Stephen A. & Max react to the Warriors drafting James Wiseman No. 2 overall | First Take


Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Jay Williams debate whether the Golden State Warriors made the right choice selecting center James Wiseman with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.
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  • Jun De Guzman
    Jun De Guzman4 ditë më parë

    Max they need shooters Damion Lee mulder Poole Nico mannion am I a joke to you

  • martin mtandi
    martin mtandi8 ditë më parë

    they were so off abt wiseman.... way off

  • Ernestine Phillips
    Ernestine Phillips19 ditë më parë

    Wiseman or lamello will win rookie of the year

  • HitmanPG Beats
    HitmanPG Beats19 ditë më parë

    They need there job stripped

  • Gaming Freak
    Gaming Freak20 ditë më parë

    Bruh andrew bogut a offensive threat!?!? hes a defensive threat😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Amboy Philippines
    Amboy Philippines21 ditë më parë

    This didnt age too long....Wiseman looks like a Veteran out there

  • MaybeFuture_ Youtuber
    MaybeFuture_ Youtuber22 ditë më parë

    Max is already wrong about Wiseman not being a shooter lol

  • Dukjin Im
    Dukjin Im22 ditë më parë

    Lol, Wiseman making Kellerman look pretty bad. SAS is the only guy who made any sense here. Dude is 7’ tall, has shoulders like Dwight Howard, but unlike Howard, wiseman can actually shoot the ball.

  • John Mark Dacles
    John Mark Dacles23 ditë më parë

    Wow, Stephen A made a sense? How come? It's so rare.

  • Lawrence Loilo
    Lawrence Loilo24 ditë më parë

    Wiggins and aubre has to step up to help curry with draymond for the defensive and leading the young bloods to do best, absent of klay is hurting the warriors and the only hope is to add energy and eliminate mistakes, forget the last two games make sure to win the next one

  • Steven Houle
    Steven Houle25 ditë më parë

    Wiseman looks like he can shoot 3s lol. Wiseman is perfect for them

  • ChadWicKeD
    ChadWicKeD25 ditë më parë

    Lol this did not age well

  • Mike Pollak
    Mike Pollak25 ditë më parë

    Either way the Warriors are great at pickin em and developing em. They like that guy uk that's always buying shitty houses and cars that have good bones, then fixing em up and flippin em for 10x what they payed. I think Wiseman can be a great addition, but if not they'll make em the best he can be and trade him for someone they really need. I never doubt this organization.

  • Mike Pollak
    Mike Pollak25 ditë më parë

    Stephen A... Jay ain't like u and Max, u only needed to say Jay once and he was listening. Lmao, dude says Jay like 10x while he's already silent (and i am taking into account the slight signal delay). Dudes so used to communicating that way at this point that he thinks that's just how everyone does it now.

  • Christian Anthony Sala
    Christian Anthony Sala25 ditë më parë

    Wiseman is a 3 pt shooter watch the tape shut up max

  • Sadat71
    Sadat7126 ditë më parë

    One clown says he and Draymond are similar players. The other one says DeAndre Jordan. Did they ever see him play? At all? He has a better offensive skillset and more tools (offensively) than both of those guys right NOW. Through two games it's safe to say he can stroke the three ball. I knew that already. Wondering if these two are talking just to hear themselves talk....

  • TommyPutYouON PYO
    TommyPutYouON PYO26 ditë më parë

    Now what

  • Gavin Gordon
    Gavin Gordon26 ditë më parë

    Who is here when wiseman is 6 for 8 from three in his first two games??😂

  • Russell Edwards
    Russell Edwards26 ditë më parë

    You go a .smith,👍👍 you know you're stuff👍

  • Jimmy Handayan
    Jimmy Handayan26 ditë më parë

    Now you're wrong against Wiseman, he will be a super star soon 💯

  • Rowan Graves
    Rowan Graves27 ditë më parë

    Everything Jay Will and Max said in this video was proven wrong first game of the season against Brooklyn. Wiseman hit like four 3s amd scored 19 in 25 min. Along eith 4 rebounds and 2 steals

  • Michael Towns
    Michael Towns27 ditë më parë

    The Warriors never had a legit Center. Like the Chicago Bulls never had a talent like Wiseman. It’s only a question of how fast Wiseman develops. You don’t get better by not selecting a seven foot freak athlete. Klay Thompson’s availability doesn’t change Wiseman’s value. Quite frankly, it only enhances it. Few teams will be able to single him in the paint. Double Wiseman and get murdered by Steph.

