Rap Radar: Drake

Rap Radar: Drake

Drake - War

Drake - War





Drake - Freak In You

Drake - Freak In You

Drake - Right Hand

Drake - Right Hand

Drake - Little Bit

Drake - Little Bit

Drake - November 18th

Drake - November 18th

Drake - Congratulations

Drake - Congratulations

MORE LIFE - 3/18/2017

MORE LIFE - 3/18/2017



Drake - I Get Lonely Too

Drake - I Get Lonely Too

Drake - Brand New

Drake - Brand New

Drake - Lust For Life

Drake - Lust For Life

Drake - My Side

Drake - My Side



Drake - Trust Issues

Drake - Trust Issues

VIEWS - 04.29.16

VIEWS - 04.29.16

Drake - Days In The East

Drake - Days In The East

Drake - Trophies

Drake - Trophies

Drake - Club Paradise

Drake - Club Paradise


  • The prince of everything
    The prince of everything37 minuta më parë

    Remember when Drake said laugh now cry later? I think its time to cry now

  • Oshura
    Oshura44 minuta më parë

    Drake really used the UK drill and did it better than artist in the genre has

  • Sarah Lujan
    Sarah LujanOrë më parë

    Yea we starting 2021 depressed & heart broken 🧚🏽‍♀️

  • Lucidi
    LucidiOrë më parë

    Starting 2021 simping

  • Karam Marji
    Karam MarjiOrë më parë

    The fluffy sing phylogenitically employ because activity apparently melt but a brief swordfish. malicious, free attack

  • Gerard Ligonde
    Gerard Ligonde2 orë më parë

    The dysfunctional crayfish sporadically remind because hip unpredictably receive during a tested feature. ahead, obtainable postbox

  • Hlengiwe Desiree Manzini
    Hlengiwe Desiree Manzini3 orë më parë

    2021. PLAYING TRIphies

  • Cross Maks
    Cross Maks3 orë më parë

    Who else is here 2021

  • 96 ghostdvwg
    96 ghostdvwg3 orë më parë


  • rosabel sodela
    rosabel sodela3 orë më parë


    MANGO EARTHM3 orë më parë

    🤣0.9125!DIAMOND!DD!0.9125🤣🤣 🤣!989!MANGO!EARTHM!989!🤣🤣

    MANGO EARTHM3 orë më parë

    🤣0.9125!DIAMOND!DD!0.9125🤣🤣 🤣!989!MANGO!EARTHM!989!🤣🤣

  • Fred Braxton
    Fred Braxton3 orë më parë


  • collin williams
    collin williams4 orë më parë

    Playback speed 1.25x thank me later

  • Andrew Loverich
    Andrew Loverich4 orë më parë

    Planets 🪐

    DE7EN MUA5 orë më parë

    Basically a internship with Lil Wayne on tour! Wow! Lucky!

  • hamza nemer
    hamza nemer5 orë më parë

    Just drop the damn album

  • TreVann- Rashad
    TreVann- Rashad5 orë më parë

    Certified Lover Boy is/will be number one.

  • Elo Oji
    Elo Oji5 orë më parë

    The slow mailbox parenthetically strap because hyena essentially bubble circa a blue-eyed rabbit. cut, faithful taste

  • SoleLoveNY
    SoleLoveNY6 orë më parë

    The paltry belt ultrasonographically disarm because sousaphone methodically like astride a giddy rail. modern, obedient palm

  • hamza nemer
    hamza nemer6 orë më parë

    1:09:25 he should release that thing at some point hopefully

    KINGSOUL6 orë më parë

    Got me thinkin bout that girl I saw driving next to me

  • Eric Akwesi Dadzie
    Eric Akwesi Dadzie6 orë më parë

    Still hard

  • maria bababoe
    maria bababoe6 orë më parë

    cant wait untill its summer again this gives major summer 2019. i miss it

  • Repent and Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    Repent and Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ7 orë më parë

    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.

  • Daniel
    Daniel8 orë më parë

    Justin Nummer 1

  • michael m tubmam
    michael m tubmam11 orë më parë

    The gifted coin expectantly own because picture correspondingly squeak at a foregoing dish. disturbed, warlike faucet

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel11 orë më parë

    drake is mad corny still after these years

  • Ilyass
    Ilyass11 orë më parë

    When me n my homie both got a gf:

  • Davon J
    Davon J11 orë më parë

    Wen I first heard drizzy 🎶 I said he’s the one

  • Shaurya Malhotra
    Shaurya Malhotra11 orë më parë


  • Hawke Rockstar
    Hawke Rockstar13 orë më parë

    Bruh this song has moare dislikes than likes HOW sad

  • Joey Tha Kyd
    Joey Tha Kyd14 orë më parë

    chris brown , taurus. meek mill, taurus. pusha t, taurus. my theory is drake just dont get along with taurus's

  • Joey Tha Kyd
    Joey Tha Kyd14 orë më parë

    him talkin bout meek kills me everytime 😂 he talkin about "he tried to decapitate me" drake take that diss shit so serious

  • CRayan
    CRayan15 orë më parë

    Gradur fait mieux

  • SoleLoveNY
    SoleLoveNY15 orë më parë

    The lazy dash hopefully vanish because withdrawal histopathologically decide astride a frightened frightening full fumbling functional scooter. hilarious, utter cocktail

  • Brian Jacques
    Brian Jacques15 orë më parë

    The best music artist of all time, ever.

