywhere! He shouldn't bother doing it on his own

  • Tony Bjorklund
    Tony Bjorklund3 ditë më parë

    Sounds like there’s some hogwash going on here. 1kWhr per mile means 60 kWhr per 60 miles. So for fun let’s take and multiply that out. 60 kWhr times 60 miles is 360 kwhr for 1hr at 60 mph so a 1 megawatt hour battery (1000kwhr) will be basically drained in 3 hours...and about 180 miles. That won’t even make it to lunch time. Conversely a diesel truck at say 5 mpg is about 36 gallons of diesel or just over a third of a 100 gallon tank. Weirdly though I think semis make around 1000 ft lbs of torque too kind of comparable to about 3 of the model 3 motors but using rough math at 5 mpg and 180,000 btu per gallon 12 gallons an hour 33 percent efficiency yada yada is 2.4 megawatts work....🤷‍♂️so either semis get better mileage than 5 (kind of doubt it’s 10 mpg) or it takes more power than 1kWhr per mile to run a truck in normal transport conditions. Yes I know that I skipped regen charging but do you think the semis and their 80,000 pounds need to stay heavy on the throttle down the hill or use just enough to keep the engine turning. 😉unless you’re in the mountains where you can get long stretches of hills how long does a hill last? 30 seconds, a minute? I’m pretty sure it still has a net energy loss going up the hill and back down it. Secondly there’s a huge elephant in the room NOBODY is talking about. Semi trucks put a lot of wear and tear on the roads just due to their bulk. Currently in many states the road maintenance is funded by a fuel tax just going electric isn’t going to exempt these trucks from helping support the roadways for long. I think my state has 45 to 55 cents per gallon tax to maintain the roads. Which I think is larger than the savings published in the video. I am still skeptical the battery energy density is high enough for class 8 OTR trucking currently. I think it can eventually get there but for now local routes are probably the best fit to develop the technology. Anyone else wonder how much it “costs “ to mine, refine and process the lithium into batteries? What does it take just to support the inert atmosphere to keep it from oxidation issues? Gas compression alone is only about 25 percent efficient energy usage. I imagine large tanks of liquified gas feeding the equipment getting trucked in several thousand gallons at a time ...and we’re not even talking about the mining yet. What are the waste products and how are they treated? I’m not saying oil well diesel is better just that bottle has been uncorked longer.

  • Kitsune legend
    Kitsune legend3 ditë më parë

    Only 500 mile range? Seriously? I can do that, and more in a single day with my 2017 Volvo VNL 630. And that only has duel 100 gallon tanks. On top of the fact with a full tank I have a range of about 1300 miles lol Also, 30 minutes recharge to get only 400 miles? Bruh, I can fill up 200 gallons of diesel fuel in as little as 8 to 10 minutes MAX, from near empty, and get 1300 miles from that. Lets also not forget the abysmal state of truck parking infrastructure in the US, ESPECIALLY the north eastern states in and around New England. And thats for CURRENT trucks on the road! Where the hell are we gonna be able to charge these electric trucks hmm? And what are we gonna do when Tesla decides to limit the software on the trucks, taking away features and further slowing down charging times because "we dont support that model year anymore"? Because they've done that before. Yeah no thank you. I'll keep my current truck. She may be a bit of a shitbox, but shes my shitbox. And I can make more money with her than some fancy piece of junk electric semi. Maybe in 50 years when technology and the infrastructure is able to handle it all, but I'll be retired by then, and maybe even dead and buried lol (and I'm only 28 lmao)

  • 2010HarleyDynaFXD
    2010HarleyDynaFXD3 ditë më parë

    Everything is good but the acceleration you don't want your load to be pushed back or your load to get messed up. Platooning is called a Convoy back in the day lol

  • Alexander Bolosan
    Alexander Bolosan3 ditë më parë

    fuck that gas for life boogity boogity let's go racing boys

  • Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland3 ditë më parë

    Guys, the electric truck don’t like you. The electric truck wants to get rid of you, the truck driver. Just listen to the narrator. If you’re a truck driver you know that driving is just a small part of your job. You wouldn’t have this job if you wasn’t able to do everything else that comes along with it. At the job i need to load the truck, drive it yes 🙂, get contact with my customers, take the goods out of the truck, deliver it to the customers, get a signature, report damages maybe, be a spokesmen between all involved, day to day service . And many other things that comes up. You se the tec nerds just don’t get that. And it’s sad.