  • Tonald Drump
    Tonald Drump28 ditë më parë

    Whos here after first game of james wiseman outshine both edwards and ball 😂🤣

  • marcus kuzma
    marcus kuzma29 ditë më parë

    Yes James wiseman get 20 today in your face

  • Jerome Marshall
    Jerome Marshall29 ditë më parë

    Well 19 pts, 6 rebs, 2 stls not bad for a debut

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown29 ditë më parë

    The sad thing is there not any James Wiseman highlights and game play videos for people see how talented he is! He might be a big man but he's going shock people how much of a well rounded game he has! This why he was the projected number 1 pick! Great fit for the warriors who needed that guy!

  • Youtube Compte
    Youtube Compte29 ditë më parë

    Wiseman is goin to perform along side chef curry 🏆🏆🏆

  • tribalypredisposed
    tribalypredisposedMuaj më parë

    Max is a clown. Why does this person with no understanding of basketball have a platform?

  • Jeremy Lu
    Jeremy LuMuaj më parë

    These guys are sleeping on wiseman's shoting ability. Haha

  • Vitto S
    Vitto SMuaj më parë

    Bogut with a step back fade a way three!!!

  • matthew escano
    matthew escanoMuaj më parë

    Chill guys,don't believe what you hear in the media ,golden state knows how to develop there players ,trust ,we believe ,were ready ,we los warriors 🔥

  • John Peterson
    John PetersonMuaj më parë

    I really doubt these guys even watch the games. Wiseman is an athletic big man who can shoot and run the floor. He isn’t one of these traditional low post centers. Wiseman is more of a Kevin Garnett type than he is Deandre Jordan.

  • Nick Zander
    Nick ZanderMuaj më parë

    Green and Wiseman are similar players?! Huh???

  • Sadat71


    26 ditë më parë

    Exactly. What hat did he pull that comparison out of..

  • Bill Jones
    Bill JonesMuaj më parë

    Why do they say Wiseman cannot shoot. He is so young. Nobody really knows for sure. But a big man who moves well sounds good to me. And by the way he averaged 19 points in 23 minutes at college. Sounds like he can shoot to me.

  • Seth Carroll
    Seth CarrollMuaj më parë

    Im confused by these jokes of analytical talk

  • robert flor
    robert florMuaj më parë

    hey guys!!could you shut up your mouth please!!😂😂the real game is not yet start lets see first.

  • Antonio Williams
    Antonio WilliamsMuaj më parë

    GSW made mistake when they pass on lemelo ball

  • Ekatsim Delatrinidad
    Ekatsim DelatrinidadMuaj më parë

    Media scared that Lebrons legacy will be threatened again... 😂😂😂😂

  • Pedro Guzman
    Pedro GuzmanMuaj më parë

    Max you should quit your media career you suck IGUODALA

  • Pono Naihe
    Pono NaiheMuaj më parë

    Raymond and Wiseman are not similar. GS has lacked a low post presence for years. most teams don't have decent centers that can rule the block. Wiseman opens the court for Steph. Wiseman scored 23 pts in college playing 20 mins. have you seen Wiseman? he's a beast with an animal mentality. and he can run the floor as well. best puck they could have chosen. Wiseman to me is the best player in the draft. period.

  • roryxt
    roryxtMuaj më parë

    Jay. Man. Wow! You said Bogut was a scoring threat. And a perimeter scorer at that. I had to mean passing threat. I’m sure that was a mistake.

  • Kisembe Namusyule
    Kisembe NamusyuleMuaj më parë

    Should’ve drafted LaMelo. He could’ve allowed Steph to play combo guard/shooting guard. They could’ve traded Draymond since he isn’t the defender he once was and his playmaking ability is lacking when GSW doesn’t have the overwhelming talent advantage. Steph, Wiggins, LaMelo and some shooters gets you the 6th or 7th seed. You tread water until Klay comes back in 2022. While developing LaMelo for the future under Steph Curry. Idk how that wasn’t on people’s mind even with Klay healthy. It’s not like rebounding mattered to the warriors before. Even when they lost to Toronto. Toronto had mor offensive fire power with Kawhi, Vanvleet, Lowry, Siakim, Green, Gasol, Ibaka. It was raining 3’s. I saw numerous draft comparisons for Wiseman to Deandre Jordan. That is not who I want the Number 2 overall pick to become. Now if Wiseman could be Deandre Ayton then that’s a different story.

  • The Nigel Douglas
    The Nigel DouglasMuaj më parë

    Lmao why is Stephen a smith cutting him off he’s spitting facts

  • chico
    chicoMuaj më parë

    Bogut made literally 2 three pointers in 247 games with the Warriors.

