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Uncle Phil F&%*#s Up

Uncle Phil F&%*#s Up

Happy DROPSgiving!

Happy DROPSgiving!

Old demos

Old demos

100k musical celebration

100k musical celebration

Masterpiece DC 2000

Masterpiece DC 2000

Sunday Song Service

Sunday Song Service

American Tune Obsession

American Tune Obsession

American Tune

American Tune



Sunday Sweat

Sunday Sweat

Zoomin' with Joe Biden

Zoomin' with Joe Biden


  • plexdo
    plexdo4 orë më parë

    I Love partiboi69 and was Thrilled to hear him on a Podcast. Didnt expect him to talk to supreme ki ke heidecker though. 🤨

  • Long Nards
    Long Nards7 orë më parë

    I'm totally stealing his bit about the intricacies of E trading.

    SPASPAWIZ7 orë më parë

    Trump was eating cantaloupe and some flew out his mouth, he said to his wife “ You got melnania!”

  • bin mcbin
    bin mcbin9 orë më parë

    More callers! Awesome ep, had those old school OHL vibes City of the day sing along too bahahaha

  • bin mcbin
    bin mcbin9 orë më parë


  • Knulppage
    Knulppage10 orë më parë

    I am immediately struck by Tim's zany, uplifting energy at the top of the show.

  • Knulppage
    Knulppage9 orë më parë

    This is a fun show and cool topics are brought up including politics and damn this is good stuff. I don't ask for much, but I ask that I get this show.

  • MarvinMonroe
    MarvinMonroe10 orë më parë


  • Jason Steakums
    Jason Steakums10 orë më parë

    Phil<3 what a menace!!!

  • megagun56
    megagun5612 orë më parë

    "Huckabee president one daaay"

  • Emily McCauley
    Emily McCauley13 orë më parë

    Phil is the best

  • Mitch Ryan
    Mitch Ryan14 orë më parë

    Phil is a genius

  • Shanes Brilliant Channel
    Shanes Brilliant Channel15 orë më parë

    Uncle Phil is best

  • BeatsBadGames
    BeatsBadGames15 orë më parë

    Something's about to bust... and it's me

  • Alex Kessler
    Alex Kessler16 orë më parë

    Phil is always hilarious. Top-tier guest.

  • themadplotter
    themadplotter16 orë më parë

    Tim has aged 10 years since last year.

  • Mark H.
    Mark H.16 orë më parë

    KW got 2.2% of the vote lmao

  • K E
    K E16 orë më parë

    Lmao Tim's the GOAT

  • Crazy Homeless
    Crazy Homeless16 orë më parë

    Phil, I’m warning you... Phil? Phil! Heyyyyyy

  • Alan Mearns
    Alan Mearns17 orë më parë

    That guy was great.

  • Methuselah Diablo
    Methuselah Diablo17 orë më parë

    Such a pest

  • AJ Pierce
    AJ Pierce17 orë më parë


  • Andrew Holmes
    Andrew Holmes17 orë më parë

    I'm warning you Phil. You are ON NOTICE!

  • padpad10
    padpad1017 orë më parë

    Less “celeb” guests and more callers...or just Tim riffing with Doug and Vic like it used to be! Last few months it’s been turning into The Late Late show with Tim Heidecker

  • Daveon Tomas
    Daveon Tomas9 orë më parë

    I can’t second this enough

  • bin mcbin
    bin mcbin9 orë më parë

    Couldn't agree more! Golden era of this show was listeners calling up with games and weird questions/arguments with tim etc.

  • Grey N9ne
    Grey N9ne17 orë më parë

    Love u Phil

  • Alexander Dadras
    Alexander Dadras17 orë më parë

    He's like Whuuuuuut

  • sebremit
    sebremit18 orë më parë

    Thim Yorkdecker

  • closingmidnite411
    closingmidnite41118 orë më parë

    Rude Boy Ghoulie-Oni

  • atom217
    atom21718 orë më parë

    I’ve been watching for years but I’m still not clear on where Phil came from. Was he just a caller that they made a regular or had he some connection to them already?

  • Kyle Turner
    Kyle Turner14 orë më parë

    Phil Braun pays all of Tim’s medical bills so he can be on regularly, it’s actually a pretty good investment when you think about it because Tim is a very healthy guy.

  • Phil Braun
    Phil Braun17 orë më parë

    No one made me a regular, i made myself a regular.