  • Jørn Birkeland
    Jørn Birkeland3 ditë më parë

    0:31 that’s not a modern “today’s “ diesel truck, neither the engine sound you put in. Clearly if you want to see a modern diesel truck, don’t ask the persons behind this channel. I think you all better off searching; Volvo FH 2020 models.. And you will understand why the tesla truck still isn’t on the road like all the other big truck names. Guess these guys thought they get away comparing a 20 year old Volvo truck, this one at: 0:31 ,. With a not yet finish futuristic truck. And that is just false and really sad people.

  • Joshua Mcculloch
    Joshua Mcculloch3 ditë më parë

    Tesla should have never been made desil is the only thing screw electric vehicles they should all burn

  • L8nitedave
    L8nitedave3 ditë më parë

    I'm not in the trucking industry, but in fleet systems where trailers may sit for days between hauls wouldn't the free energy solar become an advantage?

  • superteckmp
    superteckmp3 ditë më parë

    Yearly costs comparaison based on 7 cents per kilowatts??? There is no such rates in North America. The cheapest rates are in Quebec, Canada. Still abour 10 cents per kilowatts. Misleading price comparaison.

  • Al Sehl
    Al Sehl3 ditë më parë

    Batteries discharge very fast in stop and go traffic and on going up hill. Loaded trucks are no simple thing to move around.

  • xxboon is bad fortnitexx
    xxboon is bad fortnitexx3 ditë më parë

    Well have you thought about the cost most likely not and there's gonna be a lot of pissed truckers when thay lose their jobs and replaced. and when some one gets hurt or killed tesla will go bankrupt and people will fear most likely fear the tesla semi truck this is just my opinion don't be salty no need to reply.

  • Ball Buster
    Ball Buster3 ditë më parë

    Only small minds hate progress. It's the future. I am not a fan of electric cars but it's the only answer for the long run. Dinosaurs like Trump still bet on oil because it's for his own immediate financial benefit. He took the country backwards

  • Aviation NJ
    Aviation NJ3 ditë më parë

    Tesla is going too fast they should slow down

  • ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ

    ᚹᚨᛚᚲᚾᚢᛏ ᚷᚨᛗᛁᚾᚷ

    2 ditë më parë

    nah i dont think so

  • J
    J4 ditë më parë

    "platooning" aka convoy which you don't see that often anymore. did they make it illegal?

  • Keith Cummings
    Keith Cummings4 ditë më parë

    we need to work on drone technology and leave the roads to trucking.

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift4 ditë më parë

    Definitely the way of the future now.

  • Adam Tedder
    Adam Tedder4 ditë më parë

    Doesn't look like the most comfortable truck. Maybe the road model will be different than the one I saw.

  • Adam Tedder
    Adam Tedder4 ditë më parë

    Unsung heroes. Find a new job.

  • D_ san
    D_ san4 ditë më parë

    Hydrogen is the future. NOT ELECTRIC!!

  • Raphael Rodrigues
    Raphael Rodrigues4 ditë më parë

    I am really curious about how this truck would perform here in Brazil with the maximum GCWR of 125 thousand pounds (around 57 tons) and with charging network basically inexistent, even with megachargers in every single gas station.

  • Francisco Burgos
    Francisco Burgos4 ditë më parë

    How would unmanned platooning work when they have to recharge? Change lanes? Or there is equipment failure during a haul? Seems like you would still need operators

  • VoltisArt


    4 ditë më parë

    They're networked while platooning and eventually all of the cars can be locally networked to neighbors, eliminating sideswipes and the like, at least between each other. Recharging either goes to a manned station, or uses ports that raise up from the parking space below. Equipment issues cause the vehicle to pull over and signal an assistance network similar to OnStar, but more automated. If mechanical help is needed, a tech is called to the area. Early versions of this system still need drivers for safety assurance, but eventually the tech will be improved enough not to need us, and it will have a better driver record than we do. Most auto-drive crashes are still caused by people, even though the guidance problems are what make the news.

  • psyekl
    psyekl4 ditë më parë

    "Truck drivers are the unsung heroes of our economy." - Truer words have never been spoken. I always give them space, I never crowd them out and I always let them in when I see a turn signal. I always remember that these people are at work and have a job to do.

  • Loganlm10
    Loganlm105 ditë më parë

    It’s because Jeff bezos does not like Elon 😂

  • James Tajiri
    James Tajiri5 ditë më parë

    Self-driving is going to happen because of cost savings and once safety has been perfected. Truck drivers will lose jobs, but that will happen more broadly with expansion of AI in many other sectors. The government must focus on retraining for skills needed in emerging job markets. In the historic view new technologies have increased productivity that created more wealth that created more opportunity for new diversified and innovative jobs. People must given the skills for this transition.