  • Bajie Roa
    Bajie RoaMuaj më parë

    Who listen to bronsexual mas kellerman?

  • Reaction Paper
    Reaction PaperMuaj më parë

    SHUT UP MAX 😤😤😤😤

  • Glenn Carlson
    Glenn CarlsonMuaj më parë

    Max is just all east coast

  • Motchie 547
    Motchie 547Muaj më parë

    this is why I am missing The Starter show...this arguments, this arguments, so toxic, baseless arguments. my ears hurt

  • Pappy Cholo
    Pappy CholoMuaj më parë

    Only person that make sense here is smith the other just plain playing their role to contradict haha

  • King Williams
    King WilliamsMuaj më parë

    that might have been the worst segment on TV ever, no one knew anything about what they were talking about, nothing was making sense and they all were having like five different conversations about nothing. it's like they talking just to be talking, ohhhh wait........

  • postman aka bluestrip
    postman aka bluestripMuaj më parë

    He said bogut shooting and sounded dumb 😂

  • Bes Pushkule
    Bes PushkuleMuaj më parë

    Man, Steph, Wiggins, and Kelly will run the floor, Draymond will run and create and defend, Wiseman just needs to rim run, set picks, rebound, and play solid D without fouls. It’s a lot for a rookie, but it’s possible.

  • Linin Suleiman
    Linin SuleimanMuaj më parë

    I’m a warriors fan and I’m pretty sure bogut was not allowed to shoot unless he had too😭

  • Adrian Joseph Senerpida
    Adrian Joseph SenerpidaMuaj më parë

    Wiseman can shoot tho...

  • funkyflights
    funkyflightsMuaj më parë

    Warriors needed a center though, and he looks like a dam good prospect ... 7.1, good defense, rebounding, can score in the paint... It’s a nice pick I think...

  • Lorne Gamble
    Lorne GambleMuaj më parë

    Do this man just say Bogut could shoot?

  • Jair Ramos
    Jair RamosMuaj më parë

    He is a good choice ... i very glad with Wisemam

  • Blake Freddi
    Blake FreddiMuaj më parë

    The hungry money chronologically juggle because pair noticeably attack alongside a jobless ethernet. angry, shut bomb

  • Rise of the Bon3
    Rise of the Bon3Muaj më parë

    Stephen A always a couple steps off the mark 🤣

  • grogersupci
    grogersupciMuaj më parë

    Time will tell, but I think Wiseman was the best option for GS.

  • Jus Bucketss
    Jus BucketssMuaj më parë

    I’m never watching this show again I never seen bogut shoot EVER

  • Tamas B
    Tamas BMuaj më parë

    Who told max that Wiseman can't shoot

  • Haoran Zheng
    Haoran ZhengMuaj më parë

    Max is a warriors hater for life ... period ...and would never be better than Stephen A. on the show either ...

  • Tim Brozell
    Tim BrozellMuaj më parë


  • Jackson Thornton
    Jackson ThorntonMuaj më parë

    Stephen A can talk over everyone but hates it when others talk over him lol

  • YTG Heaven777
    YTG Heaven777Muaj më parë

    Steven A Goat 🐐

  • NGB Honcho
    NGB HonchoMuaj më parë

    The Warriors gonna be ok with a healthy Curry I’m sure his play will make everybody play better . Wiseman could put up 18 to 20 and 10 his rookie year mark my words . Jay Williams makes me sick sometimes and this coming from a Die hard duke fan

  • Dustin Le
    Dustin LeMuaj më parë

    SAS is insufferable

  • Brian Cooper
    Brian CooperMuaj më parë

    Too Early to Call ! Potential can big big.... Can run the floor, block Shots...

  • Christian Slaven
    Christian SlavenMuaj më parë

    Max Kellerman has only one argument and somehow contradicts himself.

  • LJ Bam
    LJ BamMuaj më parë

    Number 2?!?!

  • Luis PG
    Luis PGMuaj më parë

    This woman and Stephen A. Smith should do the whole analysis without those haters.

  • Luis PG
    Luis PGMuaj më parë

    The idiot Max Kellerman NEVER say anything positive for GSW. He is another fan boy like Shannon Sharpe who sees and touch Lebron in his dreams every night.