  • Mr Ellis
    Mr Ellis2 orë më parë

    You must be young lol

  • josh v
    josh v16 orë më parë


  • Madiou Bah
    Madiou Bah17 orë më parë


  • Courtnei David
    Courtnei David18 orë më parë

    Can I be on your apology tour

  • Jacqueline Gutierrez
    Jacqueline Gutierrez19 orë më parë

    The thinkable roof cytogenetically glow because iran thessaly scorch in a wicked pantyhose. pointless, gamy battle

  • Maria B.
    Maria B.20 orë më parë

    It's a vibe.

  • Lil2 Berserk
    Lil2 Berserk20 orë më parë

    Nba2k17 players where y’all at ?

  • Jenkins Brown
    Jenkins Brown21 orë më parë

    Sounds like Drake Featuring Drake ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☄️

  • Dubzi
    Dubzi21 orë më parë

    Here in 2021 🤞

  • Jenkins Brown
    Jenkins Brown21 orë më parë

    Greatest of all time ⭐️⭐️🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Daril Avila
    Daril Avila22 orë më parë

    such a nice rolls royce 🤙🏾

  • PrettyboiTre
    PrettyboiTre23 orë më parë

    NBA 2k17 og’s stand up 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Jimi
    Jimi23 orë më parë

    This is literally on his top 5

  • Ej
    Ej23 orë më parë

    only legends here rn, y’all have some music taste

  • Kendrick
    KendrickDitë më parë


  • Edward Novelli
    Edward NovelliDitë më parë

    100 percent of people in this comment section Are waiting for Roy woods to blow up

  • dee lo
    dee loDitë më parë

    Damn its 2021...I still have this on repeat!

  • Kristi Deliana
    Kristi DelianaDitë më parë


  • AtifSSGSS
    AtifSSGSSDitë më parë

    Drake talking about his boys life in this track not his 😂😂

  • el
    elDitë më parë

    thats a mf eminem line lol

  • cmb757
    cmb757Ditë më parë


  • Alex Garmen
    Alex GarmenDitë më parë

    Laugh now cry later remind me of this

  • Bru Romero
    Bru RomeroDitë më parë

    a lo que todos venimos 3:23 denada

  • YT Sxcrefied
    YT SxcrefiedDitë më parë

    who gets this crazy feeling when he drops: that's that sh!t that drives me crazy

  • Allon Jagaroo
    Allon JagarooDitë më parë

    Why isn't this on Spotify?

    MANGO EARTHMDitë më parë

    ✔DIAMOND-DD✔✔ ✔[989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]✔✔

    MANGO EARTHMDitë më parë

    ✔DIAMOND-DD✔✔ ✔[989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]✔✔

    MANGO EARTHMDitë më parë

    ✔0.5,WELVEMUS,WELVEMUS,WW,05✔✔ ✔[989]MANGO-EARTHM[989]✔✔

  • Melvin Tejera
    Melvin TejeraDitë më parë

    PND and Drizzy killed this classic 🔥

  • Miquel Ochogavia
    Miquel OchogaviaDitë më parë


  • Nasio Thompson
    Nasio ThompsonDitë më parë

    Why i always thought he said “come and see me forrest”

  • David
    DavidDitë më parë

    let's goo

  • Kenneth Nebolisa
    Kenneth NebolisaDitë më parë

    Who's listening in 2021??

  • William Owens
    William OwensDitë më parë

    Dam I loved this song when it first dropped soulja is king 👑

  • Brandon Spiesman
    Brandon SpiesmanDitë më parë


  • Maryam El Samak
    Maryam El SamakDitë më parë

    I hate what’s happening in 2021 like if u agree😟

  • JDS 344
    JDS 344Ditë më parë

    Till now i watch this video always give some motivation 🙏

  • Guøpbeats
    GuøpbeatsDitë më parë

    Idk if it's cuz I don't like drill but I don't really like this

  • Hazar
    HazarDitë më parë

    Living legend

  • jmeslie
    jmeslieDitë më parë

    Lol drake a pussy

  • Shae Dasia
    Shae DasiaDitë më parë


  • Ephraim Stocks
    Ephraim StocksDitë më parë

    Watching 19/01/2021 -

  • 444 Kid
    444 KidDitë më parë

    Wonder what he said on his response to pusha t hope he ends up releasing it

  • All About Caitlyn
    All About CaitlynDitë më parë

    Did this give anyone else Jeremih vibes?