  • John Pad
    John Pad5 ditë më parë

    🤣🤣 Apparently the the fools who titled this video are full of themselves. As I do believe and like electricity class 8 trucks. Having the continuous training for electric, hybrids, diesel equipment. All these units have flaws. And if it wasn't for the so called haters of electric & hybrid units bringing these flaws to the table, we would fail to address adequate updates. As i do see electric class 8 trucks becoming the future of transportation and welcome it. We definitely have work to do for advancement, safety and process to power these vehicles.

  • Quad Brothers
    Quad Brothers5 ditë më parë

    Truckers will be happy when the day comes that they don’t have to drive the truck everywhere.

  • Quad Brothers

    Quad Brothers

    4 ditë më parë

    @Adam Tedder yeah. I know people in the trucking industry. It would be sad to see them struggle.

  • Adam Tedder

    Adam Tedder

    4 ditë më parë

    @Quad Brothers it's intended to be eventually. And even if not do you think payrates will remain the same? Also owner operators will eventually fade away and only large companies will be in the freight business. It may be inevitable but it should be phased slowly so the manning phases out with the people too old to go another direction. Probably should invest in free retraining of diesel mechanics too because you will need the industry until you don't. This always happens in history though I just hope we can do it a little more humanely than the past.

  • Quad Brothers

    Quad Brothers

    4 ditë më parë

    @Adam Tedder this truck won’t be driverless.

  • Adam Tedder

    Adam Tedder

    4 ditë më parë

    Be broke, own nothing, and be happier for it.

  • Scott Downey
    Scott Downey5 ditë më parë

    Mining the materials to make electric vehicles and producing electric power adds way more co2 than just driving cars and trucks do today. using IC engines. By all means just do the PC thing and pay no attention to the science facts.

  • dmccull9
    dmccull95 ditë më parë

    One stupid Tesla commercial!

  • dmccull9
    dmccull95 ditë më parë

    You shouldn't be calling anyone an idiot our power comes from nuclear and coal maybe one day and batteries come from child labor fix these problems

  • Clifford Trosper
    Clifford Trosper5 ditë më parë

    it is dangerous and illegal for trucks to run in a convoy

  • Yidne
    Yidne5 ditë më parë

    Nobody hates the truck, we just hate you, who is the idiot !!!

  • Plazmablast 101
    Plazmablast 1015 ditë më parë

    I kinda want to see an electric garbage truck now

  • Chief Morgan
    Chief Morgan5 ditë më parë

    Why idiots love this semi*

  • Nick Fathi
    Nick Fathi5 ditë më parë

    I say you get the cyber truck, because, I don’t think you will carry that much load, and because the semi is a one seater

  • Jonki Pastramki
    Jonki Pastramki5 ditë më parë

    "Let's ignore the single thing that's worrying truck drivers about this technology while calling them idiots for not liking the technology at the same time."

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo5 ditë më parë

    Lol... how dumb. Unlike Tesla and your channel I believe in the existence of hills. A 5x increase in storage is only a 5x increase in range. You can't math it to be different. You must have misquoted the presentation. The presentation must have been written by morons.

  • Jerry1234 JJStrnad
    Jerry1234 JJStrnad5 ditë më parë

    I'm up for advances in technology yet you need to wake up to several facts... Musk is just another globalist and is selling you something that was already yours Platooning ? Hahaha. You don't trust your speakers Bluetooth connection let alone 3 fully loaded semies... And I can't wait for some members of unspecified religion to hack that... And wait for the winter on Ontario like regions... That is if you manage to survive the global comminazies planing to reduce the population by 95%... Check up the Georgia guide stones... And don't cry when is your time to be sacrificed ..

  • cordellej
    cordellej5 ditë më parë

    what a bunch of bullshit . the tesla truck has only EVER been used once to deliver 4 ONLY 4 cars. and that was just a media stunt . the rest of the things you say are all tesla hype and dosent add up. a fully loaded truck will not do over 200 miles if that those high power chargers cannot be built cause anything above half megawatt will have to be powered straight of the high voltage grid and to many means billions will be spent upgrading the grid. a claim of a half hour charge time is just gonna cook the batteries . so only an idiot will buy a tesla truck after spending a million to buy one then you only get 40000lbs of cargo u can haul and then u wont make any money .

  • Tim Wasson
    Tim Wasson5 ditë më parë

    Try charging it up on the west coast when the winds have shut down the entire power grid !

  • Hipster Octagon
    Hipster Octagon5 ditë më parë

    I'm a trucker and I absolutely love EVs and am excited to see if the Tesla Semi does what they say it will but I really don't think that the autopilot will replace drivers anytime soon. Eventually? Yes but I don't think it will happen in the next 20 years or so at least.