  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang22 orë më parë

    As Donald leaves the white house, he says to his staff "It's time to go. Well,..." His staff turned their backs on him and Donald said "Oh ok, bye den (then)".

  • jason haagensen
    jason haagensen23 orë më parë

    I like to watch my favourite character on Arrested Development before I either drink a festive treat or have Chinese food....G.O.B. - I - den - egg nog - or asian

  • Quintin Krivacek
    Quintin KrivacekDitë më parë

    The only thing I buy extra is printer

  • buyerofsorts
    buyerofsortsDitë më parë

    Never mind. I'm really not that curious.

  • buyerofsorts
    buyerofsortsDitë më parë

    Tim, why did you disable comments on the restaurant video where you and that loser were yelling?

  • uicosole
    uicosoleDitë më parë


  • Michelle
    MichelleDitë më parë

    I'm a new Patreon member and new to this show. I love everyone here but my God-- why would you want to call into this show just to be treated like shit by Tim Heidecker? He's so rude and mean, the whole show has a weird serious/ negative vibe. Doug and Vic seem too scared of Tim to say anything most of the time.

  • Joe Barrett
    Joe Barrett19 orë më parë

    I don’t think it’s legitimate he just puts people on blast in his patented sense of humour way - i would not take it seriously and if it was me you would want to fire back with your own incendiary comments as that’s what makes it funny 😆 it’s like on cinema style humour

  • Phil Braun
    Phil BraunDitë më parë

    @jordan hockstein of course it is

  • jordan hockstein
    jordan hocksteinDitë më parë

    @Phil Braun holy smokes is the the real Philb Ron

  • Phil Braun
    Phil BraunDitë më parë

    Its terrifying!!!

  • Face Diaper
    Face DiaperDitë më parë

    Trump won.

  • Jelo Drake
    Jelo DrakeDitë më parë

    Bicycle stolen...

  • Lordkochekhamen
    LordkochekhamenDitë më parë


    FUCKSVILLEDitë më parë

    the smile at 04:31 hes so happy people seen that

  • tjlanglois1989
    tjlanglois1989Ditë më parë

    Literally just here for Brann.

  • monroe bobsomp
    monroe bobsompDitë më parë

    I love dill with all my heart and soul, such a genuine human mn, much love.

  • ttttypes
    ttttypesDitë më parë


  • ttttypes
    ttttypesDitë më parë

    DJ Douggpound really did have the best puns

  • lbgrindel
    lbgrindel23 orë më parë

    And that Andre guy was just making jokes. Look up the definition of a pun!

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas WilsonDitë më parë

    What a great episode, WOW Tim was on fire. Such a beautiful thing to see! Love you all!

  • Dick Butt
    Dick ButtDitë më parë

    I enjoyed the intro a lot

  • gez239
    gez239Ditë më parë

    Lana is just crating conversation give her a break!

  • Brendan Hoffmann
    Brendan HoffmannDitë më parë

    That reminds me, I was going to buy the rest of your albums on iTunes. Already got fear of death, the yellow river boys and Trump songs.

  • Chess119
    Chess119Ditë më parë

    Where can i get that most chill jam at tje beginning?

  • Louie Sutherland
    Louie SutherlandDitë më parë


  • Daniel
    DanielDitë më parë

    Andy Kaufman lives

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan SmithDitë më parë

    God, I hate Lana del Rey.

  • crhuems
    crhuemsDitë më parë

    I loved “Something’s About to Bust”!

  • schibbedie2
    schibbedie2Ditë më parë

    tim is so handsome when he doesn't have a joke haircut.

  • James D V
    James D VDitë më parë

    Did Tim end with a pun and say “See you zoom”?

  • mykedsgn
    mykedsgnDitë më parë

    This new Swans reunion was desperately needed in these trying times!

  • Matt Vogels
    Matt VogelsDitë më parë


  • ttttypes
    ttttypesDitë më parë

    Tim's decision to show what empathy is appropriate to far right cultists is an incredibly thoughtful and open-minded gesture

  • moldypizza
    moldypizza14 minuta më parë

    ​@Cee Dubya Those are two different things dude. You can hold powerful politicians accountable (like Bush; fuck, I hate that he's getting rehabilitated) while being empathetic toward their some of their supporters who drank the Kool-aid--but are willing to have a rational discussion. I have some friends that were deprogrammed from far-right ideologies through leftist ALthers or talking to leftists. I managed to convert a few Trumpers to Bernie when I was a phone-banker by talking to them like human beings and addressing their questions.