  • Travis Poindexter
    Travis PoindexterMuaj më parë

    Max and jay not taking defense into consideration. Steph is the greatest shooter ever so with dray or wiseman setting the pick n roll will be lethal. Also last year was wiggins first year there and he was learning on the go so I expect him to be much better with chemistry. Oubre, wiggins might not be great shooters but what they do is excel at using their athleticism to drive to the rim. The nba isn't all about 3s to win games! Loom at the Lakers. They had danny green and thats it! It's all about volume shots and Steph and dray know how to get guys open. Defensively they should be top 5

  • Travis Poindexter
    Travis PoindexterMuaj më parë

    I'm just happy they didn't take ball

  • Don Finna
    Don FinnaMuaj më parë

    Jaja pajooya 😂😂

  • anthony debouse
    anthony debouseMuaj më parë

    Max had no idea what he’s talking about

  • Anthony Houston
    Anthony HoustonMuaj më parë

    We all see what happened when you have to coach with average players. We see this is Mark Jackson team. Didn't even finish as an average team. They were the worst team

  • Seoul Sneakers
    Seoul SneakersMuaj më parë

    I keep thinking SAS has the new dumbest take of his career (objectively incorrect every time, or at least most of the time. Based around facts, therefore objective.) But he keeps it going, and I’m impressed

  • Feral Dove
    Feral DoveMuaj më parë

    5:45 Stephen A. takes a minute to reboot here

  • bob qwerty
    bob qwertyMuaj më parë

    I’m confused why Klay’s injury makes people say drafting Lamelo was the right choice. With Klay they needed a center, without Klay they still need a center

  • Lavio Peter T. Benitez
    Lavio Peter T. BenitezMuaj më parë

    wow Jay and Max, you both talking playstation game not the real NBA game right, because you two are teams have to guard Wiseman bec he has post moves and Bogut doesn't

  • Bootsie Bootsie
    Bootsie BootsieMuaj më parë

    Bogut was a good passer too Stephen A 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • No Lies
    No LiesMuaj më parë

    Max should be a coach

  • JW Brown
    JW BrownMuaj më parë

    Max is a tool

  • Hot Dog
    Hot DogMuaj më parë

    A tad bit better shooting is not good enough Stephen A.!!!

  • Yianni Douris
    Yianni DourisMuaj më parë

    Jesus is king and our savior repent of sins so you can be saved Jesus loves you He died for you

  • Jaypee jaypee Basiya
    Jaypee jaypee BasiyaMuaj më parë

    Did he just said wheres the shooting will come from? Steph: am I a joke to you??

  • Davies Ugo

    Davies Ugo

    Muaj më parë

    He's just 1 person. I can't spread the floor with just one person. Steph will just be doubled

  • Rachit Arya
    Rachit AryaMuaj më parë

    This guy literally comparing wiseman to bogut..smh

  • Windy Exantus
    Windy ExantusMuaj më parë

    Wiseman has to put up 18 to 20pts and 10reb right off the bat for this season to be successful for GSW.

    TROY L SIMELTONMuaj më parë

    In summary, I understand the sounds of Stephen A. " giggles" in the background.

    TROY L SIMELTONMuaj më parë

    Comments from Jay Williams is indicative of how limited his knowledge is of Wiseman. Reminder, Wiseman played as the #1 Player in HS since the end of his junior year in HS. NBA scouts detail the top 10-15 HS players each year because of their NBA readiness within 10-12 months of their draft eligibility

    TROY L SIMELTONMuaj më parë

    Bogut was the number pick #1 overall in 2005. With the Bucks, Bogut never made consistent shots beyond 10-12 feet. Jay Williams was not accurate about Bogut's ability to " stretch" the floor.

  • Calvin Nelson
    Calvin NelsonMuaj më parë

    I believe Wiseman can shoot better than people think!

  • Yoy.P
    Yoy.PMuaj më parë

    Never thought bogut was a perimeter shooter

  • Leland Jung
    Leland JungMuaj më parë

    Jay said Wiseman who is 7' 1" is the same type of player as a 6' 6" Draymond Green. Is Jay crazy?

  • Jackie Clark
    Jackie ClarkMuaj më parë

    Wiseman can shoot better than these dudes know! They haven't seen him enough,so they don't actually know. You have to look at his high school footage to see he has a nice shooting stroke,and he has pretty decent range from 18 ft on in...He can also nail the occasional 3 ptr as well. He'll be much better than they think once the speed of the game slows down for him.

  • crzymonkeylver07
    crzymonkeylver07Muaj më parë

    Max also wanted Andre Iguodala to take the last shot over Steph Curry

  • Skubaneek
    SkubaneekMuaj më parë

    Made him such a threat cuz he could shoot the bal- WHO?🤣

  • Jake D
    Jake DMuaj më parë

    Does SAS get a bonus for talking over and interrupting ppl?

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