  • 'My high view' One stoners opinion
    'My high view' One stoners opinion5 ditë më parë

    And here is why a idiot would think that they are green. It takes strip mining to get the exotic, and rare metals needed to make the battery and the rest of the car. Not just a "little", but a "lot" Dug and transported by vehicles that run on gas and diesel, not wind power. Also, the strip mining leaves a massive toxic scar on the surface of the planet your trying to save. Then all the material must be processed. More toxic waste made by burning fossil fuels. Then the materials are mixed, formed, forged, pressed, into the shape of a vehicle, (I am seriously dumbing this down so the Dems, Libs, and SJW's, can grasp it) but instead of a gas or diesel engine, it has a massive toxic battery, that we still do not have a good way of disposing of when needed to, and they will at some point from wear, or accident, etc. Moving on... So far, the vehicle is NO WHERE near being a "Green" vehicle, instead, it has a massive carbon footprint at this point, just from production alone. But, now that it is made, it can start making up for how incredibly "dirty" the vehicle is so far, right? Nope. Got to charge the thing to make it go, and 85% of the power needed to charge that vehicle is still derived from fossil fuels. I actually saw a meme where a electric charge port for a electric car was being directly powered by a diesel generator. Yes, A DIESEL generator to power a charge port, to charge that "green" vehicle. If you truly want to go green, the very first step should have been to figure out a way to efficiently store energy. Until then we will never be able to go green. Period. Once we figure storage out, windmills should be able to create enough energy that can be stored to be used later for cars, houses, and Xbox5. Right now we are making dirty vehicles that run on dirty electric energy. No green there. Making the vehicle will always be a 'dirty' venture. Getting clean energy to run it is the trick. We need to make dirty cars that run on clean energy. That cannot happen until we can store energy. No matter what you might think. Right now, there are NO clean, green vehicles of any kind. Except maybe the nuclear ones. You want green? Figure out how to store energy, besides the perfect storage method made by spaceship Earth in the form of stored energy in fossil fuels. Then, and only then, can you claim to be green. Oh wait. The ankle express is still green. Even a bicycle has a carbon footprint. So, if you think you are saving the planet by driving that electric car, your not yet. If you believe its green because its electric, your a moron that believes what they are told, and need to be led around by the nose like sheep. If you weren't told what to do, and when to do it, you wouldn't survive. And perhaps you shouldn't. Stop coddling the weak and ignorant. Darwin makes a intelligent point.

  • Pennsylvania _Mike
    Pennsylvania _Mike5 ditë më parë

    Your title should be "Why only idiots think this is feasible in the near future" and this is why- Tell us, if you will, where is the massive amount of electricity coming from? There are more than 10,000 truck stops in the US. Let's use one average truck stop as an example. We'll keep it simple. Parking for 100 trucks at any given time, with 15 fuel lanes, or "charging stations". Some, like Iowa 80, can park over 900. Most can handle well over 100, but that's for a different day. At 1.6 megawatt for every truck, it would need its own plant, and it will need to be on-site or close to it unless you want to add an entirely new grid to carry the extra load. AND THAT'S JUST THE TRUCKS THAT ARE TAKING THEIR BREAK! There are lines at the fuel pumps 24/7 right now using diesel, with each truck taking about 10 minutes to fill up. Now take that 10 minutes and turn it into 40. There would be a truck using every possible charging station non-stop. And don't forget about the trucks that don't use truck stops for their break. Will every parking spot in every rest area also be provided with the same charging stations? To put it into perspective, it would take 3.5 MILLION 300 watt solar panels to match the output of one nuclear plant. Note: the sun doesn't shine 24 hours per day, so double that to 7 MILLION solar panels and the storage needed at night and during cloudy days, etc. That's equivalent to one nuclear plant. Now, times that 1.6 megawatts by 100 for all the trucks that will park for their 10-hour break. Now add the 15 charging lanes that will be used non-stop. 1.6 megawatts for each charging lane times the 15 lanes will need a continuous supply of 24 megawatts every hour of every day. Add the 100 trucks that will need to be plugged in to charge while the driver sleeps to that 24 megawatts. So, at any given time, that one small truck stop will need to be supplied with 184 megawatts. Take that 184 megawatts and times it by 10,000 and don't forget to add every parking spot at every rest area in every state. And don't forget that 100 spots and 15 charging lanes is a small truck stop. Is this starting to sink in yet?

  • itsxjustin1
    itsxjustin15 ditë më parë

    I’m not sitting in the middle of my truck I’m not trusting a camera to help me back , and I’m not blind side backing in the bull shit

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