  • Cee Dubya
    Cee DubyaDitë më parë

    Yes, let's make sure we never hold right wingers accountable for their actions. Nixon, Bush, Trump come in and wreck the place, dems have to clean it up, hedgers like Timbo get to protect the culprits. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  • T.S.
    T.S.Ditë më parë

    My girlfriend was experiencing nausea in the mornings, so I asked her "PragerU???".

  • Square Planks
    Square PlanksDitë më parë

    How do u know if ur pregerant?

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas WilsonDitë më parë

    Wait why is no one talking about that song, is that an original?! That was actually sick!

  • Thomas Wilson
    Thomas WilsonDitë më parë

    @Producer Matt OHHH I see. Well there’s ain’t got shit on the OHL cover.

  • Producer Matt
    Producer MattDitë më parë


  • denny tats
    denny tatsDitë më parë

    nice nod to that classic scene from school of rock in the beginning

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0utDitë më parë

    "Calamity at the Capitol" legit would be a great Three Stooges episode.

  • Tim Heidecker
    Tim HeideckerDitë më parë

    Bleeding him...

  • Southbound Cinema
    Southbound Cinema58 sekonda më parë

    Ooh, I can't take it-aaah...

  • closingmidnite411
    closingmidnite41122 orë më parë

    The Last SamurHeidecker

  • mykedsgn
    mykedsgnDitë më parë

    Hoagie Sriracha

  • Conjitsu Training
    Conjitsu TrainingDitë më parë

    U Jedi master u - Tim ya goofy spoof, we love you

  • wilson
    wilsonDitë më parë

    @Thomas Wilson 9:30 i think

  • JRS One
    JRS OneDitë më parë

    Can you get Mark Progszt on the blower? Big Prokst Boy here.

  • adoredpariah
    adoredpariahDitë më parë

    Orange you glad i'm peach?

  • Cellardore Productions
    Cellardore ProductionsDitë më parë

    Horse guy wins

  • Nature Dump
    Nature DumpDitë më parë

    ya flopped it horse boy.

  • heath gardner
    heath gardnerDitë më parë

    a hearty seffay to all

  • heath gardner
    heath gardnerDitë më parë

    Also we did crack COTD last week based on all available information on the internet .... I have links..... there will be lawsuits in 8 states...

  • Stingray
    StingrayDitë më parë

    Tim was ON ONE today. Good energy! Fun episode thx! Oh! Love the pun battles, more please!

  • jordan hockstein
    jordan hocksteinDitë më parë

    Hey Philb

  • Zach Washbond
    Zach WashbondDitë më parë

    Something’s about to BUST

  • jordan hockstein
    jordan hocksteinDitë më parë


  • thehorsegangsterthatlovesjuice
    thehorsegangsterthatlovesjuiceDitë më parë

    That horse guy was great!

  • Knulppage
    Knulppage10 orë më parë

    of horse he is

  • thehorsegangsterthatlovesjuice
    thehorsegangsterthatlovesjuiceDitë më parë

    @Kim _ could be!

  • Kim _
    Kim _Ditë më parë

    You’re the horse guy, aren’t you?

  • Cellardore Productions
    Cellardore ProductionsDitë më parë


  • Justin W.
    Justin W.Ditë më parë

    Comments go here ^

  • Give Me Gills
    Give Me GillsDitë më parë

    Ron Jeremy (Dave Weigel) , go cash your check from Bezos, clown.

  • stackered
    stackeredDitë më parë

    Just to let you guys know, North Jersey Italians do say gabagool btw. Its not just a choice he made, its a colloquialism from here in NJ and the entire show is accurate about how people talk here. Well, at least Italians. My mom said gabagool last week as well as manigot (manicotti). Its goofy as shit but I love it. Funny enough, my non Italian extended family is all from Allentown, PA :)

  • Mario Bonsignore, Jr.
    Mario Bonsignore, Jr.Ditë më parë

    Fantastic intro.

  • knstrkt abel
    knstrkt abelDitë më parë

    Tina lacks testes, yet possesses twice as much testicular fortitude as this entire show.

  • Brady Gunnell
    Brady GunnellDitë më parë

    Ricky Gervais and Donald Trump man-baby?